Madd Matt’s Halloween Party.

I was going to save this for later, but there is no way I’ll have power later. Thus, you will suffer now.

Happy Halloween! If the storm doesn’t destroy me, there’s still more to come. :)

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  1. I loved the opening to Amen when I was little and I forgot all about it until you showed the jump rope scene. Thanks for that and I am glad that you guys are safe!

  2. Every time I see footage of the Atlantic City boardwalk I feel sick… Very sad. Hope everyone is ok!

  3. Matt – Like everyone else, I’m so glad to hear you and your loved ones are safe! You are a national (err… international?) treasure to some of us. :) Take care, and don’t worry about posting or anything, just look after yourself and your family. *internet hugs*

  4. @JLA A seventh Stars Wars film? Bring it on! Maybe it’ll wipe away some of the memories of those last three!

  5. Star Wars rides at Disney World, please. Admiral Ackbar’s Wild Ride!

  6. This was so great! Good thing I didn’t watch at work though or I would have been fired for having too much fun on a Tuesday. You’re awesome Matt and Welcome Back Leviathan!

  7. I’m optimistic about Disney acquiring Lucasfilm. They can’t possibly screw it up as badly as he did. I’m just surprised he sold it to them.

  8. It’s almost Halloween!
    I scheduled Halloween as a Vacation Day months ago, so now that the office has been closed for two days due to the Hurricane I still get an extra day.
    Dino Drac and movies await!

  9. I for one, welcome our new DisneyPixarMarvelLucas overlords.

  10. This is definitely the best video yet. But I don’t know how you’re able to bite a ring pop and still keep your teeth intact. !
    Thanks for inviting us all to your Halloween party! I’m glad you guys are safe.

  11. Oh, how I would love to know what was going through Leviathan’s head. Looks like we both had problems with that same youtube video.

    I was just in a car crash, and after being emotionally disturbed the entire day, this made my evening. Great Halloween present, MM. Double H to you, too!

  12. I wouldn’t get too optimistic but Disney could be the best chance of a restoration of the original unedited trilogy.

    I say not too optimistic because Disney has a less publicized history of doing the same stuff Lucas has done to his own films.

    On the other hand, this puts decision making into the hands of many more people than just Lucas and there will be at least some pressure to do this coming from people who actually have the capability of making something happen for once.

    The fact that the next trilogy is going to involve the original trilogy’s characters is going to force Disney into, at the very least, making the calculation. The calculation being “do we need to do more to win back older fans of the series or simply press that the saga as it exist is our version just as much as it is Lucas’ and embrace what was ultimately a highly profitable second trilogy.”

    I personally think the target demographic* of the prequel trilogy are in a bit of a sandwich because they won’t be that main demographic anymore come 2015. They lie between original release trilogy faithful and the next generation of kids. I think this might put weight on that mentioned calculation.

    Anyway, that’s what I find interesting, much more so than the aspect of new movies.

    * this is an economic assessment, I don’t wish to insult anyone who isn’t a kid but likes the entire saga including the Special Editions.

  13. What I want to know is, are these new Star Wars sequels gonna contradict the novels? I havent read one for 16 years, but its always nice to see a story kept consistant.

  14. I would bet heavily on original material.

  15. Imagine what the merger would mean for the Kingdom Hearts franchise!

  16. Thanks for this video! Hilarious start to my Halloween! Leviathan is a comic genius!

  17. Only one to show up? We all showed up!

    Double H to you too.

  18. I like your fake accent. At least I think you’re doing a fake accent. It reminds me of Sergeant Slaughter! :D

  19. I usually wait until I’m all caught up to comment…I’m far from being caught up, but that is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

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