BFCDAW #12: Karen and Shirley.

Here’s Karen Carpenter and Shirley Manson, singing a duet at an outdoor Christmas concert.

Explanation: For the past week, I’ve spent my entire commuting hours listening to nothing but The Carpenters’ Christmas album and a Garbage greatest hits compilation.

Garbage broke big when I was in high school, and I still listen to them constantly. The Carpenters thing was really a byproduct of my Christmas obsession, because nobody – NO BO DY – has ever rocked those old carols quite like Karen Carpenter.

So, here they are, impossibly together. I am very fond of this concept.

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  1. I was never a fan of Garbage, but damn did Shirley Manson have some incredible legs. That is the only thing I remember about her. Her remarkably hot looking legs.

  2. I had a thing about 90′s red heads. Shirley Manson and Claire Danes from My So Called Life. My wife had dyed red hair when I met her…..coincidence?

  3. And they are both left handed, at least in your interpretation.

  4. Matt, this picture cements all the reasons that you are my favorite writer on the net. It just does.

  5. Is this cyborg Karen? The bright red eyes are throwing me for a loop here.

    Matt you are really incredible. This quite possibly could be my Christmas highlight this year.

  6. Okay, on second glance they are indeed brown… what the hell is wrong with MY eyes?

  7. I like Karen’s uber thin waist. She would be happy with the drawing.

  8. Amazing.
    The carpenters christmas album is the quintessential christmas album, its the one cd I play comstantly thru december.

  9. Scrap would be a great band name for them.

  10. Hi, sorry if I’m a little late on this, but what was the note about Matt not doing the site for a while.

    I’m sure it’s somewhere in the comments, but I have some catching up to do (just got married and work has been hell).


  11. A college buddy of mine named his laptop Shirley, after the singer referenced above. That is the sum total of my knowledge about Garbage. (That, and they have a song that I used to enjoy playing in Rock Band.)

  12. Shirley Manson. It’s nice to see someone else who grew up on her that still appreciates her music as well.

  13. Darth Galvatron got married? Congratulations! I wish you both the best of luck!

    Confession: I’ve never heard The Carpenters’ Christmas album. The Anne Murray Christmas album was the tradition in my house growing up (which is why I hate that Anne Murray Christmas album). I’m sure I’ve heard some of their Christmas songs over the course of my three and a half decades on this planet. Holy crap, I’ve been on this Earth three and a half decades. I’m depressed now. Nice picture, Matt.

  14. Don’t be depressed T-Ray…I’ve been here 3 and half decades as well :)

    Congrats on the recent marriage Darth Galvatron!

  15. I highly approve of this drawing and it’s concept.

  16. I approve.

    For me, the Carpenters’ Christmas album is mandatory listening during December. I love their version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and only Karen could make me actually like Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town. Perhaps it’s a strange arrangement, being soft jazz and all, but I love it to tiny bits and pieces. It’s okay to be corny at Christmas.

    Oh, and I regularly listen to their non-Christmas catalog during the rest of the year, because I am the uncoolest person on this website. Wah ah-ah-ah-ah, close to youuuu.

  17. Have Yourself… is great. My two favorites though, are Sleigh Ride and …Home for the Holidays. They’re like my perfect blend of cheese, voice, quirk and what I’m taking to be electronic even if it’s the furthest thing from it.

  18. Sleigh Ride is awesome. That’s what Christmas should sound like.

  19. I’ve got a Carpenters album on iTunes and it has the song “Merry Xmas, Darling”. Is it a standard or was it one of theirs, I wonder?

    In other news, Garfield in Friends is now on Netflix streaming, at least the 1st 60 eps or so.

  20. Pretty sure Merry Christmas, Darling is a Carpenters original.

    Garfield and Friends on Netflix! Fun!

  21. I was also in high school when Garbage first appeared. I was obsessed with them. Especially the first two albums. Shirley broke my heart. Shirley Manson and Marilyn Manson. That was a GREAT time for music.

    Karen Carpenter had one of the most haunting voices I have ever heard. There’s always this deep sadness lurking behind her voice. It’s enough to choke you.

    Do you know the song Sonic Youth did about her? “Tunic (Song for Karen)”. Amazing. I love Sonic Youth.

  22. Garbage had the unfortunate timing to come out during my major showtune phase – they weren’t really on my radar. Even so, I really like Shirley’s shirt. And I am a Carpenter fan, so I’m glad to see Karen there, too.

  23. Kobes Sonic Youth actually made a whole Carpenters album with covers. They mention it in the movie Juno lol I am not a fan of that type of music. I love alternative rock but not that dark.

  24. @Kobes: I never got into Manson, he seemed a little too “on the nose” for me. Or more accurately, my cooler friends hated him, so I had to, too.

    I pretended to know more about Sonic Youth than I did back then, but I did love a lot of what I’d heard. Really, they could’ve sounded like a bunch of dogs dying. I’d love any band with a name that cool.

  25. I foresee everyone wearing that T-shirt next Christmas. Matt, you may have started a new trend along the lines of moose mugs and leg lamps. Candy cane crews, maybe?

  26. I’m only happy when it snows.

  27. You are right- Karen Carpenter was incredible and owned those songs! The Carpenters Christmas Portrait record was on constantly at xmas time when I was very small and I still listen every year.

  28. @Goob: No! I didn’t know SY did a whole Carpenters cover album even though I saw Juno. I think my brain blocked that movie out in self-defense. I seriously have to find that.

    @Matt: I’ve been an insanely obsessed Marilyn Manson fan for years. You should really give some of the older albums a listen. I’d suggest starting with “Mechanical Animals”. It has a very Pink Floyd/Bowie glam acid rock 80′s vibe. Those are some of my favorite albums of all time.

    Sonic Youth is really complex and layered and trippy and poppy all at the same time. They’ve done simply incredible things with guitars that I’ve never heard elsewhere. The moods and atmospheres that their music can create is really striking. It can be really abstract but that’s what I love about it.

    I’ve spent many a gray day sparking owls and jamming Sonic Youth albums. I know I’m not the only one.

  29. I had a huge crush on the pic of Shirley Manson that was on the inset of their self titled album.

  30. Shirley Manson, I believe, was the only person in that band not from my home state.

  31. Does Karen Carpenters cleavage start just below her neck?

  32. Cool! Shirley is right handed in real life. Have you watched the Absolute Garbage DVD?

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