Purple Stuff tackles Friday the 13th: The Series!

Friday the 13th: The Series had long been a blind spot for me, but now that I’ve gotten better acquainted, I’m on my way to becoming a big fan. Mix The X-Files into The Conjuring universe, and add several dashes of Tales from the Darkside. That’s the vibe. You won’t even miss Jason Voorhees!

Me and Jay from The Sexy Armpit got our hands on a 1988 copy of a particular episode, complete with the original commercials. Naturally, we needed to do a podcast on it. Even if you’re not terribly interested in our thoughts about a random episode of an old TV show, stick around for discussions about Roger Rabbit, Roy Rogers and 7UP Gold!

Click here to listen to this week’s episode!

But wait! Before you do, you may be interested in this video…

Here’s the whole shebang, complete with ads! From the show’s first season, What a Mother Wouldn’t Do is about a cursed cradle that can keep a sick baby alive so long as her mother goes on a murder spree. I really dug this one, and it’s inspired me to dive into the rest of the series.

The commercials include everything from zany hotlines to a promo for Monkey Shines, so there’s a lot to love in this one. Between the episode and our podcast, consider yourselves BOOKED for two whole hours.

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Thanks as always for your ears, and enjoy the show! Below are some screengrabs from the various commercials we’ll be discussing:

Few things scream “1988” louder than watching Friday the 13th: The Series while washing down Roy Rogers with a can of 7UP Gold.