Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! (What’s left of it, anyway.)

I hope you’ve had a great season, and I hope Dinosaur Dracula’s 2019 Halloween Countdown made it a little more special. Here’s a quick video that basically says the same, but also features a giant demon rabbit:


I always end these Countdowns wishing I’d done more, but hey, there have been plenty of articles this season, plus some videos, on top of the spooky podcasts me and Jay started publishing back in August. NOT BAD, I’d say?

As for the season at large? It’s been a little weird, but mostly excellent. From junk food to decorations to movies and beyond, there’s been plenty of spooky fuel to carry us through. What’s been the highlight of YOUR season? Speak up, in the comments!

Dino Drac kicks off another holiday celebration next week, so if you stray over the next few days, just don’t stray too far!

Enjoy one last night of horror movies and fun-sized Snickers. You’ve earned it.