I Bought 100 Vintage Comic Books.

After a too-long break from YouTube, I finally have a new video for you!

Last weekend, I stopped by a teensy tiny comic book show in New Jersey. I only stayed for a few minutes, but that was enough to find a vendor who was offering 100 vintage comics for just 40 bucks. I went to this thing looking for exactly that kind of deal, so naturally, I partook!


In today’s video, I’ll tell you a bit about the show and my pickups… but this was all mainly an excuse to talk about some vintage comic book ads, featuring everything from Ninja Turtles Cereal to Fire in the Sky.

I usually cover old comic book ads in written form, but now that I’ve done it this way, I think there’s potential to make this an ongoing YouTube series. This particular video is pretty casual, but we’ll see what the reaction is. Maybe I’ll do this again sometime!

Enjoy, and thanks so much for watching!