Pumpkin Spice Oreo Cookies!

For their next seasonal offering, Nabisco is going there.


Hey, everything else has a “pumpkin spice” edition, so why not Oreo cookies?

In tonight’s video, I review and eat several Pumpkin Spice Oreos. It’s exactly as exciting as it sounds.

I wasn’t kidding in the vid — this really might be my favorite of the Oreo spinoffs. The flavor is pretty mellow for the most part, but with just enough of a spicy aftertaste to make good on its name.

They’re even better than the Caramel Apple Oreos I reviewed back in August!

Some folks think that Nabisco went too far with these, but sorry, I don’t count them among the “intentionally weird” Oreo flavors. Besides, “pumpkin spice” is just code for “generally indecipherable candy flavor,” anyway. Trust me, they’re good.


And they’re pretty! The filling is extra glittery this time. Like intergalactic Play-Doh.

This year’s haul of Halloween junk food has been top notch. By the end of September, I’m usually panicking about not having enough material to get through October. With all of 2014’s spooky foods, I’ve barely had to touch my stock of reserve topics. And I still have plenty left to cover!

Thanks for reading/watching/sharing/commenting and doing all of the things that make running the Halloween Countdown worth it. Now, to fill out space, here’s a picture of Gray Cat.


PS: Dino Drac’s October Funpacks and Halloween prints are still on sale! Yay capitalism.