The Halloween Countdown is coming!

Hey! Dinosaur Dracula’s 2019 Halloween Countdown begins on Friday, August 30th at 9PM. Here’s the teaser video, if ya missed it:

Of course, that means I have a TON to do, so don’t get worried if Dino Drac updates are next to nonexistent between now and then. I’m here, working in the background!

What am I working on, you wonder? First and foremost, I’ve got to map out as many articles as possible. Almost all of them will require chasing down old-or-new things, and/or digitizing some form of ancient media. These days, I can spend half or whole days on an article before I even begin writing it!

I’m also trying to learn from past mistakes and not aim to make every article an enormous undertaking, as that’s when I get into trouble. I wanna let the topic dictate the length and pepper in a few more “shorties.” Not only would that mean more updates to the site, but it’ll hopefully free up time to work on the bigger articles and videos.

I’m also in the process of doing some maintenance to the site, especially to the mobile version. I come from the oldest possible school, so it’s easy to forget that many of you really only see Dino Drac that way, these days. I like having it stripped down and simple, but I’m working with Cliff (the site’s original coder, who is miraculously still making himself available) to make it just a wee bit slicker before the Countdown rolls out.

Everything takes time! Hell, I just spent two days working on the old Halloween Jukebox, as it was bordering too close to being unusable. I never would’ve had time to do that later in the month. Add in working with Jason on a new Halloween header, getting my apartment into video-ready condition and everything else in-between, and yeah, there’s a lot to get done!

We’re marching towards the site’s most important quarter of the year, and I’m gunning to make the most of it. Stay tuned!

PS: The Funpacks and podcasts will not be affected by my relative quiet, as those are obviously can’t-break responsibilities.

PPS: While you wait, I’d like to point you to a new category in the Dino Drac archives: ALL THINGS SPOOKY. This collects tons of older Dino Drac features, all with an eerie slant.