The Cinn*A*Burst Gum Tribute!

Surely you remember Cinn*A*Burst!

The legendary gum was Warner-Lambert’s attempt to do battle with Wrigley’s Big Red. How on Earth did they lose that war?!

Cinn*A*Burst hit the scene in September of 1991, just as I was entering the seventh grade. I hated all of middle school, but the seventh grade was a special kind of awful.

I was awkward and unpopular. I wore terrible clothes. My hair looked like the world’s biggest mushroom cap. My primary modes were “easy to ignore” and “easy to target.”

I mention this not to be maudlin, but because Cinn*A*Burst was actually my best weapon against the perils of junior high. In the seventh grade, you could buy your way out of plenty of trouble with the right gum.

Cinn*A*Burst was infused with “flavor crystals,” giving it a boost of candied spice and an oddly pleasant crunch. Everybody loved Cinn*A*Burst. At least, every kid in my junior high school did.

Five days a week, I’d bring at least six packs of it to school with me. Generally speaking, the kids I might’ve had issues with chose to let me live… as long as I shared my gum. I was like Augustus with his corn doles, only instead of becoming a beloved ruler, my reward was to not get punched in the ear.

I don’t know exactly when Cinn*A*Burst stopped being made, but it did. By then, I wasn’t paying attention. This amazing gum that meant so much for my mouth and social status went out with a whimper, and I’ll forever regret not being there during its time of need. All I can do now is help to keep the memory alive.

To jog your memories, below are examinations its five best TV commercials:

#1: Cinn*A*Burst: May Not Be Suitable For Adults!

Cinn*A*Burst was marketed as a “renegade gum,” perfect for kids but anathema for adults. Honestly, we all kind of bought it. Seeing these classically stereotypical teachers talk smack about Cinn*A*Burst just made it seem that much more appealing.

Love the random shots of those cool teens — some of whom looked to be in their twenties — treating packs of Cinn*A*Burst like heaven-sent, tabloid-approved accessories. (I remember aspiring to be just like that blonde kid. The one who uses a pack of Cinn*A*Burst like a hacky sack. He clearly had it all. And now he’s 58 years old.)

#2: Cinn*A*Burst: Shark Eats A Wrestler!

Years after Cinn*A*Burst was already established, OUT CAME THE SHARKS. These guys were fantastic! The same two appeared in several commercials, and the setup was always the same. Shark #1 eats someone with Cinn*A*Burst breath, and Shark #2 is all jealous and congratulatory.

In this version, Shark #1 just got through eating a pro-wrestler. (And he’s not lying, because we see a teeth-torn championship belt drifting in the water.) The sharks have zero remorse for the fallen grappler, and in fact giggle about how stupid wrestlers are!

You had to love these guys. They were antiheroes of the truest kind.

#3: Cinn*A*Burst: Shark Eats A Surfer!

More of the same, but with a surfer replacing the wrestler. Most memorable about this version is how psychotic Shark #2 acts, mixing repeated phrases with from-left-field cackles. A pure delight for anyone dark enough to admire the concept of evil sharks being used as a method to sell gum.

#4: Mint*A*Burst: Shark Eats A Surfer!

Cinn*A*Burst was popular enough to warrant a few spinoffs, like Mint*A*Burst. While the original matched wits with Big Red, I suppose Mint*A*Burst was Warner-Lambert’s answer to Wrigley’s Doublemint. (As an aside, between the asterisks and the italics, this post is a real PITFGDA to write.)

This commercial is almost exactly the same as the previous, but now the sharks brag about that dead surfer while swimming in minty green water. It’s a mindfuck to watch one right after the other, but I suppose CG shark commercials weren’t cheap to produce. My loyalty is to Cinn*A*Burst, but I can’t deny that this glowing emerald sea is pretty damn appetizing.

(I can’t explain it. It just is.)

#5: Fruit*A*Burst: An Explosion Of Flavor!

The last of the trio was Fruit*A*Burst. The NegaDuck version of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit.

This ad had a message! Fruit*A*Burst was TOTALLY EXTREME! They portrayed it as a bomb, with the pack having a lit fuse and everything. When it explodes, all of the super cool kids fly off into space, surrounded by giant limes and oranges.

I guess it works, but I do miss the sharks.

Now, some of these ads are from the late ‘90s. By then, companies had discovered this here “internet” thing, leading to product websites with Geocities-level designs, most with the kind of charm that one can only truly appreciate in retrospect.

The website mentioned in these commercials – – is no longer online, but if there was ever a reason to consult the Wayback Machine, it’s to piece together bits from Cinn*A*Burst’s old website.

The above screenshots (that’s a slideshow, if you didn’t notice) come from the 1996 version of Cinn*A*Burst’s website. The sharks were the primary stars, and there was even a side page dedicated to real life shark facts!

Owing to the Burst trio’s “extreme” motif, there were also links to unrelated “x-treme sports” pages, along with lists of alternative rock bands. (?!!)

Even stranger is that this website — this website that only existed to promote chewing gum — was sponsored by Tetra. Tetra as in, “the company that sells fish food.” I get the tenuous link to the sharks, but still… huh?

Still, there was one extra special bit of gold hiding deep within those pages:

The official Burst Gum screensaver!

Miraculously, the download still worked, but just so you can avoid the goose chase, I’ve uploaded it here.

It is GLORIOUS. The screensaver starts with the sharks swimming over black. Then it changes to random Burst Gum advertisements that blur and blink and make my computer feel so much older than it really is. As an added bonus, every element gets “shark bit” into nothingness before something else pops up. I believe those in showbiz call that the “shark wipe.”

Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible if that file destroys your computer. I don’t know if there are any safety issues involved with installing promotional screensavers from 1996. Personally, I think pixilated sharks that yell about gum are worth any risk.

Love you, Cinn*A*Burst. In my dreams, I still chew you.

54 Responses to The Cinn*A*Burst Gum Tribute!

  1. Fruit-a-burst was one of the most underrated gums in the 20th century.

    It’s right up there with that syrup-stuffed Dr. Pepper gum.

    Thank you, sir, for acknowledging their contributions to gumciety.

  2. We had three types of gum that everyone in our school loved: Cinn*A*Burst, Tear Jerkers, and Cry Babies. I was the main dealer for these items, too. My parents had a Sam’s Club membership, and I used to go there with my step-mom, buy a crap-ton of gum, and then take it to school and sell it. Good times…. good times.

  3. Aww, your middle school experience sounds a lot like mine, except my experience was further marred by the type of drama that only teenage girls can create. I wish I had thought to bring gum to school. It might have saved me a lot of grief…and a little more of my sanity.

    I don’t understand why cinnamon gums aren’t more popular in general. I love them! Cinn*A*Burst was the bomb!

  4. Ohhh, Cinn*a*burst, how I miss you. Now that Big Red has entered the ‘artificial sweetener conspiracy’ land I don’t have any cinnamon-flavored gum to chew on flights.

    It was the crystals, Matt. Very much about the crystals. I really loved that little texture bonus.

    *sigh* If they brought it back it would probably be filled with head-hurting Aspertain.

  5. That first ad hit me right in the “oh god I forgot all about that until you just showed it to me that’s awesome” spot where I like to be hit.

  6. You could make a case that these three gums are historic because of the flavor crystals. Now every gum seems to have them, and no one gives the originals credit. Typical

  7. Damn. You got me again, Matt.

    I miss this gum like crazy. “Flavor Crystals” were like a revelation to me at that age.

    Jr. High was a ton of nonsense. I wore $20 No Fear, Mossimo, and Stussy only because I felt totally obliged to do so, and yet it did nothing for my social mobility. I was headlong into the world of cliques with no real knowledge of what they were or how they worked (or why they even existed in the first place). I was a band geek who had a few fleeting friends from elementary school, and little by way of real identity, as I tried to still impress my friends who had moved onto to Jr. High royalty without me.

    It was the little things, like Cinnaburst, that made it all worthwhile. Jr. High can go to hell.

  8. My family ended up with like six cases of Cinn*A*Burst and Mint*A*Burst one year from my weird uncle by marriage who worked for the company at the time and got it for free. I remember there was a period where I would just chew huge wads of Mint*A*Burst until the crystals were gone, then spit it out and and cram another entire pack in my mouth. I was a disgusting animal…

  9. I chewed Fruit-A-burst and Cinn-A-Burst religiously as a kid. I’m not sure why, but urban legend had it that the wrapper from F-A-B was also made to be edible, so sometimes I would eat it with the wrapper on. I don’t know why that wasn’t also supposed to be true for C-A-B. Anyway, it never really seemed to affect the gum chewing experience.

  10. My friends mom used to be a gum distributor back in the 90′s and used to give us free packs of this. I still have a Cinn-A-Burst sticker on my guitar case!

  11. For those who are too young to remember, I will enlighten:
    Yes, the crystals were that rebellious.
    Yes, the ad campaign was a complete success.

    Reminiscent of the BUBBLE TAPE campaign, “Made for you, not them.” Wonder if this was kind of a more “grown up” sequel???

  12. I remember all of those commercials except the Fruit*A*Burst one. It’s been so long since I’ve chewed any gum, so I can’t really comment about whether they matched up to Big Red or surpassed it. I’m guessing they were probably too similar to tell anyway. I was way more into the Bubblicious types.

  13. The first one is the only commercial I vaguely remember, but I do fondly recall all three gums. Mint*A*Burst was my favorite, but I did have the other two several times as well.

  14. I tried commensurate…it was too ….thin. I liked the hearty rubbery chew of big red…I was addicted for quite a while….

  15. cinnaburst was my favorite gum. didn’t even think about it being gone until now.

  16. Awesome post, as usual. Love the screencap of the gum’s nutritional information (10 calories? so what! hehe).

    Quick question though – do they even make gum anymore with sugar? I think all the major brands are now on that artificial shit. Sigh.

  17. Cinn-A-Burst was THE GUM. I heard the rumor about edible wrappers too, and I tried it once. It was surprisingly not disgusting.

    How did rumors like that spread from city to city before the internet, anyway?

  18. I remember the shark commercials. I have never been a fan of gum. All that chewing for nothing really. Eating is much more satisfying.

    I did a quick Google, apparently Glee brand gum, that comes in a box and is chiclet shaped, has cane sugar in it. So enjoy rotting your teeth with Glee gum lol.

    Middle school for me was the best part of school as far as having friends. I had two best friends, and we sat at the same table everyday at school. Other casual friends would come over and ask how we were doing. We would stay the night at each other’s houses, rent movies and talk late into the night. We were nerdy, they were bookworms and we were all the shy awkward ones that found each other. We were very happy together. Unfortunately in high school they moved and I was alone again. We talk on Facebook now, and I think there is an unspoken appreciation for how we were friends during that time.

    With me because I wet the bed, if you stayed at my house or I stayed at yours, there was an unconditional trust with me. I was so ashamed of it I only told people I trusted completely. And loving me even with that fault (even though it wasn’t intentional of course) got so much appreciation from me. Loving me with all my faults got so much love. Especially because in elementary school I was teased so much. It was such a relief knowing that people saw me for what I was and loved me anyway. And I loved them back.

  19. yes. i too recall the idea that you could eat the paper wrapper. i never tried it though, it sounded too stupid.

  20. I guess I never realized it wasn’t around anymore. I didn’t know Fruit*A*Burst ever even existed! And that haunts me as it sounds like such an odd flavor I’d have certainly championed the black sheep of the Burst family.

  21. Yeah, I remember the edible wrappers. Tasted like cinnamon paper but then again I used to chew cinnamon flavored dental floss. It’s amazing what kids will do when there is a strict no gum or candy rule in school.

    But nothing beats licking Big Red wrappers and sticking them on the forehead.

  22. Wow – I remember this, I had forgot about it, now I remember it again. The commercials too, how could I have forgot about those angry teachers and those sardonic sharks?
    I’m so happy you found the screenshots to that old website. late 90′s websites are the best.

  23. Itotally remember everyone at school chewing this gum with the wrapper claiming the crystals dissolved the paper in your mouth. I tried it once and thought it was so stupid. Never found any proof that this was true and I suppose it was just something some kid made up that spread across the nation.

  24. Funny thing about the shark commercials is it seems they always played the wrestler one during wrestling. Like during every Nitro and probably every Raw, they would play it constantly.

    @Bill: I’ve been looking over your site alot since the dollar store challenge and it’s got lots of cool or funny articles. But, one thing leaves me confused/disappointed. I’ve scoured your site and done google search after google search and I still can’t find Joan Lunden’s boobs on there.

  25. And it came to pass that in May of 2013, one man brought Cinn*A*Burst gum back to the hearts and minds of the people, and the people demanded that the family of Burst gums be brought back…and history was made.

    Way to go, Matt. This will be your legacy. Or not. I have no idea.

    I haven’t thought about this gum in years and like most of you, didn’t realize it was no longer being made. I had Cinn*A*Burst and Mint*A*Burst, but I don’t think I ever had Fruit*A*Burst. I don’t think I even knew it existed!

    I don’t know if the wrapper was INTENDED to be edible, but I remember chewing the gum with the wrapper and it just kind of…got absorbed into the gum. Didn’t change the flavor, really, but changed the texture a bit. Also, a quick Google search for “Cinn*A*Burst edible wrapper” tells me that there is a burger chain in Brazil that has an edible wrapper for their burgers now. God help us if they bring it to America. “I ate the bones!” is annoying enough, I don’t even want to think about “I ate the wrapper!”

  26. I saw something interesting at the store today. Egg-shaped Reeces PB ice cream treats. Why they would release these now instead of Easter I have no idea.

    Also saw those new Oscar Meyer Bacon Hot Dogs. Can’t wait to grab those.

  27. Sensei John Kreese, thanks for visiting. I know that a hard search for Joan Lunden’s boobs results in nada and for the life of me I don’t know how that search was initiated but I am thankful. Many people found me by way of Joan Lunden’s boobs. I feel I owe them something. Maybe a tribute post.

  28. King JLA They did release them for Easter and a Mounds version too. Your store must just be incredibly lazy or you saw clearance items.


  30. They were 2.19 a box. Just sitting along with the regular Recees PB treats. Never saw the Mounds one.

  31. King JLA Yeah they must of just been lazy. I found Pumpkin Spice Eggos like in March at Walmart full price lol. I look at the expiration date it was the beginning of Feb.

  32. i bought some Reese ice cream punkins at wall mart last week suprisely they where still good

  33. I just noticed the new Dino Drac icon on the main page next to each entry. It looks good, Matt.

  34. Hey, everybody. I’m staying up tonight and doing my typical “I went off and ignored the site for a few days and now I have to catch up with the last few posts” deal. Recent things first:

    I remember all of these commercials except for the Fruit-A-Burst one. Like almost everything on this site, it brings back memories that I forgot I even had in the first place.

    I love how stereotypically 90′s that site is, almost to the point of being satire. Also, how the 2 “alternative bands” were Gravity Kills (probably the worst of the mid-90′s “industrial”, NIN-ripoff bands) and also some other no-name band I’ve never heard of.

    Now, on to catching up with older stuff:

    –There was some discussion of ice cream trucks. Just wanted to mention that the one in my neighborhood actually plays the theme from The Godfather. I’m not sure what that’s all about, but I’m concerned about what, or who, is in those freezers.

    –My favorite part of the Sonic Life Savers vid was Matt saying, “Y’all did a pretty good job.” I don’t know why I loved it so much, but it’s just so odd and unexepected to hear Matt say, “y’all”. I’m from the South, so it’s nothing new down here, but when Matt does it, it’s just so darn endearing.

    –There was mention during the Sumo Rafael review that there was actually a TMNT/Universal Monsters crossover. Holy crap, how did I not know about this!?

    “I remember the Universal Monsters turtles, but I always liked the Ghostbusters crossover so much more.”Sensei John Kreese

    LBD “Nytetrayn” posted a pic of some transforming TMNT Van. And why was that not mass produced? I would have been all over that thing.

  35. “Gravity Kills (probably the worst of the mid-90′s “industrial”, NIN-ripoff bands)”DJ Cyboman

    Oh, man… I managed to COMPLETELY forget they even existed until reading this article. I’m struggling to think of a worse example, but I’m coming up short. Orgy, maybe? Even they weren’t as blatant about the NIN-worship, though.

  36. Wow. I am completely off track here, but for some reason this article made me crave Lemonheads. Maybe it was just the middle school reference since those things and Airheads were loved by all during that time in my life….as well as some random Asian candy that was available at a nearby Asian store (grew up in Northern CA)….good times.

  37. That was annoying. I was almost done with a super long comment responding to various others, and Chrome crashed.

    So I will abridge to this one point.

    The “eating paper” thing was big around here, but it wasn’t a Cinn*A*Burst exclusive thing. (And yeah, between what you guys and the internet at large say, I guess that’s uncommon.)

    With us, it extended to Trident and Dentyne (especially Trident), two gums that were made by the same people who brought us Cinn*A*Burst.

    I ate the paper sometimes, but to me, it only seemed to detract from the experience. Also, since I carried enough gum to stock a corner deli, I had no reason to try to extend the chew-life of any one piece.

    I believe there’s a Snopes article about this, or at least a discussion. IIRC, the paper was safe to eat even if it wasn’t meant to eat. How word traveled about this, I have no idea, because I just can’t believe that any companies told us to “eat the paper.”

    One last note:

    Someone mentioned Winterfresh. It’s funny how different stupid things can remind you so fully of different “eras” of your life. Cinn*A*Burst instantly makes me think of the seventh grade, but Winterfresh makes me think of being a high school freshman, back when I made a feeble attempt to fit in with the local townies on Friday and Saturday nights. Winterfresh was the gum of choice for all of the underage drinkers who’d later need to mask their offenses.

  38. I can still taste the Mint-A-Burst in my mouth. The gum that made junior high a little less bland.

  39. Juge — Interesting comparison, but I actually never drew any parallels between Orgy and NIN. I always just lumped them in with some of the nu-meal stuff that was happening at the time. Of course, there are a lot of comparisons between Orgy and Deadsy, but mostly because Jay Gordon was involved in both and Deadsy kind of “borrowed” Orgy’s guitar tone. I actually like Deadsy quite a bit though.

    As for the other NIN ripoffs, that decade was lousy with them, including Filter (founded by Richard Patrck, who was a touring guitarist for NIN) and Stabbing Westward. Both are bands that I really never could stand much of.

    It’s funny how the music industry does that. Hey kids, do you like Interpol? Well, do you remember Joy Division? No? Didn’t think so! Well, here’s the next best thing to the next best thing — The Bravery! Oh, and don’t forget The Killers!

  40. DJ D You just dropped some coolness points with me. I LOVE the album Filter Title of Record and the band the Killers.

  41. I’m totally disenchanted with gum anymore. I don’t know what they’d have to do to get me to buy a pack. It’d probably have to taste like Reese’s Cups and come with an erotic hologram card.

  42. Long time fan… please don’t take me the wrong way in asking this….but,
    Did you have this gum on HAT DAY?



  44. thx

  45. “Interesting comparison, but I actually never drew any parallels between Orgy and NIN. I always just lumped them in with some of the nu-meal stuff that was happening at the time.” DJ D
    Oh, I wasn’t really so much comparing them directly to NIN, but rather implying that they were riding the coattails of the little scene that NIN spawned. It seemed like in the mid–late ’90s, the success of NIN led to a lot of bands showing up on the airwaves that were either influenced primarily by them, or that were incorporating these traces of second/third-wave industrial or EBM influences, and I was classing Orgy in with the latter, alongside other bands that I’d like to forget, like Powerman 5000. You know things were getting really dire in the last gasps of this trend when radio DJs were actually trying to market nu-metal acts like Spineshank as “industrial metal”. *shakes fist; grumbles something about Skin Chamber and Sonic Terror*

    “It’s funny how the music industry does that. Hey kids, do you like Interpol? Well, do you remember Joy Division? No? Didn’t think so! Well, here’s the next best thing to the next best thing — The Bravery! Oh, and don’t forget The Killers!”DJ D
    You know me, I love a good rip-off band when they can pull it off well. It’s one of my musical weaknesses. Hell, that new Magic Circle album is about as shameless in imitating Black Sabbath as nearly anything released this year short of Orchid, and it’s still one of my favorites of 2013 so far. But one thing that I can’t get into is when a band totally apes another’s style while simultaneously neutering it of any of the personality or roughness around the edges than made the original awesome in the first place. Which is why I’ll totally defend Lack of Knowledge’s amateurish faux-Joy Division sound, but cringe whenever I hear Interpol.

  46. “I was classing Orgy in with the latter, alongside other bands that I’d like to forget, like Powerman 5000.”Jugehndsehnsucht
    Funny you mention them because I kind of had a different take on them. I never really made any connections to them and NIN at all, but rather that they were thrown in with the crop of 90′s metal bands that sprung up at the same time, which was kind of a different scene — bands like Static X, Marilyn Manson, and White Zombie/Rob Zombie. Of course the association of Powerman 5000 and Rob Zombie was pretty obvious since P5K was fronted by Spider One, Zombie’s little brother.

    Now that I think about it though, I guess there was sort of a connection between the “new industrial” scene and the metal scene then since Manson got their first big break after signing to Trent Reznor’s Nothing label.

    ” But one thing that I can’t get into is when a band totally apes another’s style while simultaneously neutering it of any of the personality or roughness around the edges than made the original awesome in the first place. Which is why I’ll totally defend Lack of Knowledge’s amateurish faux-Joy Division sound, but cringe whenever I hear Interpol.”Jugehndsehnsucht

    Ha! For the first time I can remember in a long time, we disagree! I love Interpol. I see them as knowing exactly what they’re doing. They’ve made no bones about the fact that JD is their biggest influence and I actually really like their spin on that sound. They remind me of the connection between Feeding Fingers and The Cure, Cinema Strange and Sex Gang Children or Beryl Beloved and Christian Death — all pay homage without just being a generic ripoff, while also doing their own unique thing.

    To bring things back to gum for the rest of you who are probably growing bored with this discussion between the obscure music nerds, is bubble gum still a thing? I can’t remember the last time I saw any sort of ad for any type of bubble gum. I know it still has to be made, but when was the last time you saw a Bubble Yum or Bubblicious commerical? Or a commercial for any kind of gum or candy that was filled with some sort of juicy center that exploded in your mouth when you bit into it? That used to be big shit back in the day.

  47. I would love to hear more about your junior high years Matt. I can picture that mushroom cut.

  48. @DJ D: The most recent gum commercials I can recall seeing are the ones for Orbit gum. For a clean feeling, no matter what. I think they still play them.

  49. come back matt write more stuff about junk


    “Now that I think about it though, I guess there was sort of a connection between the “new industrial” scene and the metal scene then since Manson got their first big break after signing to Trent Reznor’s Nothing label.DJ D
    Yeah, I suppose I’m looking at it in terms of a broader phenomenon that ended up evolving towards (and eventually merging with) a more nu-metal direction towards the end of the decade. I feel like a good portion of the roots of all that later Static X type stuff (yet another band I totally forgot about—didn’t one of ‘em turn out to be a kiddy fiddler or something?) are in the earlier NIN-worship crowd, among other things.

    I mean—for better or for worse—I feel like you can trace a line from Ministry and NIN to bands like Stabbing Westward and their ilk, and without that, I don’t think that the late-’90s/early-millennial flirtation with shoving electronic elements into nu-metal would have happened.

    Mind you, a lot of this is more about what the groups were marketed as rather than how I’d really class them, as at the end of the day, it all falls under the broad umbrella of “music for angry kids with large, complicated trousers” for me.

    If there’s one good thing that’s come of all this, it’s that it has put me on a “proper industrial metal” binge last night and today, with a bunch of stuff that I haven’t listened to in way too long. Totally forgot how great that P.H.O.B.O.S.’ Tectonics was, for example; it feels like Streetcleaner-era Godflesh mixed with a healthy dose of Blut aus Nord.

    “Ha! For the first time I can remember in a long time, we disagree!”
    DJ D
    I’m actually relieved by this, as I was starting to get worried that you were some sort of fictional construct that I had dreamed up as a coping mechanism. To further this, Deadsy does nothing for me, either. I do dig Cinema Strange and Beryl Beloved quite a bit, though!

    “… is bubble gum still a thing? I can’t remember the last time I saw any sort of ad for any type of bubble gum. I know it still has to be made, but when was the last time you saw a Bubble Yum or Bubblicious commerical?”DJ D
    I actually brought this up a while back with my sister when we were talking about old commercials. If TV is still like it was a couple of years ago, you still see a whole fuck-ton of commercials for “breath freshening” gum, where the gum aspect of it is clearly secondary to whatever sort of new supermintycrystalwhatever they’ve come up with next, but I cannot for the life of me think of the last time I saw an ad for plain ol’ gum-for-the-sake-of-chewing-gum gum.It’s been a legitimately LONG, long time since I remember seeing one.

    Then it dawned on me: I think the reason that I stopped seeing ads for stuff like Bubble-Tape and such is not because they aren’t out there anymore, but it’s because they’re all being shown during the commercial breaks for kid’s shows. I guess there’s not as much of a success rate targeting Bubblicious marketing to people watching Thw Daily Show as there is to kids watching… well, whatever it is they watch nowadays.

  51. Get out of my head, you damned bearded wizard. I was just listening to Blut aus Nord like 5 minutes ago.

    Oh, and Music for Angry Kids with Large, Complicated Trousers is my new Drowning Pool tribute band.

  52. “I was just listening to Blut aus Nord like 5 minutes ago.”DJ D

    GODDAMN IT. Now you’re swaying me right back towards my fictional construct theory.

  53. When I was a kid, my aunt worked for the company that made (or at least distributed) Cinnaburst, among other products. This meant cases of bubblicious at family events (such as our annual camping trip), and when the marketing blitz you’re talking about here happened, cinnaburst (and fruitaburst, which I preferred). This also meant, and I am fully aware that this takes my story into “uncle who worked at nintendo” territory, that I had an opportunity to try cinnaburst before it was on the shelves (or at least, that is what my aunt led me to believe). That scored me a bit of playground cred for a while.

    Anyway, the crux of this story is to give you something of another grail to add to your list (and one day, your massive pile of stuff): I also received from my aunt around that time what I imagine was a promotional/advertising item for Cinnaburst, a replica of that dynamite/pack of gum you see in the commercials. It was about 2x2x6 inches, solid painted/decalled wood, with a rope “fuse”. That thing sat on my dresser for years, though I don’t truly know what happened to it. It probably didn’t make it through when I moved in my early teens.

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