The Halloween Countdown IS COMING.

Dinosaur Dracula’s 2016 Halloween Countdown begins on Saturday, August 27th!

I have such sights to show you! Just… not quite yet. 🙂

So, a warning: Most of August will be pretty light on the content front. Once the Countdown starts, I’m married to the site through the end of December. I typically take this month to get my ducks in a row before I’m all out of free time.

There will be articles posted this month… just not very many!

Right now, I’m focused on gathering the materials necessary for a strong Halloween Countdown, which will include at least 40 new articles/videos/podcasts before it’s over. (Plus whatever assorted side dishes that I cook up — and trust me, some are already on the grill.)

The Halloween Countdown began back in 2003, which makes this my fourteenth year at bat. (Ha! Bat.) I’m hoping to make this year’s one of the best ever. Stay tuned! Get psyched!


Oh, and you might be able to help, too! There are a few items that I can always use during the Halloween season. If you have any of the following, please shoot me an email. I will cover shipping costs, of course!

1) Old videotapes w/ Halloween commercials, TV episodes, TV specials, or made-for-TV movies. Preferably from the ‘80s and ‘90s, though early 2000s is okay, too. (This is the highest priority! If you have tapes that MIGHT have stuff like this on them but don’t have time to search, I’m still game to roll the dice! If desired, I can return the tapes when I’m done.)

2) I’m building a collection of spooky-themed comic book ads, so if you have any of those to add to the pile, great! (Will take individual pages or whole comics. Whatever is easier for you. Sending scans directly is okay too, but I’m pretty particular about the scans being really straight and perfect before they go up on the site. Spooky ads from magazines are cool, too!)

3) Spooky action figures from the ‘80s and ‘90s. All sorts. Anything horror related, or anything that just looks “monstrous.” I can cover shipping, and also return them if desired. (These would be used for future Halloween editions of Five Random Action Figures, of course.)

4) …or whatever else you have that seems like something I might write about!

If you think you can be of assistance, email is preferred. (Comments here are okay, too… I’d just rather avoid posting spoilers about what might be covered later!)

Thanks in advance!