Purple Stuff Podcast: Unsolved Mysteries!

I can’t believe it’s taken us this long, but it’s finally time. The latest episode of the Purple Stuff Podcast pays tribute to UNSOLVED MYSTERIES!

…meaning the classic TV series hosted by Robert Stack, of course. For me, this show was as important and soul-shaping as any other I could name. I grew up watching it — I mean religiously watching it — and no amount of late-night jitters ever got me to stop.

Unsolved Mysteries didn’t have a monopoly on such subjects, but the fact that I spent my childhood convinced that I was surrounded by ghosts, space aliens, sea monsters and satanists was still mostly its fault. It’s weird, but the world seemed so much more interesting that way.

Jay from Sludge Central had similar experiences with the series. On our latest pod, we’re diving deep into six of our favorite segments from the show’s bazillion-season run. Covers everything from UFOs to really mean ghosts!

Click here to listen to this week’s show!

The classic Unsolved Mysteries episodes are currently streaming on both Prime and YouTube, though I prefer the latter since you’re not inundated with so many randomly-placed ads. If you wanna watch the segments we talk about, just follow the links below:

1. Arson Fire on VHS!
2. Ogopogo Lake Monster!
3. The Tallmans’ Haunted House
4. Hudson Valley UFO!
5. Men in Black!
6. The Blob!

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