Commercials from a 1993 Broadcast of The Exorcist!

Well, in keeping with my long-standing tradition of dropping big content at the worst possible time, here’s a 16-minute video on Super Bowl Sunday!

Watch it on YouTube!

This one is very special to me. Today we’re gonna dive into a 1993 network television broadcast of The Exorcist, and pluck out five of the best TV commercials that aired during it. Everything from Triples Cereal to Boku!

Bonus points: This aired on *WPIX*, and it’s in fact how I first saw The Exorcist, way back in ‘93!

Really hope you guys dig this one, since I plan to do more videos like this in the future. Come for the scary demon child, stay for the shoutout to Betty Crocker’s FunDaMiddles!

If you get a chance to pass the video around, I’d appreciate it! If you can’t squeeze me into your big football day, remember to watch it later!