Dino Drac After Dark

The Crater Lake Monster!

This sounds like the perfect movie for a wet, hot Friday night. From 1977, it’s The Crater Lake Monster!

I’ve never seen the film, but apparently it’s about a Nessie-like monster that eats people. I assume that The Crater Lake Monster has fans somewhere, but they’re certainly not cited in the “reception” section of the movie’s Wikipedia entry. Get set for a cheesefest.

Hope everyone had a great week. Mine was extremely long, and it ain’t over yet!

Freddy’s Nightmares!

Gonna run an episode of Freddy’s Nightmares tonight. It’s just so perfect for Dino Drac After Dark’s vibe — especially on a weekend!

The syndicated series typically aired late on Saturday nights, on whatever you considered the next-to-worst channel on your hand-me-down bedroom television. It was neither conventionally good nor objectively popular, but that’s become part of its charm.

It almost seemed to exist as a lark, as if it were some living scratchpad for writers, directors and actors to do weird shit without worrying much about the consequences.

The episode in question: Freddy’s Tricks and Treats, which doubled as the show’s Halloween special.

I sooo love the image of you landing here as a last resort after you’ve bled your other online haunts dry, and actually watching Freddy’s Nightmares as it was intended: Late on a Saturday night, alone, and probably while eating cereal straight from the box.


Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey!

Oh man, if you’re hitting Dino Drac After Dark for the first time in a while, you picked the right night. Currently free to watch on YouTube (and by extension, free to watch here) is Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, from 1991!

If the embedded video won’t play for you, just click here.

I absolutely ADORE Bogus Journey. To be real, I’m rarely in the mood to watch Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure these days, but I’ve never lost my zeal for the sequel. It’s totally bizarre in the best and most brilliant ways. William Sadler’s Death still ranks as one of my all-time favorite movie characters, too.

(Obviously, they’re letting us watch it for free to raise awareness for the next Bill & Ted film.)

Enjoy the movie, and your weekend!

Horror Movie Themes!

Here’s a well-curated playlist of assorted horror movie themes, covering everything from Suspiria to Friday the 13th Part VI:

Background noise for your nighttime routines!

In other news:

1) My order of New Coke arrived today. Dig that Stranger Things box. I’m happy we got in on the ground floor with that event in Manhattan, because covering it now would mean a whole lot less than it did a few weeks ago. Now I can just enjoy my various bottles of weird Coke without worrying about taking a million photographs first.

2) Was Dark Phoenix as bad as many are saying? That’s an actual question. We had tickets but canceled because the timing just didn’t work out. I still kinda wanna see it, and to be fair, plenty have said that it’s nowhere near as bad as it’s made out to be. As a matter of full disclosure, I’ll admit that I read the whole plot summary on Wikipedia last night, and it did sound *a lot* like The Last Stand.

3) We’re recording the next podcast later this week — won’t spoil the topic, though we did hint at it recently. June Funpack will debut in a few days, and it’s a doozy. (Actually, the next several should be doozies — stay tuned!) Have a couple of articles I’m working on, too.