Purple Stuff Podcast: The Future Show!

The Purple Stuff Podcast is kicking off the new year with a trip to THE FUTURE!

We’re looking at things that were either set in the future, or that just seemed futuristic in their time. It’s a super eclectic mix loosely bound to one vague subject, but hey, that’s us!

Get set for an hour with me and Jay from Sludge Central, as we ramble on about everything from Photon guns to Casio calculator watches to a little-known movie called Star Crystal.

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Oh, and if you don’t mind being spoiled, here are supplementary links to better acquaint you with the stuff we’ll be discussing:

1. Kyle Reese’s dream from The Terminator
2. Max Moon from the WWF
3. Casio Calculator Watches
4. Photon Guns
5. Futuristic car commercial from the ‘80s
6. Hypercolor T-Shirts
7. Rick Springfield’s Bop ‘Til You Drop music video
8. Star Crystal trailer

Thanks for listening, and for leaving us positive reviews. (It really helps!) Enjoy the show!