Dino Drac After Dark

1980s Cartoon Intros!

Since the latest Purple Stuff episode was all about TV themes, I thought this would be a fitting video for After Dark:

Enjoy an immense collection of over 100 cartoon intros from the 1980s, ranging from Inspector Gadget to Rainbow Brite. So much good stuff, so many great songs!

1985 ABC TV Preview!

So a short while back I made some amazing VHS scores — all homebrew stuff, loaded with vintage commercials. By the time they hit YouTube they’re just… more videos on YouTube… but man, some of my finds were extraordinarily cool and rare.

I love rescuing those tapes, because I so often find ads, shows and snippets that really haven’t been archived anywhere else.

Here’s one of my finds from those tapes — a ten-minute ABC promo that ran at the tail-end of 1984, previewing the network’s lineup for 1985.

To be honest, I’m not familiar with most of the shows/things covered, and I doubt that many of you will be, either. It’s still super interesting to see. Enjoy, and happy Friday!

PS: If you missed it on the main site, there’s a new podcast and a new Funpack, waiting for your ears/wallets.

MOTU Movie!

The rumors of Dino Drac After Dark’s death were premature. I’m back, and I brought He-Man:

For what I assume to be a limited time, YouTube Movies is streaming the entire 1987 Masters of the Universe film, free of charge.

As I’m sure y’all know, I love this movie. It’s silly and hammy and weird, but in so many great ways. The film is He-Man by way of Star Wars, and even as a kid, its inspirations were obvious to me. I know some fans aren’t so hot about it, but man, it might just be my favorite “He-Man thing” of all He-Man things.


Random Retro Commercials!

I’ve been encoding and uploading old commercials to my side YouTube channel, in preparation for Dino Drac articles down the line. Those ads are unlisted for now, but I’ve also been putting up vids that seemed to be worth encoding even if I’ll probably never write about them. So, here we are:

There are more than 20 fresh uploads on that playlist, all from my personal collection of dusty VHS tapes. Totally eclectic mix, but hopefully something in there sparks some memories for you!