Dinosaur Dracula!

Purple Stuff Podcast: Universal Monsters!

We wanted to do something extra Halloweeny for the Purple Stuff Podcast’s big October episode, so hey, let’s dive into the UNIVERSAL MONSTERS.

Course, if you’re looking for discussion about the classic movies, this isn’t the podcast for you. Me and Jay from The Sexy Armpit tackle the Universal Monsters as they’ve appeared in weirder walks of pop culture, like, oh, the time the Power Rangers battled Frankenstein. (No, really, that happened.)

It’s over an hour of deep, goofy cuts covering everything from Real Ghostbusters toys to strange hot dogs.

Click here to listen to this week’s show!

Enjoy the show! As a reminder, the Purple Stuff Podcast is also on Patreon, where we’ll be dropping October’s exclusive bonus episode very soon. Thanks for your support over there!

Some spoiler images for this week’s show: Read More…

Dino Drac’s 2019 Halloween Funpack!

And here we go! Time to debut Dino Drac’s 2019 Halloween Funpack!

If you’re already a subscriber, good news: I can’t take on any more right now, so you guys are the only ones who are LOCKED IN.

I do have some spares that I can offer on an individual basis. Quantities on those are very limited, so if you know you want one, I’d advise skipping straight to the bottom and placing an order before someone beats you to it.

For those who’ve asked, I expect that official subscriptions will open back up next month!


The October 2019 Funpack is a Halloween party in a box. There are over ten items inside, and they’ll help you close out the season in spooky style. It’s a total you-on-the-couch situation, reading, rummaging and eating Cracker Jack. (No, seriously, you can do all of those things with this Funpack.)

Let’s run through the contents! Read More…

2019’s Best Halloween Junk Food, Part 2!

Okay, I’m ready to upgrade my opinion. This hasn’t just been a “pretty good year” on the Halloween junk food front. It’s become absolutely stellar. In terms of sheer volume, it’s certainly one of the better seasons of the past decade. I’m digging it, and I’m gaining dozens of pounds because of it.

Last week, I gushed about six things that y’all need to eat before Halloween. Tonight, we’re gonna run through another six, and this batch is even stronger than the last one!

Slime Shake!
(Available at Carvel)

My sympathies to those who don’t live near a Carvel, because nobody deserves to miss this. In a cross-promotion with Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween (aka Hocus Pocus ALL DAY EVERY DAY), Carvel has unleashed the SLIME SHAKE.

It’s a cookies-and-cream milkshake made with soft serve ice cream, Oreo cookies and EDIBLE SLIME. The slime is comparable to decorating gel, and obviously, it’s why you’ll want this. Milkshakes aren’t normally my thing, but this monster was delicious. As an added bonus, eating it made me feel like a victim from Troll 2.

GRADE: B+. The only reason I’m not going higher is because it’s so dependent on your local parlor’s execution. If they overmix it, it’ll just look like a Shamrock Shake. If yours is made correctly, I’ll bump to an A. Read More…

2019’s Best Halloween Junk Food, Part 1!

For a minute there, it looked like the 2019 Halloween season was going to be pretty weak on the junk food front. There were some new cool things, but not many, and people were feeling it. I don’t know why we correlate with the quality of a Halloween season with the quality of its junk food, but it’s a thing.

Fortunately, business picked up in a big way. What’s making this season uniquely special is that so many restaurants and other “dine-out” locations have gotten in on the fun, with everything from spooky cocktails to slimy milkshakes.

So like, it’s not a great year if you just keep going to Target a thousand times in a row, but if you really explore, there’s so much great garbage waiting to be devoured.

With that, below are six of this year’s best Halloween junk foods. (I already have enough for a sequel article, too!)

The $1 Vampire!
(Available at Applebee’s)

This is one of my very favorite things about the 2019 season. What’s not to love? It’s a purple cocktail that has plastic Dracula fangs swimming on top of it. AND there’s a maraschino cherry!

Best of all, there’s no fine print. This really is just one dollar, with no asterisk. You don’t have to order a meal to get it at that price, or any other bullshit. (Me and Jay did a Halloween bar crawl last week, and our grand total for two of these was $2.14.)

As for the flavor, Jay compared it to a grape Fla-Vor-Ice. He was right. That’s exactly what these taste like. Melted grape Fla-Vor-Ice. Applebee’s insists that it’s a blend of rum and tropical fruit juices, but all you’re gonna taste is grape Fla-Vor-Ice.

GRADE: A+. Ordering ridiculous cocktails from chain restaurants in shopping malls is one of the lowkey must-do experiences of the 2019 Halloween season. Just don’t expect to get drunk — you could chug ten of them, and all you’d feel is a stomach ache. Read More…