Slimer Fruit Snacks, from 1991.

If you don’t remember Slimer Fruit Snacks, don’t feel bad. Few people do!

They arrived in 1991, a figurative minute before the original Real Ghostbusters cartoon went kaput. Slimer didn’t have much momentum in his attempt to take over the fruit snack market, but he sure put the effort in.

Learn all about Slimer Fruit Snacks in tonight’s video:


(And yes, there is a taste test. Disgusting as they look, old fruit snacks don’t scare me.)

For those curious, the fruit snack shapes included Slimer, Stay Puft, the Ecto-1, a Proton Pack, a Ghost Trap and the Ghostbusters logo.

The flavors included punch, strawberry, grape and orange, though at this point they’ve all kinda rotted into fermented fruit salad.

Enjoy, and thanks for watching!

I wish the rest of the year was as wonderfully weird as October.