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More Ancient Cereal Boxes!

While tidying up my office, I came across a stash of old cereal boxes, sandwiched between far less interesting things. Below are five of them. (This is what we in the biz call a utilitarian intro.)


Spider-Man Cereal! (1995)

At least partially inspired by the 1994 cartoon, Ralston’s Spider-Man Cereal was kind of like the sequel to their discontinued TMNT Cereal. (More on that one later.)

Whereas Ralston had once positioned phony Chex as “ninja nets,” here we had phony Crispix as spider webs, along with a full complement of Spidey-themed marshmallows.

The marshmallows were… interesting. Spider symbols and even Hobgoblin’s Pumpkin Bombs were natural enough, but then there were these little nondescript blue ones that were somehow supposed to represent Peter Parker’s camera, plus even stranger white ones meant to resemble Kingpin.

…and I mean like, full body Kingpins. They ended up looking more like bloated crossing sign guys, but I admire Ralston for trying such impossible marshmallow shapes. An A for effort! Read More…

Summer Memories from the ’80s and ’90s!

Summer is here! Sure, it’s only my third favorite season, and sure, it comes in dead last if we’re only talking about the weather, but still… yay!

It’s a season full of roller coasters and yard sales and cotton candy and tiki mugs, so no matter how humid, sticky and bug-filled the days may become, I’ll always be 35% excited about this time of year.


When you’re all grown up, the shift to summer doesn’t mean so much. But man, remember when we were kids? Over two full months off from school, with the total freedom to wallow in whatever silly passions we had. If the rest of the year helped shape how we interacted with the world, summer was when we figured out who we were inside. It was pretty awesome, guys.

…and that’s the subject of the latest Purple Stuff Podcast, wherein me and Jay from The Sexy Armpit tackle ten of our childhood summer memories. We’re covering everything from Super Soakers to MTV’s old “Top 100” video countdowns. There’s even a whole bit about imaginary sharks.

If you’re anywhere near my age, I think you’ll relate to so much of this one. Give us a listen by clicking the giant, ugly play button down below!


You can also download this week’s episode by right-clicking here.

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Side note: Sorry about the lateness on this week’s episode… and also sorry for the severe dearth of Dino Drac updates over these past few weeks. I will diplomatically state that it’s been a tricky few months, but I now appear to be over the hump, and I’m amped to do the sort of site content that can only happen at this time of year. Stay tuned!

PS: I wrote a few new pieces for DealNews. First, in honor of Independence Day: Resurgence — which I’m seeing tomorrow — I’m naming ten of the best and weirdest ID4 collectibles currently on eBay. I also did a little piece on ThinkGeek’s top sellers, which was probably a bad idea, because it inspired me to spend way more than I made writing the article.

Enjoy the show!

Five Retro TV Commercials, Part 10!

Welcome to the tenth edition of Five Retro TV Commercials. Since I’m just now noticing that milestone, I can’t say that I have anything special planned. Just more old commercials.

Crest Toothpaste! (1980s)

As crazy as this one is, every kid-targeted toothpaste commercial was just as boisterous back then.

I guess they had to be. It was hard to get kids excited about toothpaste when they were being inundated with ads for video games and fruit snacks at the exact same time. You had to be over the top. You had to include hot pink yetis.

In any event, the commercial is a nice reminder of a time when I picked my toothpaste simply based on which one tasted the most like bubblegum. Nowadays I’m just like, “Which one of you fuckers is the most akin to corrosive bleach?” Getting old sucks, but at least I get to shout bizarre things in the dental care aisle. Read More…

New Ghostbusters Slime Toys!

I’m all-in on the new Ghostbusters toys, yo. It’s the first line in many years that’s compelled me to spend money recklessly. I’d never go so far to say that Mattel outdid Kenner’s Real Ghostbusters collection, but I think they’re paying it serious homage.


On that note, I’ve been trying to resist these Ghostbusters slime containers for weeks, but I knew I’d eventually cave.

They’re part of the Ecto Minis line, which blend the original and reboot universes together for a series of adorably tiny figurines. Those figures — sold in three-packs or as bagged singles — are fun to collect and have an excellent mouthfeel.

Each slime canister costs ten bucks, which sounds riotously unfair until you remember that stores charge as much as four dollars for one single Ecto Mini figure. Since each slime canister comes with a figure, the prices are par for the course. Read More…

Dino Drac’s June 2016 Funpack!

Running Dino Drac takes lots of time, money and blood sacrifices, so if you enjoy what I do here, the best way to keep it going is by subscribing to Dino Drac’s Funpacks. June’s looking like a good month to start!


The quick-and-dirty: Every month, I mail out a new Dino Drac Funpack, stuffed with all sorts of retro memorabilia and random nonsense. Subscriptions are handled via Paypal, and cost $25 each month. (Yes, that includes shipping.)

For as long as you stay subscribed, you’ll keep receiving new Funpacks every month. You can cancel at any time without penalty, and you’ll always receive the proper amount of Funpacks no matter when you do.

Scroll to the bottom of this post for additional information and to get your subscription started… or read on to see what’s in store for June!


There’s only one word to describe the June 2016 Funpack: Eclectic. No two items have more than a passing similarity, and that’s just the way I like it. There’s around a dozen items in every box, ranging from legit old school collectibles to bizarre jars full of Trolls.

Keep on reading to see the highlights, and remember: Every subscriber receives everything shown below! Read More…