Video: Sugar Cookie Pebbles Cereal!

The 2013 Christmas season hasn’t been especially hot for weird food, but if you look hard enough, there are a few big time players.


Like this one, for example. Post’s Pebbles cereal with a limited edition SUGAR COOKIE flavor. It looks good, it tastes good, and the box features Dino wearing Grinch dog antlers. I have exactly zero complaints.

Get the whole story in this sickly sweet video review:

For the life of me, I could not find this in stores. Still haven’t. I got so fed up with the fruitless department store runs that I gave in and ordered it from some third party seller on Amazon. If you’re dying for a box, try there!

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  1. Videos don’t load at work (damn you, Websense, I want to see this one!) – but I wanted to say that I bought two holiday pies for lunch yesterday as a result of the Dino Drac review. They were two for a dollar. I couldn’t say no!

  2. I think I saw a box in my local Acme. What I haven’t seen there are any coyotes purchasing road runner catching apparatus.

  3. It looks like Fruity Pebbles with unflavored Pebbles mixed in.

    I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing or not.

  4. This year does seem to be low on new Christmas food items. I’ve only seen the Cranberry Sprite at Walmart. Never seen the Pebbles. The only new candy items I’ve seen are Gingerbread M&M’s and Twix.

  5. Bravo! I haven’t been able to cereal since I discovered I hate mixing things with milk. Have no idea when that started.
    This background music is right up there with Madd Matt’s music. Instantly gets me in the spirit.

  6. This video appears to be criminally under-appreciated. I wish I could do something to change that, but instead, I’m going to praise Fred, above, for what might be the funniest thing I’ll read all day.

  7. I thought these were tasty, just wish the colors weren’t so drab. Holiday cereals should be bright!

  8. I know about the aversion to milk but Christ, how can you eat cereal straight up. Soooooo dryyyyyy. And I really hope we’ll see you again before Christmas…

  9. I could watch this review over and over simply to listen to that music. It fills my heart up with so much joy!

  10. @drew do: I was going to post the same thing :)

    I haven’t seen this cereal in my supermarket either but I did find something hadn’t seen before, Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes. They’re almost too pretty to eat…almost.

  11. I dig it! Love the lights and decorations in the office. When I still lived at home (in my parents’ basement ‘natch) I kept Christmas lights up year-round. Some sort of ivy had also came in from the outside through cracks in the foundation so I had a real life jungle atmosphere as plant life grew and winded along my ceiling and electric wires.

  12. Was that a burp right before saying “Merry Christmas” at the end? I think that really solidified the video for me.

  13. @Doc Prop: I can guarantee you that it wasn’t. Stringent final cut policy.

    @drew do: I just can’t deal with milk! If you down the water fast enough, the cereal still gets wet. It’s just like eating it normally, only with water, and in steps. So, not normally at all.

    @Mike: I thought the same until remembering that Pebbles cereals in generals aren’t as colorful as the boxes indicate. The last time I reviewed them (regular Fruity Pebbles), they looked nothing like what was on the box.

  14. Thank you for the post Matt.

    The odds of finding that cereal in the middle of the Pacific is very low but its cool to know it exists. (Thank you Dinosaur Drac!) Its like those Holiday pies, finding them here just won’t happen but its cool to know they exist.

    We do get Mcdonalds pie flavors you probably won’t see like Haupia (think coconut cream) and Taro pie. They are not seasonal though and just appear every once in a while.

    I just enjoyed a cranberry sprite Slurpee from 7-11 though and feel some of that Christmas spirit oozing in in time for the holiday.

    Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka

  15. Algae Thank you for mentioning the Cranberry Sprite Slurpees. I know they had Cranberry Sierra Mist Slurpees years ago and the one that I had I enjoyed a lot. So I will definitely have to look into that.

    The problem with cereal is if I don’t like the cereal I have to commit to eating the entire thing and that is hell.

    I love how you smell the box so much. So cute.

    I am getting money later today so hopefully I can do some Christmas shopping. I need to get some snacks for New Years too, I usually get junk food for New Years. New Years growing up was one of those rare times we could pig out on that stuff. Not that we were healthy, but that was the rare time we could eat chips and dip without my Granddad yelling at us for doing such things.

    And I have no idea what I will make for Christmas dinner.

    And I kind of effed myself up because I put out the presents that say “from Santa” too early. I am so glad I do not have a kid because it’s easier to explain away that problem to Harry then to a child. I just was in the train of thought of me wrapping the present up, being done with it, and so it goes under the tree.

  16. @Matt: You deadpanning “If I don’t see you again, Merry Christmas.” accompanied by a pair of side-glancing Margaret Keane eyes is probably my favorite DinoDrac moment ever. While hilarious, cliffhanger endings drive me cray-cray!

    Also, I’ve become so accustomed to Madd Matt, that human Matt catches me off guard. “Who dat!”

    On the Pebbles front, how does the Sugar Cookie flavor compare to Marshmallow Pebbles? It sounds like they are similar in flavor.

  17. My Christmas tree heard that statement about maybe not seeing us again … and a bunch of its needles fell off.

    Speaking of Christmas trees, if you haven’t seen the short film “Treevenge,” now’s the time:

  18. I found a box at our local Target (in Chicago)– my kids weren’t into it but I ate the whole box in about a day and a half… It tasted like Rice Krispie treats to me. SO GOOD.

  19. @Whalley Range: some of my co-workers and I watched Treevenge last week at work and it was great. A warning to others, don’t watch if you don’t like gorey things! :)

  20. So, the Post corporation has your cat, I assume. That video and it’s glowing review seemed to be made under duress …

  21. I haven’t seen this at the grocery store where I work (which is an Acme, incidentally…I don’t normally say that here because I want to avoid the obvious Looney Tunes jokes). I wouldn’t be buying this one anyway, no matter how good it smells. I don’t like Fruity Pebbles. They get too soggy and are too sweet for me. What I do appreciate is that very festive box, especially considering that the last holiday-themed Pebbles boxes Matt reviewed back at X-Entertainment barely mentioned the holidays at all.

  22. Matt….huffing Sugar Cookie Pebbles. What would Santa say? LOL. If there is anyone who works in retail who posts here, can you explain why supermarkets never seem to carry these special one off cereals? My Stop and Shop didn’t even have the Monster Cereals and recently stopped carrying Alpha Bits and Apple Jacks. Target and/or Walgreens seems to be the only place I can find these. At least by me. I’m in Rhode Island so it isn’t that much of haul to go over to Massachusetts or even Connecticut in a pinch.

  23. Haven’t seen the Pebbles yet. I have so far snagged a couple boxes of Cran-brrr-itas and came THIS close to the McDonald’s holiday pies. They were advertised but had none in stock.

  24. I don’t frequent the comments here so much anymore, so please forgive me if this has already been answered, but does Matt click through his own affiliate link when buying all this stuff on Amazon?

  25. I saw these at the store earlier today. Some guy was in a big hurry moving past me and then I heard a crash. I looked back to see he had knocked over a display of sugar cookie Pebbles. I wanted to throw a couple of gallons of milk on the mess and dig in. But I didn’t. I didn’t…

  26. @Rhino: No… why?

    @Max: I’ve wondered about that too. Who makes the decisions? During October I saw the Monster Cereals at the weirdest places, while some of the major chains carried none.

  27. I miss you guys so much! Sorry I haven’t been around that much. Work’s been kicking my ass, but I’m planning a DD catch up session for tomorrow. In the meantime, if you don’t mind me being a little self-promotery, I’m currently doing my yearly Dark Entries: Goth Radio Christmas Show. You can tune in to WUSC. When you get to the site, just click the red “LISTEN LIVE (ITUNES)” link on the right side of the page, right above where it says “Recent Jams”.

    I always give a shout-out to “The Trashbag Bunch” (you guys), but if you chime in via Facebook, Twitter, or over the phone, I’ll be sure to give you a specific shout-out if you want. Later!

  28. Ohhh these look so good, but I can’t find them anywhere-not even that amazon link-yet I feel I can live without them.
    After having so much of the month feeling kinda blah, the Christmas spirit has jumped to full strength. Time to ready my eggnog supplies and eat my Christmas Crunch.
    Merry Christmas to everyone.

  29. Thank God for the XE Jukebox, it’s saving me from one of the most boring days of work ever.

  30. One more batch of old Christmas commercials, PLEASE!

  31. I second the Christmas Jukebox love! Cranking it all day while wrapping presents and cooking excellent holiday food. Thanks so much Matt! You have been an integral part of my christmas season for as long as I can remember. Hope yours has been great so far (and that you finally finished those stuffed mushrooms).

  32. Despite having a very hard time finding Monster Cereal during Halloween, my local Giant has this surprisingly, and I wasn’t even on the lookout for it. I made the treats from the recipe on the back, and they are pretty damn good.

  33. You’ve already been scolded for eating dry cereal, so I won’t scold you again, but when you drank that water after the first bite of cereal, I thought, “If you were eating cereal the way you’re supposed to, you wouldn’t need that water!” But I digress…

    Haven’t had these yet, haven’t seen them yet and as it’s 4 am Christmas morning, I doubt I will. Oh well…maybe next year? Merry Christmas!

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