The Purple Stuff Podcast discovers NEW COKE!

If you didn’t hear the big news, Coca-Cola is dusting off NEW COKE as part of a special partnership with Stranger Things. (The show’s third season is set in 1985, smack in the middle of New Coke’s shaky debut.)

This past Thursday, thousands of us struggled to place orders on New Coke’s retro-themed website. It turns out that Coke wasn’t totally prepared to have tens of thousands of people hammering its servers at the same time.

Right around the point of peak frustration, I heard an interesting tidbit. Instead of waiting for that godforsaken site to load, I could drive into Manhattan and swipe cans of *free* New Coke from a special event at a downtown bar. WHAT?!

Jay from The Sexy Armpit was game to join in, and this is our story. The story of two schmoes who were obsessed enough with new/old soda to zip into the Manhattan in the middle of rush hour.

Staged from Barcade (a bar/arcade, duh), Coke had recreated THE UPSIDE DOWN and challenged brave souls to walk beyond the moss and strobe lights. There they’d find a special New Coke vending machine, and maybe some other surprises.

I’d say more, but we recorded a whole Purple Stuff minisode about the experience. Listen to it below!

Click here to listen!

It turned out to be a great night. Getting to *literally* walk into the Upside Down to fetch icy cans of New Coke? C’mon, you know I live for shit like that.

Below are assorted and mostly blurry photos from the event. I also posted a video on Instagram, where you may also find pictures of the books I’ve been reading and the lunches I’ve been eating.

Hope you enjoy the minisode! As a reminder, the Purple Stuff Podcast is also on Patreon. (We’ll be dropping this month’s exclusive bonus show next week!)

PS: Yes, I’ve finally seen Stranger Things. Both seasons, twice. Ya’ll were right. Loved it.