Ho Ho Hot Holiday Thread, 2022!

Better late than never, here’s your Ho Ho Hot Holiday Thread for December 2022!

It’s been a strange year, right? I can’t quite put my finger on what’s going on, but like, if you discovered that you’d been living in some Matrix-like fake world for the last little while, would you be totally surprised?

The holidays can be a grounding force, so RN I am all about gingerbread candles, and Christmassy junk food runs, and scanning what’s left of my cable channels for any shows about cookie baking.

What I’m *not* about is checking the calendar, because even in an unfamiliar year, December’s keeping up its habit of flying by in what feels like three hours.

Have fun Christmasing in the comments! As background noise, here’s one of my old compilations of holiday commercials. Further background noise can be acquired from the Christmas Jukebox. Have a solid month! (I’ll be visiting the thread too, of course!)