Dino Drac’s March Funpack is here!

Not a moment too soon and probably six moments too late, Dino Drac’s March Funpack is here!

It’s a boxful of old collectibles, new collectibles, hot candy, salty snacks, and a Sonya Blade temporary tattoo that allegedly lasts for days. Everything you’ve ever wanted!

Subscriptions are currently closed, but I do have a number of spare March Funpacks that I can offer on an individual basis. The cost is 25 bucks, and that includes shipping to anywhere in the United States. Jump to the bottom for ordering info, or keep reading to learn about everything in this month’s box!

First up is some extraterrestrial extravagance! You’ll each receive a sealed figure set from Super7’s Aliens / M.U.S.C.L.E. mash-up toy line, which delivers the nostalgic punch of those fleshy pink M.U.S.C.L.E. wrestlers, but with characters from Alien and Aliens!

These modern figures are pretty freakin’ high-end by Funpack standards, and each set is completely case-fresh. There are six different sets in the mix, including three-packs from Aliens, jumbo two-packs from Aliens, and special retro three-packs based on the original film, Alien.

I have roughly equal amounts of each set, so there’s no telling which exact one will be in your Funpack. They’re all so cool, I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite. You are going to love these toys!

The original Mortal Kombat was kind of under-merchandised relative to its popularity, but here’s one of the few licensed products that did make it into stores during those halcyon days: Temporary tattoos!

From Funline in 1992, you’ll each receive a pack of Mortal Kombat Official Temporary Tattoos, which includes a sheet featuring the likes of Johnny Cage, Sonya and Scorpion.

I don’t necessarily expect that many of you are itching for a temporary Sub-Zero tattoo, but I know you’ll appreciate this set’s collectible value. These packs are neither common nor cheap, but they’re sure to shoot you straight back to 1992, when there was a Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet on every corner, and Goro was president.

Next is this pair of collectibles, starting with a super obscure set of There are Aliens Among Us cards, from 1991. This is a set of eight holographic space alien cards based on real life encounters, with overstuffed fact sheets on the reverse sides.

If you collected Marvel Universe hologram cards in the early ‘90s, this is like the space alien version of those. You’re going to be impressed with these bad boys. Each comes unused in its original box. Do keep in mind that the tape on some of these boxes has lost its adhesion, but the cards inside are unaffected.

You’re also getting a pack of Sumo Dudes pogs, from 1993. I don’t know anything about Sumo Dudes, so if they ever made strides outside of the milk-cap market, that’s news to me. I just wanted to include them because they’re sumo warriors on cardboard pogs, and that’s pretty neat. Everyone gets one unopened foil pack, which may or may not include a slammer!

Wait, there’s more! You’ll also get a generous share-size pack of Nerds Gummy Clusters, one of the greatest candy success stories of the 2020s.

I feel like the Clusters have usurped original Nerds as far as prominence goes, and if you’ve never tried them before, prepare to find out why. Hordes of Nerds surrounding gummy centers… it’s probably the most “Wonka” candy currently on the market, and you’re getting enough of them to summon a mighty sugar rush.

Oh, and I’ll also throw in a little packet of Planters Salted Peanuts, because nothing settles the stomach after a giant pouch of Gummy Clusters like peanuts. Or something.

This month’s 5×7” cardstock mini-poster celebrates one of the greatest discontinued snacks of all time, Keebler’s Pizzarias, with art scanned from an ancient supermarket circular. The end result is a postcard so low-fi that I feel the need to pretend it was an artistic choice, and not because the source art was a wrinkly newspaper.

Joining that is this month’s exclusive 2×2” sticker, featuring old signage from a Cherry Coke 7-Eleven Slurpee machine.

Rounding things out, you’ll also receive this month’s Funpack Newsletter, plus an exclusive essay that will never be reprinted on the site.

This month’s essay is about my surprisingly long stint as a baseball card collector. I never watched the games and honestly didn’t care about the sport, but hey, I was a sucker for collecting anything. In this essay, I talk about three very specific cards from that era of my life, and how I got ‘em!

So yep, you’ll get all of the above, for $25 shipped to anywhere in the United States!

If you’re already a subscriber and you’d like to stay that way… do nothing! You’re all set!

If you’re not a subscriber but you’d like to buy this Funpack, you can do so by clicking the link below! (While supplies last!)

All subscriber Funpacks will be shipped by Monday, March 25th and should all arrive before the end of March. Non-subscriber purchases will all ship by Wednesday, so please allow an extra few days for delivery.

Thanks so much!