Little Shop of Horrors 1990 TV Broadcast!

The latest Purple Stuff Podcast is here, and it’s a mean green mother from outer space.

Join me and Jay from Sludge Central as we dive into a 1990 television broadcast of Little Shop of Horrors, complete with the original commercials! It’s a celebration of everything from giant alien flytraps to Burger King!

A few years after its theatrical debut, Little Shop was the ABC Sunday Night Movie. September 9th, 1990, to be exact. It must’ve been a pretty big deal, because the volume and variety of advertisers was wild – everything from Happy Meals to horror movies. Naturally, we’ll be talking about a bunch of those TV spots during the show.

We’re also naming our favorite scenes from the movie, our favorite things about Little Shop of Horrors that exist *outside* of the movie, and we’ll even touch upon the film’s original ending, which was absolutely bananas in the best way.

We think you’re gonna dig this one. We had so much fun recording it, and just speaking personally, this sent me so far down the Little Shop rabbit hole that I feel like I could record another five episodes without a drop of prep.

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You can also enjoy this compilation of ads from the 1990 broadcast, which includes all of the commercials we talk about on the main and bonus shows. The ABC broadcast was used with permission from The Little Shop Archive, which is an absolutely great resource for fans of the film. If you’re into Audrey II, give them a follow!

Thanks so much for your time and ears, and for sharing the show around! (This is technically February’s episode, by the way. Which means that you won’t be waiting too long for more Purple Stuff!)