Halloween Lunchables!

Last night’s trip to Target was looking like another fruitless pile of trashy despair. The “back to school” section was still in full swing, and Halloween was nowhere in sight. This would’ve been much more depressing had frozen raspberries not been on sale.

But miracles do happen, and just when I was about to give up hope, I found ‘em.


This is their story, in under four minutes:

Remember how excited I was over last year’s debut? Well, the 2013 version is TWICE as great. Not only did they sneak a little chocolate witch into the party, but the drink of choice is none other than Ghoul-Aid Jammers!

My Target only had the “nacho” version. There’s a more exciting “pizza” version out there somewhere, which I plan to find/buy/eat/love at the first given opportunity.

I don’t want to add much else since that’s what the video is for, but suffice to say, this is another BIG ONE for the 2013 season. I look at these Lunchables, and suddenly the idea of raising children doesn’t sound so bad.

Good job, Kraft. You’ve proven yourselves capable of so much more than cheese.

Additional pics:

Think you’re too old for Lunchables? WRONG. Nobody is too old for nachos.

Buy them, love them and make them a part of your season.