New Feature: Eight Great Comic Book Ads!

For reference, whenever a new feature is published, I’ll post a small message on the blog. This is mainly because features don’t appear in the site’s feed. (Speaking of which, finally got the Feedburner deal set up.)

Anyway, yes, there is a new feature up, about Eight Great Comic Book Ads. Go read it.

And since it didn’t really fit the theme of the article, I’m going to use this space to gush about another old ad I found, for Slim Jim:

I love how Dracula is eating Slim Jims like two miles from his castle. I guess gorging on “dead meat” is embarrassing for a vampire. He didn’t want his minions to catch him doing that.

Right, so, new feature. I haven’t decided if I should close comments on these little bloggy mentions of new features, but for now, they’re open. Since I’d prefer that you write about things relating to comic book ads on the actual article page, use this space to talk about the one vegetable you absolutely hate.