Purple Stuff Podcast: ALIENS!

I’ve been into space aliens for as long as I can remember. Whenever Unsolved Mysteries did a UFO segment, I led their cheering section. Whenever a flying saucer turned up on the cover of Weekly World News, I’d buy the issue. Aliens are one of my forever-jams.

Jay from The Sexy Armpit is in the same boat (or ship, maybe), so we’re both very excited to unleash this ALL-ALIENS episode of The Purple Stuff Podcast!

This week’s show covers ten space aliens from all walks of pop culture. We’re tackling scary stuff like Sightings and Alien Autopsy, along with friendlier extraterrestrials like Sonny Eclipse and that blue dude from the old Reese’s Pieces commercials.

It’s an hour-long tribute to beings from outer space!

Click here to listen to this week’s episode!

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Some spoiler images for this week’s ep:

Thanks as always for listening, and for sharing the show around!

In the comments, name some of *your* favorite pop culture aliens. (There are so many we didn’t get to on the show. Hell, we didn’t even bring up ALF!)