Dino Drac’s June Funpack is here!

Well, I have bad news for any non-subscribers who see this. This month’s Funpack is already sold out! Hey, it happens! It’s possible that I might have a few left after I do my final counts, so if you want to get on the waiting list, you can email me. But this post is really just so the subs know what they’re getting!

Dino Drac’s June Funpack is here! Actually, by the time you see this, it’s already been shipped! In fact, some have already arrived! I’m late in posting this, because the month is almost over and I just wanted to get them out the door as soon as I could. (Plus, the fact that they’re already sold out meant that there wasn’t much need to advertise!)

I know there will be some folks disappointed that they can’t get in on this Funpack, because it’s a hot one, with a couple of major collectibles in the mix. Below is everything you’ll be receiving!

First and most extravagantly, you’ll each receive a sealed copy of Gremlins: Trapped, a book-and-record set originally sold as part of a Gremlins promotion at Hardee’s. Released in 1984, these sets were later sold in stores, because they were just too good to limit to a fast food promotion.

Gremlins: Trapped is one of several sets from the Gremlins book-and-record series, where you get a charmingly illustrated storybook and a vinyl record to play along with it. As these copies are still factory sealed, the records are still in great condition, and perfectly playable! (But even if you never do, the books are divine on their own!)

Next up, you’ll each receive a sealed pack of Mortal Kombat Laser Stickers, released by Funline in 1992. These are rare sets, from back when the Mortal Kombat franchise was first getting popular. Each set contains four different prismatic stickers, featuring different characters from the game.

There are several sets in the mix – some with full body shots, others with close-ups, and each featuring a different set of characters. They’re super cool, legitimately tough to find, and will help you remember a time when nothing seemed chicer than a prismatic sticker. (I’m not sure much has changed on that front, tbh.)

For this month’s snack, you’ll get a generous two-ounce package of Airheads XTremes, in a delicious “Rainbow Berry” flavor. If you’ve only ever tried regular Airheads, these are a totally different ballgame. They resemble Sour Power belts, but taste more like Fun Dip.

Super good, and each package contains enough multicolored strips to make you disgustingly full!

There’s a lot of great art in this month’s Funpack! Included is the standard 5×7” cardstock mini-poster, featuring a pop art-style collage of old school popsicles. Additional dessert-themed fun can be found in this month’s 2×2” sticker, starring an old orange Push-Ups pop.

Most dramatically, you’ll also get a second mini-poster — a 7×7 incher with art scanned from one of the famous Halloween Pepsi boxes of the early ‘90s. Party on with Frankenstein all through the summer, as we march to the spooky season!

To keep you occupied, I’ll also throw in one of these Star Wars Play Packs, starring Mace Windu. Each contains a mini coloring book, a few cheap crayons and some stickers. Just something for you to mess with on the couch while you chow down on Airheads and order a record player from Amazon.

Rounding things out, you’ll also get this month’s Funpack Newsletter, plus an exclusive essay that will never be reprinted on the site. (This month’s essay is a tribute to an old mom-and-pop toy store that I grew up with. I’m sure many of you had stores like it!)

Oh, and I’ll even toss in one of those kinda-vintage Popsicle Activity Sheets, from the mid 2000s. Aside from games and puzzles, each folds open to show an awesome spread of the era’s official Popsicle products. LOADS of nostalgia hiding in that one!

So yep, you’ll get all of the above for $25 shipped!

Subscribers: Your Funpacks are already on the way! They will hopefully all arrive by the end of the week. Please allow a few extra days if not, as I had an unexpected delay this month in getting these out. Don’t worry though, I’m keeping an eye on the tracking numbers!

Non-subscribers: Unfortunately, this month’s box is pretty much sold out. If you want to try to get on the waitlist, you can email me, but I’m not sure if I have anything left to send! Should have some extra spares next month, though!

Thanks so much, and I hope y’all enjoy the loot!