Monster Mashes: An Art Project.

Yesterday afternoon, I asked the folks on Twitter for help with a special art project:

They could name any two people or characters, and I’d merge them into one.

So like, if people ever wondered what it might look like had Godzilla been part Ninja Turtle, I was their guy.

Dozens were happy to oblige, and I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of awesome ideas. Below are my first five attempts to do them justice. Please keep in mind, I have the artistic ability of the average third grader.


(Goro + Jesus Christ)
Suggested by @jeffmack

Goro, the four-armed Shokan who beat the shit out of you in Mortal Kombat, finds his more benevolent side through a merger with Jesus Christ. Kind of an extreme measure.

In retrospect, I admit that I should’ve given him (Him?) a halo.


(Hordak + Marty McFly)
Suggested by @franzthepest

Merging She-Ra’s greatest foe with Doc Brown’s greatest ally sounded weird at first, but these two blended together almost eerily well.

Marty’s puffy vest is an exact RGB match for Hordak’s demon eyes, and I do so enjoy the idea of a Hordak-in-jeans gleefully snarling over Grays Sports Almanac.


(Harry + The Grand Wizard)
Suggested by @bloodypopcorn

And here we have Harry (of Harry and the Hendersons fame) united with Tim Freakin’ Curry from The Worst Witch. Good lord.

Actually, the resulting creature is way dapper than either of them individually. Tim Furry has a bit of a Prince Adam vibe going on. Just picture this guy doing the monkey-noise version of Anything Can Happen on Halloween. It may be the literal only way to improve that song.


(D. Compose + Rainbow Brite)
Suggested by @sammyhain

No other pairing featured here is nearly as strange, and considering that we started off with a Goro/Jesus hybrid, that’s saying a lot.

D. Compose is, of course, the wildest and most depraved monster from Inhumanoids, while Rainbow Brite is, of course, a six-year-old girl who sweats ice cream and Lisa Frank stickers.

As Rainbow Blight, the gruesome giant uses her exposed rib cage to imprison one of the Sprites, who so erroneously believed that a demon with Rainbow Brite’s hairdo would somehow be on his side.


(Joker + Mac Tonight)
Suggested by @tanookikuribo

Finally, it’s Mac Napier, combining Mac Tonight with the Joker. Because I gotta be me, I chose the 1989 Joker for this challenge.

They fused so seamlessly that I felt like I was cheating, so I decided to add a little bonus: A combination of Bob and Grimace to act as Mac Napier’s goon.

Thank you for reading, and thanks again to the many folks on Twitter who had such great ideas. I’ll likely revisit this idea in the future. I mean, someone suggested a merger of Johnny Five and My Pet Monster, for Goro’s sake. I’m not going to be able to concentrate on anything else until that’s done.

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