Purple Stuff Podcast: Snow Days!

Coming to you live from Dino Drac HQ, it’s Matt with a fever. And a cup of coffee. Which for some reason makes the fever feel ten times worse. Why am I drinking this?

Before I retire to the couch, lemme slide you the latest Purple Stuff Podcast. Been a while, hasn’t it?

This week, me and Jay from The Sexy Armpit tackle twelve of our SNOWIEST and MOST WINTERY memories, covering everything from the Wampa to Freezy Freakies. It’s an eclectic but altogether ICY mix!

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As a kid, snow days meant endless adventure and maybe even a sense of danger. In 2017, it’s just an excuse to hole up in my apartment and binge on bad television. To be honest, I think I like the adult version better. Blankets, soup and Roseanne reruns. I have simple needs. And a fever.

Oh hey, let’s turn this into a survey, too.

In the comments, talk about some of your favorite things that are tied to the snow or just wintertime.

Come on, give me something to read while I wait for the NyQuil to hit.

Enjoy the show!