The Starburst Candy Corn Taste-Test.

I’m trying to keep my Halloweenosity in check until 8/31, but it’s kinda hard when life keeps throwing things like this in my face:

Yep, it’s Starburst Candy Corn! Fruit-flavored and appropriately colored, they’re ideal for people who hate the flavor of candy corn, but love the idea of it.

Here’s me, eating it:

These are all-new for 2013, and serve as just another clue that this year’s haul won’t be a bunch of been-there done-thats.

55 Responses to The Starburst Candy Corn Taste-Test.

  1. Gotta try these.

  2. I’m just as biting on the bit as you are Matt. Fucking August! Will you NEVER END?

    Yeah, I know … September 1st.

  3. They have fired the first shot, now candy corn manufacturers will strike back by shaping candy corn into little squares.

    So it begins.

  4. Uggh….. candy corn in squares.

  5. Neat idea, but I’m not any fonder of Starbursts than I am of candy corn (Starbursts make my teeth itch), so I’m going to have to give this one a pass. I’ll still take my candy pumpkins.

  6. Loved the 50 years part lol! That’s how I feel sometimes. Gave me a good laugh, I needed that, thanks!

  7. I, too, am a man who appreciates candy corn for its aesthetic value but abhor putting it in my facemouth. This will be in my candy corn bowl this year for sure.

  8. I was in Walmart too today and all the Halloween candy was still in boxes stacked on top of the antacid aisle.
    I did see these and they did not pass the squeeze test. It was just too waxy for my taste.
    I too like candy corn from afar.

  9. I actually like the taste of candy corn so I’ll probably pass on these. However, I never ever judge people on whether they like candy corn or not. If I’m eating it and you’re not I’m not going to say anything.

  10. What do they say when you buy a case?

  11. :) This video had me laughing. I’ll definitely pickup some of these when I find them.

  12. Stopped into my local Target after work today. Zero monster cereals and zilch Halloween candy. All I could see was dazed children being led by their mothers through the “Back to School” aisles. Oh, how I pitied them.

  13. I liked candy corn as a kid. I think just because it was one more sugary thing I could eat during October.

    Will be picking up these up for sure.

  14. @thebaconater…as apposed to what other mouth? face mouth…heeehee so easily amused tonight. also don’t know if I would buy these…I have to start working on my halloween mood table

  15. I too carry the curse of candy- corn hatred. Even in my youth the children would laugh at me through their orange waxy teeth. Thanks Matt, now I have options- this shit ends tonight!

  16. See I like the taste of candy corn. I like the looks of candy corn. I like the idea of candy corn. But that mouthfeel is just all wrong. When I eat candy corn it does not feel like I am eating food.

  17. I am going to have to work in “shrapnel of fruit” someplace into a conversation or two this weekend. That gem is too good to let simply live and die with this video. As I’ve grown older, somehow candy corn has lost its appeal with my palette in the last couple years. I can’t really explain it since I used to enjoy it quite a bit, but there is something off for me nowadays. These may be worth giving a shot however.

  18. I love how when you where talking about how candy corn shows a side of you no one should ever see, you started doing the werewolf itch thing. I kept waiting for you to transform into some sort of candycorn fueled murder monster.

  19. Trash Bag Bunch!

  20. I like candy corn, but not very much of it. I feel the same way about Starburst, so this seems like a logical crossover.

  21. I like Candy Corn. Especially the caramel and caramel apple varieties. They make a harder to find candy corn with red delicious apple flavoring. Which makes me crave the red apple caramel corn milky way bars from last year those were like crack. Anyway don’t want to get off topic.

    I like the autumn mix, but funny enough I like the valentines day mallow candies more. The red hearts and cupids taste so much better. I cannot pin point what that flavor is, cherry maybe? Candy corn is so rich and sickly sweet you can only take a hearty handful then you are done. Definitely not something that you can finish off the bag in one sitting without knowing it. It’s good in small doses. I had a milk chocolate Halloween bark one year after Halloween I got on clearance that had candy corn in it that I enjoyed. I never seen it before and never had it since. I can imagine the Starburst candy corn being good in the white chocolate bark. Peppermint bark is so good. I always hide it when I buy it and never share it.

    Ok I think I am done elaborating lol. Thumbs up for the new candy corn. The next time we are going to his Doctor’s appointment is the 10th so hopefully I’ll make some money before then so I can go to Value Village and Goodwill and get some great Halloween stuff to resell. I am dying to look through vintage Halloween stuff.

  22. Candy Corn is far better in candle form.

  23. Milky tips FTW!!!

    I’m ready to bust out the old boom box and Halloween spooky audio cassettes.

  24. I move that you Immediately change the name of the site to Milky Tips

  25. I don’t know if they’re new for this year but I saw Charms brand candy corn lollipops this morning.

  26. I like this video because it’s just Casual Matt doing his thing and being real. It is an interesting find among his multiple personalities. I’m now waiting for Traveling Matt.

    I never did like candy corn because they are way too sweet and make you so thirsty, which was bad because my parents would get me the candy but nothing to drink and I would have to suffer until I got home from shopping or wherever we were outside.

    It has been a Halloween staple througout my childhood. It’s been forced upon me like church and school.

  27. Bill That is so cool!! I love how the article acts like people that beg for a cereal comeback are freaks children tell urban legends about. People that hide up in the mountains and are rarely seen.

  28. Goob, you mean we’re not? I live in a mountain cave for nothing?!

  29. @starwenn:
    Neat idea, but I’m not any fonder of Starbursts than I am of candy corn (Starbursts make my teeth itch)
    I hear ‘ya! Taffy is taffy (and that’s what Starburst is). The flavor isn’t the problem, it’s the taffy.
    I can’t stand (regular) candy corn either (it’s concentrated honey, if you’re wondering) it’s just plain ‘blah’.
    Maybe someday they can finally get it right – concentrated honey with a snappy flavor… One can only hope.

  30. Dr_Demento You know what I always found fasinating? My Grandma told me once a few years ago growing up they would pull taffy for fun. They would also wrap it in wax paper and put them in bags and spend all day pulling taffy. Oh how times have changed. Also she said sometimes if her Dad could afford it he would give them all a penny each and they would hold out their hands and the guy at the candy store would fill both of their hands with candy.

    Someday I would love to have one of those Candy crane games. I love the Candy crane games I used to see sometimes but very rarely anymore. You would always get candy out of it. I think that is the best part. You wouldn’t feel ripped off because you would always get candy. It says so on the machine too that everybody is a winner. They make desktop plastic ones now.

  31. Damn Matt, you’re 50?!? (So did you get the ‘Welcome to AARP’ letter yet? They know, and they WILL find you) You look younger than that. I’m younger than you, and I have quite a bit of gray already.

  32. I’m not 50. :) Yet!

  33. @Goob:
    Someday I would love to have one of those Candy crane games. I love the Candy crane games I used to see sometimes but very rarely anymore. You would always get candy out of it. I think that is the best part. You wouldn’t feel ripped off because you would always get candy. It says so on the machine too that everybody is a winner. They make desktop plastic ones now.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those, it was either vending machines or ‘crane games’ where if you got something it was pure luck.

  34. @Matt: They WILL find you! If you have a way to get ‘snail mail’ on the month of your 50th…

  35. Dr_Demento They are a smaller machine, a little bigger then a quarter machine. They always have smarties in them, tootsie rolls. Nothing huge value, but it’s satisfying to get something out of one though. The last one I saw was at a Greyhound bus stop a few years ago when I went to Seattle.

  36. The fact that you “respect” candy corn pretty much epitomizes why I love this site.

    Christ, I HOPE you’re still writing this site at 50. For my sake. For yours … not sure.

    The best thing about candy corn was successfully installing a row of jagged teeth behind your upper lip. It’s more difficult than it sounds.

  37. You know, this Halloween is going to be my first Halloween as a 30-something-year-old, but the World seems to be really going out of its way lately to make me feel like I’m 10. So much amazing stuff coming out this Halloween season.

  38. Just a heads up but I noticed Halloween is starting to show up at Dollar General stores, so far nothing but candy. Just the regular standbys, nothing too exciting. I did see Butterfingers with a Simpsons themed packaging, oddly enough they had nothing to do with the Treehouse of Horror.

  39. I definitely see some potential.

  40. NcLovin Yeah they are doing a guess who tried to lay a finger on Bart’s Butterfinger contest. I like that the Simpsons are in Butterfinger ads again. Those were some of the best commercials.

  41. Did you know there is a new direct-to-dvd “Child’s Play” film? Just found out.

  42. August really needs to end, it feels like its taking forever. Like its been 16 Augusts.

  43. I’m excited about the new Child’s Play. Gotta make a night out of that one.

    @BoomingEchoes: YES. It’s so dragging. Thank God I pushed the HC date up to 8/31 this year; I’m not sure I could hold out any longer.

  44. Matt – I e-mailed you earlier in the week about the super-awesome special secret bonus items I had for you. I used the matt at dinodrac address. If you didn’t get it, I’ll re-send to whatever address you’d prefer. If you’re not interested, that’s perfectly fine, but just let me know so I don’t end up bothering you about it.


  45. My wife, kids and I went out shopping today with no intention of buying any Halloween stuff and we came home with with almost 200 bucks of Halloween stuff. Can’t wait for the HC to start! :)

  46. You always look a bit sad in your videos.

  47. holy crap matt you spent 70 bucks on 6 boxes of you must be really rich or really dumb for doing

  48. I wasn’t a fan of these. Tasted like cough drops. The kind that taste like candy though, so I guess it works.

  49. We found some the other night and ate it while watching your review. It’s pretty alright; we liked them well enough. like you said I’d take regular Starburst over them easily, but wouldn’t mind them over regular candy corn. Btw, you look great for 50 Matt.

  50. These are on amazon. Can I spent $45 on 18 packs of starburst candy corn when I’m paying for a rental car? No. Do I want to? Yes!

    Also I don’t like candy corn either but all my friends do so this is a total win.

  51. I bought some of this a couple of weeks ago. I liked it. I liked it better than regular candy corn (and I like regular candy corn…I’m don’t love it but I like it). The Starburst flavor was spot on, I thought. I also picked up some Candy Corn Jelly Belly jelly beans that weren’t bad.

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