Purple Stuff Podcast: The Chocolate Show!

Well, continuing our tradition of just barely making our self-imposed deadlines, here’s the latest Purple Stuff Podcast, with like ten seconds left in the month!

We’re gonna make you SO hungry.

It’s the Purple Stuff’s CHOCOLATE SHOW, a sprawling tribute to all things chocolate, past and present! Join me and Jay from Sludge Central for a delicious dive into everything from Striped Chips Ahoy to Superman Hot Cocoa.

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Below are supplemental links if you wanna learn more about the eight tasty snacks we’ll be discussing:

1. Striped Chips Ahoy!
2. SnackWell’s Fat Free Treats!
3. E.T. Cereal!
4. Little Debbie Brownies!
5. Blue M&M’s!
6. Nestle’s Nuclear Bar!
7. Hostess Grizzly Chomps!
8. Superman Hot Cocoa!

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Thanks so much for listening, and for sharing the show around! Name some of your favorite chocolate treats – discontinued or not – in the comments!