Dinosaur Dracula!

Purple Stuff Podcast: The RED Show!

At right around this time last year, we published our Purple Stuff GREEN SHOW — that being a tribute to 10 great green things. It was intended to kick off a series of color-themed shows, so here we are with #2!

This week, me and Jay from The Sexy Armpit unleash our RED SHOW. We’re tackling 10 awesome RED things, from the bloody elevator scene from The Shining to Clawful from Masters of the Universe. Oh, and it won’t surprise you to learn that we also brought up the Big Red commercial jingle.

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5 Awesome Marshmallows from Cereal History!

Hey guys. I’d like to tell you about some of my all-time favorite cereal marshmallows. It’s one of the few subjects that I’m extremely passionate about it. Really, the only other one is that weird couch the Romans used to eat on.

Pizza-Shaped Marshmallows!
TMNT Cereal (1991)

I love how Ralston was careful to call them “pizza-SHAPED marshmallows,” lest anyone believe that they’d worked tomato and mozzarella flavors into every bowl of TMNT Cereal.

The limited edition pizza-shaped marshmallows were way more artful than the cereal’s original batch. The saucy speckling meant that no two were exactly alike, and in a pinch, they doubled nicely as action figure accessories. (I have little doubt that some kids picked this cereal specifically for the chance to let their 4” plastic Donatellos eat pizza.)

Ralston gave these marshmallows a royal introduction, right down to a custom TV commercial, wherein the Shredder hid about four billion pizza-shaped marshmallows in a secret warehouse. On storyline alone, that commercial was at least as good as any episode from any iteration of TMNT. Read More…

Five Retro TV Commercials, Part 31!

Here’s another batch of TV commercials from the ‘80s and ‘90s, as I continue to muscle through these dangerously teetering piles of VHS tapes that are all over my desk. (Not kidding. Whenever I scratch my shoulder, there are at least three crashes.)

McDonald’s “Gold Rush” McNuggets Promo! (1980s)

This isn’t on anyone’s list of best-ever McDonald’s commercials, but it should be. Oh, what lengths they went to for this two week sale on Chicken McNuggets!

I’m totally in love with that old western set. Even conceding that much of the effect was achieved with a simple backdrop, they still had to fabricate an entire general store and hire assorted cowpeople. It’s like something out of a Six Flags park.

If you’re thinking that this was a touch overindulgent for a McNugget sale, well… yes… but in McDonald’s defense, their Chicken McNuggets were still fairly new by this point. (McDonald’s was sans-McNuggets before 1981, and they weren’t available everywhere until ’83!)

PS: I’m super into them correlating Chicken McNuggets with chunks of actual gold. I don’t know why that makes them seem more delicious, but here we are.

HBO Creepshow Movie Intro! (1980s)

This isn’t a commercial, obviously, but I think you’ll give me a pass. Here we have an HBO intro to an evening broadcast of Creepshow, likely from the late ‘80s. Every frame is perfect. Especially the ones that stutter and hiccup.

Give it up for HBO’s commitment to content warnings. They were practically daring us to watch this thing, all while promising that they’d *only* air Creepshow at night. Such disclaimers were common back then, and even if that was just a case of cable networks covering their asses, they only made the movies more appealing to us kids. So dangerous!

I have such fond memories of dipping my toes into horror by way of late night cable broadcasts. Knowing that I could click to a different channel when shit got too heavy encouraged me to test the waters, and it was with that fail-safe that I first experienced everything from Bram Stoker’s Dracula to Hellraiser III. Read More…