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Dino Drac’s Daily Halloween Thing!

Welcome to Dino Drac’s Daily Halloween Thing — an old school blog-within-a-blog! Updated every day between now and October 31st! Hang out in the comments and make this one of your daily Halloween pitstops.

Monday, October 31st:

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Thanks for spending another Halloween season with me. I’m just now realizing that this was the TWENTIETH annual Countdown, which is insane for many reasons, not the least of which being that some of you have been around for all of them!

It’s not empty positivity when I say that this was probably the strongest Halloween season in the past 20 years. Frankly, we were overserved! I remember the too-early sightings of things like Frute Brute and Mtn Dew VooDew 4, and how worried I was that frontloading the season would make for a flat October.

How wrong I was! Even after an absolute onslaught of foods, movies and promos, we got hit with the 1-2 punch of major promotions from McDonald’s and Burger King. Hell, even Sonic came in under the buzzer with those Ghostbusters spoons.

As for this year’s Countdown, I hope you all enjoyed it. I know it was a much different format, and I’m sure that some folks missed the “old way.” At this stage of doing this, when I obviously have less years in front of me than behind, it’s important to trust my instincts and passions and let them guide me. That’s what this year was all about.

Aside from the five videos I created and the several podcasts I cohosted, I felt very fulfilled by Dino Drac’s Daily Halloween Thing. I want to thank everyone who continually dropped by, with an extra special thanks to those of you who commented along with it. I can’t remember the last time I checked the site’s traffic, so it’s really the interactions that let me know if anything I’m doing is landing.

What’s next? Well, the holiday season, of course! I’m going to take a few days to catch my bearings as these past few months have truly been a whirlwind, but I plan to do a version of this Daily Thing for November & December, too. Stay tuned for word on that, and for more new videos that are already kinda/sorta underway!

For now, though, go grab some peanut butter cups and throw on Dream Warriors. Make what’s left of the Halloween season count. You’ll miss it when it’s over! Read More…

Dino Drac’s November Funpack!

Dino Drac’s November Funpack is here! And full of holiday cheer! Take a gander, why don’t you:


Let’s talk turkey. Official subscriptions are currently maxed out, so if you’re a current subscriber, congrats, you’re locked in! If you’re NOT a current subscriber, I have a very limited number of spares to sell on an individual basis. Skip to the bottom for ordering info, and be quick!

Everyone else, keep on reading to learn about everything in this month’s box! Read More…

Purple Stuff: 1980s Halloween eBay Dig!

We like to live dangerously, so we’re dropping this year’s Halloween episode of the Purple Stuff Podcast with like, ten seconds left between now and October 31st. That’s so metal.

After the success of last month’s 1990s Halloween eBay dig, we decided to do a sequel! (Or maybe it’s a prequel?) Join us for another eBay dig, this time to yank out some of the best and weirdest Halloween & horror items from the 1980s!

We had a blast with this one. There was just so much to choose from! We tackled everything from old monster dolls to obscure horror movies to some random skeleton who spits Play-Doh out of his eye sockets. What fun!

Click here to listen to this month’s show!

…or find it on Apple, or Spotify, or wherever else you listen to podcasts.

As a reminder, the Purple Stuff Podcast is also on Patreon, where you can grab an exclusive bonus show every month. (And gain instant access to DOZENS of older bonus shows.) October’s is gonna drop this weekend, so join up now to hear it! Read More…

McDonald’s Halloween Collectibles from the 1990s!

It’s been a BIG Halloween season for McDonald’s. Certainly the biggest since I started blogging over two decades ago. The Boo Buckets Happy Meal hasn’t just inspired millions to buy their first Happy Meal in years, but it’s also spiked interest in McDonald’s vintage Halloween stuff.

…which is why I’m here tonight!

Join me for a show-and-tell session with some of the rarest McDonald’s Halloween collectibles I have, all from the 1990s! Everything from ceramic jack-o’-lanterns to a teensy tiny Grimace-themed saxophone!


This’ll probably be my last video of the season, and I’d like to think I’m going out on a high note. If nothing else, at least I’m helping to justify all the money I blew on ceramic pumpkins and banged-up McDonald’s posters.

I think you’ll dig it! Thanks so much for watching this and my other videos throughout this year’s Countdown. I feel like I finally found my weird groove, and I look forward to doing more on YouTube all year long! Read More…