I’m selling Mumm-Ras.

I’m selling Mumm-Ras. A whole bunch of Mumm-Ras. Twenty-five smackers each.

Maybe you’d like to buy a Mumm-Ra? If so, ordering info is at the bottom of this post. If not, well, this is still a normal toy review, so read and enjoy and just skip the part where I ask for your money.

This action figure was one of my childhood favorites, both for what it was and for how I got it.

It didn’t last long, but back in the mid ‘80s, Thundercats was just about the coolest thing out there. It was the great unifier between all little boys. Between its theme song, catchphrases and swordplay, it may have been the most mimicable of that era’s cartoons. I don’t think many of us had serious desires to become humanoids cat warriors, but it sure was fun to say what they said while pretending that that big stick over there was the Sword of Omens.

The corresponding action figures were top notch. Well-detailed and with wacky action features, Thundercats toys were large and colorful, and getting one always felt like such an event. We may have had ten times as many G.I. Joe figures, but only a comparative few of them were really worth much to us. With Thundercats, every figure you got – even it was based on a lame character – felt like an off-season Christmas present.

Being the lead villain, Mumm-Ra was one of the line’s most important figures. Thing was, the main Mumm-Ra figure was based on his “powered up” state, where he was tall and blue and ridiculously muscular. It was a great figure to have, but on the cartoon, Mumm-Ra spent just as much time in his “pre-sarcophagus” state, looking like a sad old grandpa.

LJN knew that we’d want both, so duh, they made both. But instead of selling the “true form” Mumm-Ra separately as they would a normal figure, they devised this clever promotion. Send them some proofs-of-purchase and shipping money, and they’d mail him directly to you.

Thousands upon thousands of kids took part. Each of us received a box exactly like the one shown above. What a great day that was! When you’re a kid, any mail with your name on was cause for celebration. But this? This was an action figure! One that your less ambitious Thundercats-loving friends would never have!

Mumm-Ra came in a sealed bag, locking in that glorious paint-rubber-plastic stink. Hidden at the bottom of the box was a neat little catalog, listing all of the Thundercats toys we just had to buy next. (Including some that were never widely available, which was the most frustrating thing ever at the time. Seriously, LJN. Don’t show me an Astral Moat Monster if you’re not prepared to sell it to me.)

“Mummified” Mumm-Ra was gorgeous. Is gorgeous. Though more demure than some of the other figures and lacking a button on his back to make him punch or twist, Mumm-Ra looked like a true gangster. This wasn’t an action figure meant to butt heads with enemy forces out on the carpet battlefield. This was the guy who told your other toys to do that for him.

I’ve mentioned this in past articles, but I had a select few action figures that ruled over all of my other ones, regardless of line or size. They included Jabba the Hutt, the red-and-black guy from Visionaries, and other dudes that just looked like they were meant to order people around. Those figures acted as a loose group of mob bosses, never really getting along, but still unwilling to risk their plastic fortresses with a coup.

Mumm-Ra was one of those boss characters. He never fought. He never needed to fight. He’d just hang out in the darkest corners of that old Robo-Force playset, telling all of the other villains what to do. They obeyed without question. In my late ‘80s bedroom, Mumm-Ra had it easy.

And that’s the catalog. It’s an even better accessory than Mumm-Ra’s big bull staff.

“Mail-away exclusives” are still around today, but I think I grew up during the best era for that gimmick. Between Mumm-Ra, Cobra Commander and Emperor Palpatine, not only did the offers come in volume, but they were for figures that no toy-obsessed kid could live without.

Want to relive that old glory, or maybe experience it for the first time?

Well, you’re in luck. Because if you skipped over that first paragraph, I’m selling Mumm-Ras.

Many years ago, I bought a case of them from a shady back alley trenchcoat guy. Each is still sealed in its original mailer box, plastic baggie and all. Here’s your chance to buy one, for twenty times more than it would’ve cost you in 1985! (On the plus side, I require no proofs-of-purchase.)



1. Your Mumm-Ra will be shipped to you right in the original mailer box, just as the figures were in 1985. These mailer boxes have never been opened. The Mumm-Ra inside will still be sealed in its baggie, with his crazy bull staff. And that cute little catalog will be in there, too!

2. This offer is good in the United States only. If you’re somewhere else and want one, please e-mail me your address so I can figure out the shipping logistics.

3. Price is $25. Shipping is included in that price.

4. Figure will be sent within 2 days of payment.

5. If you’d like to purchase one, click the button above to be taken to Paypal. Even if you don’t have a Paypal account, I believe you can still eke by with any major credit card.

6. Your Mumm-Ra will be sent to the address associated with your account. If it needs to go somewhere else, just let me know in the Paypal “notes” box, or through e-mail.

All profits will go to replenishing my bank account, which is currently war-torn from buying so many stupid things to write about on Dino Drac. So yes, thank you in advance for buying one. It helps make this site less of a colossal money drain. Think of this as a donation with benefits?

No pressure, though. Only buy a Mumm-Ra if you want a Mumm-Ra. I remain confident that enough people will want a Mumm-Ra. Because who wouldn’t want a Mumm-Ra?

And if you do buy one, please consider taking a photo of Mumm-Ra in his new home. Send that photo in, because I smell a gallery.