The Christmas Flamingo Cometh.

I have to imagine that this will be my last big purchase of the Christmas season. I’m going out with a pink bang:

It’s a light-up flamingo in a Santa hat, and it pairs oh so nicely with that stupid dinosaur. This is its story, in around five minutes:

The people behind this flamingo apparently decided that it needed to be “frozen,” so they glued tiny silica boulders all over it. But they didn’t glue them on too well, and you can’t touch this thing without having it spit silica everywhere. I’ve decided to like this. A+ on the festive flamingo.

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  • Nikki

    aww duct tape’ll fix him!

  • Art Barnhart

    Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash is quite the refreshing beverage. I’m sure I’ll become addicted just in time for them to stop making it. I’m also drinking mine through a crazy straw. Couldn’t find a green one. Mine is red. Thanks for the recommendation, Matt.

  • Thorzul

    That was a neat bit of breaking the fourth wall, according to the loosely defined rules you’ve established between audience and reader. Merry Christmas!

  • Faith

    From 2:58 on, this is a pink Christmas miracle. I’m not sure if I worded that right. Christmas Flamingo cometh and Christmas Flamingo taketh away…

  • Scott

    Love the video and hate the bird, I am so conflicted right now.