Dino Drac After Dark

Ghostbusters Music Video!

Today was A DAY, in all caps. If it could go wrong, it was gonna go wrong. I need a pick-me-up, and I’m gonna assume you do, too:

So here’s the official music video for Ray Parker Jr.’s smash hit, Ghostbusters. You may be surprised at how unfamiliar it seems. I mean, I’ve heard the song ten billion times, and I’m still convinced that I never saw the official video until 10 minutes ago. It’s very cool, and so uplifting. I feel better already.

Halloween Movie Trailers!

Here’s a fun one for tonight, suggested by Nubule. It’s a collection of trailers for every single movie in the Halloween franchise, from start to finish to restart to reboot to whatever the hell else happened in the middle. A breezy watch for a weeknight, but oh-so-perfect for the season.

I was a good boy today. Shot a new video, but decided not to start editing it until I wrote this new article, knowing that the video would take more than one afternoon to finish. So yay, a new article posted, and a new video coming tomorrow. Enjoy Michael Myers while you wait.

Monster of Frankenstein!

I wanted something to complement today’s article about those Frank ‘N Stuff hot dogs, and this sure fits the bill:

Here’s Monster of Frankenstein — aka Kyōfu Densetsu Kaiki! Frankenstein — a Japanese animated film from 1981. Ashamed to admit that I’ve never heard of this one before today, but it sounds like a winner.

Synopsis, cribbed from Wikipedia: “Based on Mary Shelley’s novel and the Marvel comic book Monster of Frankenstein. In this 98-minute violent, adult-oriented film, the creature was portrayed as a misunderstood monster, who only wanted to be loved. The film was dubbed and released in the U.S in 1984.”

Might be a little heavy for a Monday night, but if you’re in the position to watch YouTube vids at bedtime, go for it!

Halloween 1980 in San Diego!

Tonight’s video was suggested by… me!

Here’s a pair of clips that CBS 8 San Diego dug out of their archives late last year, covering the in-and-outs of Halloween 1980!

Such a neat find. The first clip tackles the hottest costumes of the year, from Darth Vader to Richard Nixon. The second clip (it’ll autoplay, so don’t stop the video) focuses on various San Diego activities on Halloween night. Keep your eyes peeled for that one kid’s Incredible Hulk costume!

Even if Halloween 1980 is before your time — and it’s kinda before mine, TBH — this will still fill you with warm fuzzies. Enjoy!

In other news, I spent part of the weekend searching for spooky goodies. My general read is that it’s a strong-enough year on the decorations front, but not such a hot year — yet — on the food front. One issue is that the coolest stuff was announced super early, but it’s also plain to see that the seasonal food aisles are mostly stuffed with repeats from previous years. There are some “sleeper” hits that I’m still searching for, though, and I still think we’ll be seeing some surprises in the weeks to come.

(I’m not too rocked, either way. Been saying for years that relying too heavily on what the department stores deliver is a recipe for a disappointing season. Grab what ya can, but make your own fun, too!)

A new week of main page Halloween content starts tomorrow, with an article about something I’ve covered here-and-there that really deserved a standalone tribute. There will also be a new video near the middle of the week. At some point we’re recording the next Purple Stuff episode, too. Things to look forward to, I hope!