Vlog: 1989 Talking Freddy Krueger Doll.

I wasn’t planning to post anything tonight, but I thought five minutes of me rambling about a decades-old Freddy Krueger doll was better than nothing.

EDIT: If you’re having trouble watching that on Vimeo, you can see it on grainy stupid YouTube by clicking here.

Hard to believe that Dino Drac isn’t even two days full days old yet. Thanks for being a part of it! Going to spend tonight ironing out some of the kinks with the design and flow. Should be a new feature up on Monday, too.

PS: Though it already begun in the previous thread (sorry to trample, guys), Saturday posts normally double as the “SNT” – “Saturday Night Thread.” This is where all of us stuck on the Internet on Saturday nights just kinda bullshit our way through it and talk about what we’re doing. Feel free to join in, everyone is welcome. You can even be drunk, so long as you don’t type like it.

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  1. for some reason this vblog made me want to start collecting boglins, yet it has nothing to do with boglins.

  2. I misread one of the sentences under the video as “Going to spend tonight ignoring the kinks with the design and flow.” Re-read it, ironing sounds like more work than ignoring. I’m having lots of fun with the new site, Matt!

  3. Thanks for the awesome post, exactly what I needed after a long day at work. The video content is great!

  4. Joining everyone else in loving the videos. I remember back when I used to wonder what Matt even looked like. Then, we started to get glimpses of him every now and then. Then, the videos with the disguised voice. Now, we finally get the “real” Matt, and what I find funniest Matt is realizing how little acting you were doing in the Madd Matt videos last fall. Amy, I’m glad I’m not the only one who though Ray Romano.

    Also, this video was really appropriate because I have spent the evening (aside from listening to DJ D) watching Nightmares 4-6.

    I thought Best Worst Movie was great!

  5. Happy SNT everyone! Happy to be enjoying DinoDrac on a Saturday night. I am spending my evening having a few brews and watching Supernatural on Netflix. Hope everyone has a great night!

  6. Ahhh…the first SNT of DinoDrac, these are the days.

  7. Hey y’all! I know I haven’t been around much in awhile but I couldn’t miss commenting on the inaugural SNT. Glad to see so many familiar faces still around in the threads.

    Great job on the site launch, Matt! Looking forward to more great stuff.

  8. This inaugural SNT is a winner. In both of its thread incarnations.

    Another enthusiastic vote for the vlogs not being a one-off. Even getting me to type that was an achievement, as “vlog” is portmanteau I’ve always held in ill favor. I’m also in agreement that Real Matt wading through a shallow sea of disappointments is just as hilarious as Madd Madd doing the same in makeup and contacts—if not even moreso, as it allows for more nuanced shades of quietly smouldering frustration to shine through.

    I’m even feeling so generous about the whole thing that I’ll say that you actually sound a bit more like Zach Braff. That’s at least a miniscule step up from Ray Romano, isn’t it? At the very least, you don’t look a thing like either of them, and that’s definitely putting points in your favor. A friend of mine runs a record label specializing in metal and experimental/avant-garde music; dark and funereal stuff, all of it, but I’ll be damned if he hasn’t been cursed with being the spitting image of Zach Braff. Not to imply that Braff’s appearance can be likened to some sort of Lovcraftian demihuman abomination or anything like that, but the incongruity of it in comparison to his image consistently throws me for an absolute loop every time I see a picture of the guy.

    I realize am going absolutely nowhere with that story, but I am biting the bullet and drinking what would have been Annette’s share of the booze (so as to not be wasteful, of course!) so I think some slack should be cut.

    Other than the minor quibbles that you and others have already raised, this place really is off to a flawless start, and looks perfect. Actually, that’s a bit of a lie, as teh aliasing of lighter weights of Exo when used as a screen font (as seen in “Blog Archives” and “Archives”) has always made me want to scrape off my cornea with a linoleum knife, but I am probably the only person in the solar system who feels that way, so I say to leave it that way if it pleases you.

  9. Oh, I love a good SNT. I’m out, sort of. In the sticks out. I’ll watch the vid and read the comments tomorrow, just wanted to be a part of the thread :/.

  10. @cyrus: incredibly enough, the vlog almost was about a boglin.

    @squee and kb: Yay, you came!

    @juge: I’m just drunk enough to crack up that you noticed the Exo font issues on the sidebar. I have, too. Actually, that whole archival sidebar needs to be reworked.

  11. Just got back from mah move, decided to pop in and see if anyone was still around, considering the timestamp on posts is all kinds of wonky.

    I’m glad I went- great flick, can’t wait to own it- But that was the First time ever going to a movie by myself… And that actually distracted me a bit.

    Ah well. It was either that or watching documentaries about the impressionists. gawtdamm French rebel painters and their desire to paint light. Crazy absinthe drinkers the whole lot of ‘em.

  12. “I’m just drunk enough to crack up that you noticed the Exo font issues on the sidebar. I have, too.”
    Our Glorious Leader

    *high-fives, missing by mere inches due to diminished depth perception*

  13. Happy SNT(even though it’s sunday)!!!!!!! I would’ve stopped by sooner, but I was watching a movie. It’s hot as all get out tonight. I was meant to live in an arctic environment. I didn’t feel like going out tonight, so I’m just passing the time by watching random youtube videos. Exciting huh? Speaking of drinking, I think I’ll go have one myself.

  14. I had that freddy.. no idea what ever happened to it.. i think my brother trashed it.. like he did everything when we were kids

  15. I finally watched the video. I couldn’t watch it while I was listening to DJ D’s show, and then my internet connection gave out.

    Anyway, I enjoy the videos. The one thing that bugs me: I swear Matt looks like an old friend of mine, but I can’t recall which one.

    I’m not sure if I see the font aliasing issue in the sidebar, but I think either the text—and the links—need to be darker colors, or the grey should be lightened up a bit.

    Aside from that, the site looks good and is off to a strong start. Whoever made the Dinosaur Dracula logo did a fine job and the realtime comment preview is pretty nifty.

  16. That last part in the video was so fucking funny!

  17. Loving these video blogs. You crack my shit up, Matt. Actually, not just my shit. All of me, rather.

  18. I think I like the broken pull-string one the best. It sounded creepier.

  19. I agree, the broken pull string one is the creepiest.

  20. I just got home from the Beach Boys show about an hour ago and caught up on the threads. Great concert! I’ll post some stuff I got on my iPod shortly.

    I wasn’t thinking of Ray Romano when I heard Matt. I’m not really of fan of Romano’s work. Actually, I expected more of a “New Yawk” accent.

    Hilarious story from the concert: I’m right outside the entrance to the venue, in the middle of a crowd of concertgoers, and suddenly I’m face to face with a young actress I’d seen on TV. We were literally five feet apart, face to face, for about half a second. It was unmistakable. But that’s not the funny part.

    You know how I recognized her? I just saw her a couple weeks ago in an entertainment magazine because she had been implicated in a sexting scandal. If our encounter hadn’t been so brief, I imagine it would’ve gotten really awkward really quick.

  21. Much like the fair lot o’ you, I’m a wee bit sloshed at the moment. I think Matt looks like a bit like Zachary Quinto and sounds a little like Harold Ramis, but that might be the Smirnoff talking. I do know for sure, though, that every time I take a tour through the X-E archives I can’t help but think that it, and DD, are the kind of thing that I can imagine William M. Gaines might have done if he were still around. It just reminds me of the spirit of the old EC stuff in a weird way, but maybe that’s just the kind of thing I come up with when I have a vodka-soaked noodle.

  22. Damnit, I missed the first SNT! I agree with everyone else, the site seems to be off to a great start. It’s like XE but has a distinctly different feel to it which is a GREAT thing. Very cool. Congratulations and I hope your enthusiasm continues for years to come!

    Sorry, I know my name’s pretentious but I GRADUATED FROM MEDICAL SCHOOL YESTERDAY!!! I find that I have to keep telling people that or else it’s pretty hard to believe… It’s even more surreal when people refer to you as Dr. X. Again, sorry, but I just can’t help myself :)

  23. Didn’t Freddy rip open his head revealing a pulsating brain in Elm Street 2, during the infamous “you’ve got the body, I’ve got the brains” scene?

  24. Cinema-187 Why yes he did! I’ve got the DVD to prove it.

  25. I just looked up the NOES 2 scene — yup, it’s totally there. But I still refuse to believe a 1989 talking Freddy doll was based on anything from NOES 2. Mainly because there’s no way to ninja edit videos, and I’d rather be right.

  26. How did I not know that existed.I am a HUGE NOES fan. that would have been my most prized possession back then.

  27. Actually that whole thing was kinda like interpreting a message from Lassie.

    My preference was Benji. He solved his own problems and generally hated people. I can relate.

  28. Congratulations dr. drew do!

  29. Missed drew do’s post, so I must add my congrats as well!

  30. Fred-that video was made by a buddy of mine…he’s a cool dude. I was going to mention the same thing about the voice box mistake.

    I totally know where you were going , Matt, with the lassie thing!

    Freddie: squeedly sqeedly eeeee!

    Matt: Whats that boy? You say that Yuan Jin is stuck in the mine shaft?


    Matt: yeah, better we just leave him down there.

  31. Congrats to Dr. Drew. Now you can help celebrities kick their meth habit.

    Wait, wrong doctor.

  32. Your video style makes me so happy!

    Its so unplanned it is beautiful. I love watching you stutter and not know what to say. It makes the video so much funnier (in a good way!) and more entertaining. Keep it up mate!

  33. I had a pull-string Ren Hoek that had the same problem with the speed after a while.

    However! We could control the speed of his speech by holding the string to make it retract slower. In this manner we could also make him talk in slow motion. We spent hours doing this.

  34. Pretty sure, after listening a few times, that when Freddy says “???????????” that he’s actually saying “Pull my string to hear me talk… and make me pose… IF YOU DARE!” But maybe I’m just wanting him to say that, reading into things and all.

    Freddy #1 sounds squeaky because his mechanism is literally a mini record player-esque device in his guts, a la Chatty Cathy, the first toy to ever have such technology back in the 60′s (and voiced by June Foray even!), and it would appear that he’s got a gear off or two, messing with the speed control. It’s actually a pretty amazing idea, overall, and I’m pretty sure (depending on your level of technical prowess and/or desire) that it could be fixed to work as Satan intended him to. It might be one of the rubber belts inside that needs to be fixed, etc. They’re not horribly complicated, despite being pretty intricate devices. The trick is often even more so getting INSIDE of the toy to begin with, as some toys are made to open right up, and others might as well be welded permanently shut.

    But: for all I know, you prefer the super squeaky version, and if so, disregard it all, man. ALL OF IT.

  35. The video is not working on my Droid, but the YouTube version works fine. Count me in for more vlogs too, they’re great. The strange thing is, I once bought a pull-string Ernest P. Worrell that reminded me a lot of the Freddy doll.

    It’s probably a bit too late to keep SNT-ing, but I saw the new Men in Black last night. Hell of a lot better than the second one.

    Also, I was considering watching Best Worst Movie at one point, but judging by some of the comments here, it sounds pretty depressing.

  36. I love these videos – Trash Bag Bunch!

    This was perfect since I’ve been watching Elm Street movies all weekend.

  37. @Matt, I wouldn’t miss it for the world :)

    Just got the chance to watch the first couple of vlogs. Comedy GOLD. Can’t wait for more of the same.

  38. Oh man, woke up with a bit of a hangover. Had to much to drink last night. Should be fine though. So long as I avoid loud noises. So far, Sunday is shaping up to be pretty average. Not bad. So what’s up with ya’ll ?

  39. I’m a long-time lurker and wow is it ever mind-blowing to hear Matt’s real voice. Haha not at all the voice I made up for him while reading for 10 years or however long it’s been.

    I also like how you leave botched scenes in the videos. Haha it makes them seem more honest or something.

  40. I think you got a good deal on that Freddy, Matt. You didn’t just get a doll, you got the loudest box in the history of boxes. Sun Chips Environmental Friendly bag levels.

  41. Great vid. It was like Freddy was laughing at Matt‘s complete inability to form coherent sentences.

    I have a similar doll that I got at a post-Halloween sale at Wallgreens a few years ago. He’s standing on a little stand and has a button between his feet. You press that to make him talk, and I think he has about 6 or 7 different things he says. As he’s talking, his glove hand moves up and down and his head moves from side to side. They also made a Jason version of the same thing, which Matt reviewed a long time ago.

  42. I’m spending my Sunday in my Pajamas and doing nothing.

  43. Hey, nice new website. I really like the format and will be checking in often.

    I like the convention tour articles a lot because it gives you a chance to interact with other nostaligiacs and memorialize the funky tributes and bizarre items there for sale.

    I’m surprised you never did anything for Exosquad. It must have flown under your radar. Both the toys and cartoon were cutting edge for 1993.

    Good stuff Matt, viva Dinosaur Dracula



  44. In case no one goes back to read the first post…I’m here!!!

    1. I LOL’d a bunch during this vlog, especially the “pull my string to hear me talk” bit. You have very comedic timing, Matt. Crack me up.

    2. I like that Ms. X is still Ms. X. I assumed it was always stood for Ms. X-E.

    3. Bill, why do you have 314 notifications for your phone?!?

    4. Liquor stores in PA are only open until 9:00 Monday-Saturday too. Can buy beer at SOME grocery stores, but they also close at like 10:00.

    5. Congrats Dr. Drew Do!!!

  45. Since I haven’t read through the comments, I’m not sure if this was covered but the chunk of white brain is taken from the scene in NOES 2 where Freddy pulls his skin back to reveal his brain.

  46. Hey, congrats, Dr. Drew Do!

  47. I’m not reading through the 127 comments right now to see if this has already been posted. But the ?????????? phrase heard in the video is “You’ve got the body, I’ve got the brain!” from the seconf film, where Freddy tears open his head to show his brain to a boy he is possessing in order to kill people while they are awake. MYSTERY SOLVED!!!

  48. Hey Matt do you think you could fix the string pull talking Freddy? Do you know a lot about repairing old toys?

  49. Congrats to Dr. Do and hey squee

    See Matt, if you build it, they will come

  50. @rather_not_nice: I’m open to the idea of the white brain being based on the NOES 2 scene, but I don’t think he’s saying that in the “?????” quote, as cool as it’d be if he was.

    I forget who called it here (if it was here?) but I’m with the theory that he’s saying “Ever play…skin the cat?” (Which makes sense — the newer version of the doll would line up with the ’94 release of New Nightmare, where that quote is from. (The original doll seems to have more/different quotes.)

  51. Sorry for the double.
    Super Jaclyn,
    I keep giving my email address to Party City and World Goods every time I check out and they WON’T FUCKING STOP SENDING ME COUPONS! So I skip their ads.
    As far as notifications? I’m just a dick.

  52. I’m sort of in love with you.

  53. Get in line, Lauren.

  54. What I hear for the ??????? is “Have you ever played Skin the Cat?” I could be wrong but that’s what it sounds like to me. Love the new site by the way. It’s purty.

  55. I think I used to play “Dr Do!” in the arcades back in the 80s.

  56. I still don’t know if I like Sundays or hate them.

  57. I’ve always hated Sundays. Used to be because I was often forced to spend all day at church and then had to go back to school the next day. Now it’s because nobody’s ever free to do anything on Sundays and I always get stuck at home listening to old game show music cues on Youtube or something like that.

  58. Hate I missed the first “new” SNT. My dad had surgery (liver transplant w00t) and we’ve been rotating who goes and staying with his as best as possible. It’s 3 hours away in Birmingham so sometimes someone can’t go so then usually I have to go. Can’t wait for him to come home….but happy post first DD-SNT everyone!

  59. And another congrats for dr drew do… can’t wait to finish my degree next year. Buts it’s not an awesome doctorate, just a masters. Why don’t we call people with those “Master so and so”? Wait- rethought that….too much lack of sleep ;)

  60. I never went to church as a kid, now I work there. But Sundays are cool with me cause I have another separate day off, which is called Monday. Who else gets to go to work in the morning, take a nap and eat during the afternoon, then go back to work in the evening? It rules. We’d have so many more people at church if THEY got Monday off too.

    Come to think of it, telling your company you HAVE to have Monday off for religious reasons would rule, if they’d let you.

  61. Thanks for all the congrats everyone!

  62. Even better than x-e so far, nice!

  63. Man, I’m loving the new site, looking foward to SNT, and vlogs!!

  64. Matt, the Freddy skull thing is interesting because every figure I’ve ever seen has his exposed brain, some in excessive detail: http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/23947/toys-huge-images-of-new-freddy-head-dream-house/

    But very few stills of his head, costume replicas or promo shots – including the New Nightmare and remake Freddy – show head hole.

    I also hate Freddy. Freddy scared me so much as a kid that I couldn’t even look at a picture of him until my 20s. I still haven’t brought myself to watching anything pre-FvJ even though I have the set because, dammit, he still bothers me.

  65. One old friend had the string variant Talking Freddy. When it worked, it just said PLEASANT DREAMS 90% of the time.

    Spoiler alert: His hat is too small for actual people’s heads. Even kids.

  66. Matt, as somebody who is in a continuous debate with you regarding which of the Halloween Boglins is the better of the two (Blobkin FTW), I am saddened to hear you didn’t make the vlog about Boglins. I will not rest until I see this unfilmed vlog!

    Love the new site, and especially love the new artwork on it. Was a very smart move to start anew. Congrats!

  67. god damn stupid cell phone wouldnt let me watch this damn video(no i didnt want to see it in grainy youtube definition damnit), so i didnt get around to it til just now, damnit.
    Matt this was some damn funny shit, god damnit.
    of course i got all damn excited upon watching this saying “EVER PLAY SKIN THE CAT!” when i saw “??????” pop up on the screen, only to realise with 4 pages of comments i was clearly way to damn late for my bit of freddyknowledge fame. I remember seeing him in spencers all the time, just sitting there waitings for some damn person to buy him. i like to think he made it to you now, damnit.
    Damnit, memories.

  68. I love that
    I recognize old x-e stuff in the back ground bins.

  69. I’ve got the Spencer Freddy as well as Leatherface, Jason, the Cryptkeeper, and Ghost Face (the guy from Scream, not the rapper). They’re some of my favorite horror toys. The guy that sold them to me gave me some kind of ridiculous hookup – like 75% off or something – for reasons I still don’t understand. Once he told me he was doing that I bought one of those 24″ Gene Simmons dolls as well.
    The horror guys all still work. Gene does not.
    I never saw that Spencer Gifts employee again.

  70. There’s an episode of Pawn Stars where a guy sells the `89 Freddy Doll in its box SIGNED by Sir Robert Englund.

  71. MATT VIDEO!! <3

  72. Squeaking Freddy is great, awesome video Matt. I had a friend who had one of these when I was a kid, or one very similar.

    That thing scared the crap out of me since he would activate it by my ear in my sleep and startle me awake.

  73. Still have mine, granted it sounds like Freddy as a chipmunk when you pull the string now…. But I still display him in all his glory…..

  74. Radical feature! Pretty sure the exposed brain is referencing Nightmare 2, and the line of dialogue with the question marks is “Ever Play Skin the Cat?!” from Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.

  75. Looking at old articles and came across this post. The voice mechanisms from the 80′s are deteriorated. They did not make them that well and they have deteriorated over time. In the 90′s they improved the voice mechanisms. It’s not from overuse it’s just from a bad design.

    I have an Urkel doll that is in the box I bought him at Goodwill for 4 dollars last summer. I haven’t sold him yet unfortunately. The box could be in better condition, one side is squashed and has a hole where his head is and a white line from being bent there. The other side isn’t bent but there is a square mark where the artwork was scratched off. The top is bent from being picked up from the top. IMO it’s still displayable and lovable. I would love to find more of these toys to list. Even though they would be a pain to ship.

    Mike Mozart did a video about the Pee Wee Herman and Freddy Kruger voice mechanisms being accidentally switched in the factory. Now that is pretty scary.

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