Satanic Panic!

My post about that Pagan Invasion video has been one of the 2016 Countdown’s most popular. I’ve heard from a whole bunch of readers who watched the whole damn thing, and who were just as weirdly enthralled as I was.

I’m still enthralled, by the way. I’ve watched the tape two more times since posting that review. Can’t get enough of it. It may very well become something I watch during every Halloween season.

…and maybe this can join it!

Devil Worship: The Rise of Satanism was made by the same folks who did The Pagan Invasion, and it looks to be every bit as good/bad. I’ve only given it a brief scan so far, but I’ve noticed some familiar faces (our pal Glenn is back, complete with a misspelled name card) AND some shade thrown at “demonic” He-Man figures.

Oh, this is gonna be a treat!

I can’t get enough of these vids. It’s like Unsolved Mysteries meets The Weekly World News. So good. (And so stupid.)


If you missed it on the main site, a new episode of The Purple Stuff Podcast has dropped. This week, we’re covering another batch of things that are way scarier than they should be. (Like that poor little shoe’s death from Roger Rabbit.)

Between this weird devil video and the new podcast, you have all the ammunition you need for one long spooky night!