Mad Mascots: Bigg Mixx!

Through crooked senses, “Bigg Mixx” rhymes with “brilliance.” And it should.

The cereal was named after its mascot, a beast that was part chicken, part wolf, part moose and part pig. Think Foghorn Leghorn, after a mishap with Seth Brundle’s telepods. I could try to come up with some adjective that I haven’t used in 4000 other reviews, but this time, “awesome” is all that fits. Bigg Mixx was awesome.

I never tried the cereal, because as a kid, somehow, Bigg Mixx the mascot did nothing for me. I guess it takes a more sophisticated level of taste to appreciate a four-way hybrid animal monster. Back in 1990, I just didn’t have it. Shame on me. If only Kellogg’s had armed him with some kind of futuristic ice blue missile launcher.

Here’s the old Bigg Mixx commercial, as viewed on someone’s tube television…

I’m sooo ready to punch the eleven-year-old version of me. For ignoring Bigg Mixx, and for wearing knockoff Skidz.

So what if he had no marshmallows? So what if his cereal looked like Fruit ‘n Fibre? I wrote it before, but it bears repeating. This was a beast that was part chicken, part wolf, part moose and part pig.

The only other 21-syllable sentence that could possibly beat that is, “Aliens came to visit and they provided me with a cake in the shape of their spaceship.”

I’m mad at myself. We should all be mad at ourselves. Had we supported Bigg Mixx back when it counted, who knows, maybe there’d be a talking plush version of him by now. Maybe Bigg Mixx would’ve lasted long enough to go through several box art upgrades. A leather jacket by ’94. Sunglasses in ’97. By 2002, a pair of headphones with really thin wires.

And now? Forget it. There’d be a Bigg Mixx ARG, and we’d all be comparing clues on message boards with beige backgrounds. Did I really rob myself of that just by picking Lucky Charms? I knew my people hated the Irish for a reason.

I won’t stretch this out for longer than it needs to be. I always do that, I know. There isn’t much to say about Bigg Mixx beyond “he’s a freaky multi-animal that I’ve come to like,” but right at this moment, 11PM Wednesday night, I felt I had to say it.

So, click here for a wav file of me saying it.

Nah, don’t, that link just leads to my unrelated review of the Ira Einhorn video game. I’m not digging out my $10 microphone for something so stupid. I have bigger fish to fry.

By this I mean Bigg Mixx fan art.


And I’m pretty sure I could turn that into a cutout mask if I tried hard en—

Yup. Can. Goodnight.

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  1. Ha! Oh man, I forgot this cereal ever even existed.

  2. Well, that just brightened my work shift a little bit!

  3. Thank you again for presenting me with the horrors of my childhood long forgot.

  4. I think the chicken part is the one that takes him to the next level

  5. Ya know, I became really happy when saw the front of that cereal box. Wheat, oats, corn and rice, indeed.

  6. Matt, there’s no way for me to explain this fully:

    It is SO important to me that you not only exist, but that you do stuff like this. For so long, I thought I was the only person in the world like this. Thank you. It’s good not to be alone.

  7. Desperately trying to remember that stuff, it did look good!

  8. lol, oh shit that plush looks nothing like Bigg Mixx!

    I’ve always loved how startled he looks on the box.

  9. I seem to recall that the mascot was created by combining the 4 different types of cereals they shoved into the box.

    That doesn’t make him any less awesome, matter of fact, it makes him awesomerer!

  10. HOLY SHIT DRAGONSTORM! We need to buy that for Dinodrac!

  11. Damn man, I remember when this 1st came out, My local Market Basket had it, and at that time, there was this Down Syndrome bagger.(cool, cool as hell dude), and he hooked me & my bro up with a poster. in line with the cereal mascot gimmick, (been looking forever online for anyone that has pics of this poster, mines long gone Err!), but it made BigMixx out to be a Bigfoot creature of sorts, even had Blurry outta focus pics on this poster, Loved that poster for a long time. Until disappeared. Into trash I assume ha-ha.

    Also, I remember getting hooked up with a cool ass Willow poster from this same dude, back in the day when Willow 1st came out…Miss these days badly

  12. Man, this made my day! It was the come-back of all come-backs when one was insulted on the schoolyard or homeroom.

    bully: yo, give me your lunch money!
    me : why? so your mom a.k.a BigMixx can eat?

    who farted?

  13. Never posted before, and while I have nothing to say about the subject at hand, I will say that after 5 years, I’m glad to see Matt is still entertaining me with nostalgic delights. It all started in late 2007, when I came across a blog he did about the Sega Master system on XE. It was love from the start. Thanks man!

  14. I was all set for the intro, “Deep in the Yakima Valley…” and that fucking video delivered. Yet when Channing Tatum was asked what a covalent bond was during last night’s viewing of 21 Jump Street, I hadn’t a fucking clue.

  15. Oh my god, I remember this stuff specifically because of Bigg Mixx himself. I mean, how can you forget something like that?

    Nice mask.

  16. Who the hell would want a Big Mix poster? Maybe now it would be cool but back then? Gosh, maybe your right Matt, it’s THAT kind of attitude that killed Big Mix in the first place. My guilt is infinite as is my shame :(

  17. I’m not exactly sure how I would have forgotten it, but I did. Maybe it’s for the same reason as Matt – no amount of cool packaging would have made what looks like Fiber One appealing to a 10-year-old. On the other hand, the adult me who now prefers her cereal unsweetened or lightly sweetened anyway would grab that box in a heartbeat if she saw it on the shelf at work.

  18. Wow I never heard of this cereal. The box is so delightfully hideous. This must have cost some VP at Kellogg’s their job. Seeing Matt in that mask reminds me of a certain scene in “The Shining”. Thanks for the nightmare fuel. :)

  19. Wow, I don’t even remember this guy at all, but I am glad that I finally got the chance to know him.

  20. Terror Claws: You read my mind.

  21. Congratulations Kellogg’s for finding a way to market and sell the mixed floor sweepings of the cereal factory.

    I don’t mean to be negative about Bigg Mixx. It’s just that those extra G’s and X’s rub me the wrong way. Like he’s trying to be something he’s not. Just be a chicken moose, man. We’ll eat your scraps if you just BE YOURSELF.

  22. I know if this wasn’t the internet I’d likely be badly beaten for this kind of talk, but at first glance that has to be the least appealing cereal box art of all time. He looks like he’s hanging around waiting for the cameras to be set up, not even looking at the cereal! I think he’s a tough sell as a mascot right off the bat, and it doesn’t help that he looks like he’s been drawn by a moderately talented 9 year old.

    That said, I do want to see him given the contemporary mascot treatment: I imagine a gold dollar symbol around his neck, those stupid shutter blind glasses, and (maybe) Bieber hair.

  23. My two-year old (I never know where to put the dash there, between “two” and “year” or “year” and “old”?) just had his first Dino Drac experience as he came up to the laptop and pointed at your fan out repeatedly asking “What’s this?” I didn’t have the skill set to adequately explain a hybrid animal cereal mascot at 8AM.

  24. Yeah, totally do not remember this cereal. 1990 was right in my wheel house for memorable kid things but I was probably more concerned with Oatmeal Swirlers at the time.

  25. Holy cats! I remember this and it’s funny that it lives in the Yakima valley. I used to drive through there all the time and our KB lives right up the road!
    KB! Look out for Big Mixx!

    Matt, your MS Paint skills are getting better.

  26. OMG Oatmeal Swirlers were my WORLD for awhile. I literally peaked at breakfast, cause other than G.I. Joe reruns on Cartoon Express, there was nothing else better that day.

  27. That mask is great, way to go Matt :)

  28. I remember this. When I was a kid, there were two important factors in choosing a cereal, and the cereal needed at least one of them. The first being that it had to be sweetened, and the second being if it had a cool prize. Had Big Mixx started off with a cool prize, maybe it would still be on shelves. I’m sure many of you were the same way.

  29. So that’s the animal that Spam is made out of!

  30. Seriously though, Bigg Mixx was amazing. I wasn’t allowed to have Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, or any of that good stuff when I was a kid. I was allowed to have BIGG MIXX though. Maybe that’s why my view is so skewed.

    For those who haven’t had it, from what I can remember, it tasted like a sweeter version of Honey Bunches of Oats. That’s the best comparison I can make. But I will forever hold it in high esteem as the greatest cereal I have ever eaten in my life.

  31. Wow, that thing goes waaay past Wuzzle territory.

  32. Wow, I completely forgot about this cereal! I remember it though, if only vaguely. Never got to eat it however, I’d love to try some!

  33. Totally forgot about Big Mixx. Unbelievable.

  34. I like this mascot. He’s like a patchwork monster. Cereal looks tasty too.

  35. Wow. There is a new show on Travel Channel about a guy who travels around appraising toys. Matt might retire early if he goes on this show.
    I wish there was a cereal appraiser. :(

  36. I’ve never seen this cereal before, and suddenly feel ashamed for never having purchased it. The mascot looks like the Kellogg’s rooster was involved in some depraved science experiment. I love it so.

    I was all excited about the wav file. I wanted a stupid wav file. Please don’t toy with me when it comes to old media.

  37. @bill I saw that show last night! it was soooo cool! He was actually searching in my former neck of the woods in ocean county, NJ. @Matt knock off skidz? seriously? My mom was frugal with clothing purchases…but even she bought me a pair of flannel, purple, pink, black plaid skids…that I proudly wore with my Purple tye dye Generra Hypercolor shirt. Everyone in 8th grade home room had one…we would blow on our sleeves to make like lip prints and stuff

  38. Bill – The show is Toy Hunter. He travels the country meeting with people to buy toys and resell them. He will appraise them to give you a fair price. I’ve actually been in contact with one of the shows producers, and they’re taking an interest in having me on the show. I do not have a collection like Matt’s though(he has all the really cool stuff that I don’t). If it goes through, it should be a really fun experience.

  39. Whoa Jason, that’s awesome! All my friends are becoming famous. Like, just in the past few years too!
    I need to do something worth 15 minutes of fame. But what….?

  40. and i was born in the yakima valley … just like bigg mixx. yep. :D

  41. I dunno, man. I get 23 syllables on that second alien-themed cake fantasy sentence.

  42. I had completely forgotten about Bigg Mixx until reading your article. It was the weirdest phenomenon — seeing your homemade mask, feeling the faintest rememberances of the Bigg Mixx mascot creeping up from my subconscious, noticing the recollections of the taste of the cereal coming out, and then realizing, “I remember this from somewhere!” I’ve not experienced anything close to this since the time I stumbled upon those ancient Halfsies commercials on YouTube.

  43. I LOVED Bigg Mixx – I was in college when it came out and I remember going from store to store looking for it when it was discontinued. Awesome mascot but better cereal. :)

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