Cadbury Screme Eggs!

If my hunts so far have been any indication, we’re in for one hell of a season on the Halloween candy front.

So many new goodies for 2012! I’m actually frightened by how many I’ve located so far. I mean, it’s only September 4th. As much as I love giving Halloween two full months to be awesome, I want October to have its glories, too.

On the other hand, I was ecstatic to find Cadbury Eggs with creepy green filling on one of my first outings. As hard as it is to imagine, I just hope one of the later entrants somehow manages to top this.

Full disclosure: They’re not really new. They were widely available in the UK last year, and may have even had limited runs in the US, too. Today, we’re playing pretend.

Cadbury Screme Eggs! You can just imagine my delight upon spotting that cardboard display. Between the slimy filling, the witch-hatted rabbit and the logo that looks like a cracked spoiled egg, my eyes darted rapidly and independently of one another, as if I’d become a giant mutant anole.

This is hot stuff. A quick search of X-E shows that I’ve been lamenting the lack of Halloween Cadbury Eggs for years. It’s just such an obvious and obviously cool spin. Whether you consider them new, newish or not new at all, they’re new to me, and I couldn’t be happier to kick off the 2012 season with fondant that looks like demon snot.

The foil wrappers are terrific, and at least in color scheme, somewhat reminiscent of Mountain Dew Pitch Black. This triples their stock, easily. You don’t have to enjoy eating Cadbury Eggs to want Screme Eggs. They’re some of the best Halloween decorations available, not to mention one of the cheapest.

When you get to the candy, it doesn’t seem at all dissimilar from a normal Cadbury Egg. Same shape, same concentric rings, same weird star/snowflake thing. If this was all Cadbury had in store, we’d have every reason to burn down their headquarters.

Nothing is worse than a “Halloween exclusive” that limits the redressing to packaging alone. Fortunately, Cadbury knew this. That’s why we got the got the demon snot.

Granted, it’s not as “slime green” as the cardboard bunny display would have us believe, but it’s still pretty green, and it’s still pretty boom shakalaka. The flavor of the gooey fondant remains unchanged from Cadbury’s usual formula, so even if it looks disgusting, it still tastes like the perennial star of any Easter basket worth saying “thank you” for.

Cadbury, I salute you. I’ve always saluted you, but this time, I’m actually standing up. I usually just sit on my ass and put the two fingers to my brow, but not this time. Only the passing march of several wounded soldiers could conjure such a display from me. You deserve this and more, because you took a Cadbury Egg and you filled it with an unborn frog. I love you.

I plan to leave Freddy like that until November. Is the doll doomed to have sticky goo seep down its arm, forever ruining the hand knit sweater? Time will tell. Time tells all.