Dinosaur Dracula!
  • Five Random Action Figures, Part 15!

    I wouldn’t normally go back to the “Five Random Action Figures” well so soon, but I’m tired and I have a headache and my car is broken, and this is the only series I can handle when I’m completely oblivious to what I’m writing. My favorite blog about raising a chimp in a screen

  • Fast Food Kiddie Bags from the ’90s.

    Tonight’s article is about fast food kiddie bags from the 1990s, which is as close as I may ever come to literally writing about garbage. Really, focusing on the bags is just my way to highlight five memorable fast food promotions, starring everyone from Spider-Man to Amy Monkey. Mighty

  • Five Random Action Figures, Part 14!

    I’ve been salivating over the many reveals from this year’s Toy Fair, which collectively guarantee that I’ll have five cents to my name by the end of 2015. To cool down, I thought I’d take a minute to appreciate what I already have… and stop worrying about how I’m going to

  • Five Random Action Figures, Part 13!

    We’re in the middle of a blizzard, and it’ll be a miracle if I’m able to finish this article before the power goes out. If I sound like I’m rushing… I am! So, onward with the thirteenth edition of Five Random Action Figures. I took these photos over the weekend, hoping to capital

  • The True Legends “Tree Warrior.”

    Okay guys, we need to talk about Tree Warrior. Tree Warrior is part of the True Legends line, a collection of low cost, lower quality fantasy toys. If you’re a TRU hound, you’ve probably seen their aisle full of True Legends offerings, ranging from battle-ready elves to giant neon drag

  • Five Random Action Figures, Part 12!

    It’s time for the twelfth edition of Five Random Action Figures! (Three of these were picked up just this week. Thank you, mysterious and awesome local comic book shop that’s apparently been hiding in plain sight since last spring.) Peter Venkman The Real Ghostbusters, 1986 Most of the

  • Awesome & Expensive Junk on eBay.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on a few eBay auctions despite having no plans to actually bid, out of sheer amazement that people have such rare stuff to sell. Like, how the hell do you end up with 59 Fireball Island board games? Most of these treasures will ultimately make quiet exits, reme

  • The 1982 Sears Wish Book!

    It’s almost Christmas Eve, and I have so much left to do. None of the presents are wrapped. Half of them haven’t even been purchased. There are mushrooms to stuff, clothes to wash, cookies to bake and hair to cut. So, like a big dumb idiot, I made one more Wish Book review the first

  • The 1985 JCPenney Christmas Catalog.

    Oof. Christmas caught me by surprise this year, and I didn’t write nearly as often as I would’ve liked to. Can’t do anything about that now, so I’ll just try to make this an extra good one! Today we’re gonna look at some highlights from the 1985 JCPenney catalog, which was basica

  • This $5 dinosaur playset is the best.

    Every Christmas, various department stores dedicate whole aisles to those super cheap “generic” toys. You know the kind. They always come in the same-style boxes, whether they’re sets of dominoes or princess baby dolls. Shown above is one example. The “Dinosaurs Play Set,” a 21-p

  • Obscure Nightmare on Elm Street Playset.

    One of the coolest-ever Nightmare on Elm Street toys technically had nothing to do with it: In 1988, Tonka launched a small line of Wrecking Crew toys. These were various construction vehicles that could plow through break-apart playsets. (Not a terribly misguided gimmick, given kids’

  • I have crazy love for Santa Robot.

    I’ve never been happier, and it’s all because of Santa Robot. I don’t know who was responsible for Santa Robot, nor do I have any hard evidence of when he’s from. (Though given the similarities to Tomy’s old battery-operated robots, it’s a safe bet that Santa Robot is from the

  • I bought a box of toys from eBay.

    Back in March, I paid tribute to eBay’s action figure mixed lots — those being auctions for “bunches” of toys that sellers have neither the time nor interest to list individually. Even with the bazillion eyes perpetually scanning eBay, there are some great deals hiding in those

  • Vintage Masters of the Universe Figures!

    Since it’s Friday night and I live life to the fullest, I will now write 900 words about old Masters of the Universe figures. In this post: A lobster man, a guy with three faces, another guy with a big hand, an alien rock dude, a pure robot, and finally a naked race car driver.

  • Five Random Action Figures, Part 11!

    After a crazy holiday weekend filled with ups (lots of wine) and downs (too much wine), I come to you with only the barest sense of coherence! Welcome to the eleventh edition of Five Random Action Figures, starring old plastic monsters from my personal collection. As a matter of full discl

  • The 1989 Sears Wish Book!

    Here are twelve treasures pulled from the pages of the 1989 Sears Wish Book, from Ghostbusters toys to Nintendo clothes and beyond! Relive your childhood with grainy scans and lots of words!

  • Weird TMNT toys from the late ’90s!

    While scouring ancient and loosely archived versions of Playmates Toys’ website, I found a goldmine of late ‘90s Ninja Turtles crud. What an interesting time for those guys! Many of us stopped collecting TMNT toys years before the line died (if it ever truly did), so if you’re like

  • 1989 Toys “R” Us Treat Box!

    During the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Toys “R” Us ran several promotions where kids received free treat boxes with every purchase. These were essentially paper lunch boxes, filled with product samples, coupons, and if we were lucky, a little toy. They sound like simple freebies, and

  • The M.U.S.C.L.E. Battlin’ Belt!

    M.U.S.C.L.E. — that’s Millions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere — is one of my favorite toy lines ever. Imported from Japan where they had a more richly defined story, I prefer the simplified version we got in the States: They were just piles of wacky, nameless

  • 10 things KB Toys sold in 1998!

    I don’t think many of us realized just how wonderful KB Toys was until it went under. In fact, things that once seemed annoying about the chain became somehow charming in its wake. The disorganized clutter! The over-reliance on old stock! The six different price stickers on every single

  • Five Ghoulish Ghostbusters Goodies!

    Thanks largely to the media blitz surrounding its 30th anniversary, Ghostbusters seems hotter than ever. You know how I’m always saying that every Halloween season has “one thing” that ultimately sets it apart from every other Halloween season? In 2014, it’s gotta be Ghostbusters.

  • Inhumanoids Monster Figures!

    I’ve been waiting a looooong time to do this post. Inhumanoids was one of the best toy lines of any decade, and if you’ve been with me for a while, you’ve read that sentiment more than a dozen times. Today, it’s finally time to show you why. (Or you could just look at that photo.

  • Dino Drac’s November Funpack!

    NOTE: The deadline has passed for the November Funpack. To see what I’ve cooked up for December, click here! I know we’re still in Halloween mode, and thank God for that, but if you’ll pardon me this one exception, it’s time to debut Dino Drac’s NOVEMBER 2014 Funpack! (Availa

  • McDonald’s “Book of Life” Halloween Pails!

    They’re not McBoo pails, but they’re the spiritual successors! Now at McDonald’s, each Happy Meal comes with one of two trick-or-treat pails based on The Book of Life, which isn’t exactly a “Halloween” movie, but remains perfectly on-point because its promotional imagery deals

  • Yet MORE Spooky Action Figures!

    We spent the weekend at the headquarters of Freddy In Space, taking years off of our lives with a mix of pizza, pumpkin beer and Crayola crayons. I suspect I’ll be fully recovered by Christmas. The best thing about John’s house (aside from Mothman the cat) is his absolute swarm of hor