1980s Candy Heads!

If you’re unfamiliar with “candy heads,” they were candy-filled containers shaped like the heads of our most beloved TV and movie characters. But you could probably tell that from the photo.

They still exist in many forms, but it isn’t like it used to be. There was a time when virtually every “kiddy character” had a candy head, and though few could’ve loved the cheap treats inside, something about pouring them from disembodied heads always made those experiences feel special.

The samples below barely hint at their collective volume, but it’s a start!

“Harry” Candy Head
(Harry and the Hendersons, 1987)

Harry and the Hendersons, about a family who befriends an affable sasquatch, could not had come out at a better time. I was only then discovering the glories of cryptozoology, by way of Unsolved Mysteries and similar shows that treated such legends with hope rather than snark. “Bigfoot” was mentioned often on those shows, and as a kid, it never occurred to me that even the least believable sightings were anything but fact.

To this day, I can’t hear about Bigfoot without immediately picturing Harry. His candy head was incredibly detailed, even if it’s weirdly reminiscent of Ron Perlman.

The candy inside is nothing worth celebrating, unless you’re shooting an anti-drug PSA and need a stand-in for ecstasy.

“Baby” Candy Head
(Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, 1985)

It seems impossible, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend.

I don’t get it. I was the right age, and I loved dinosaurs. How did a live-action movie about a cute little dino pass me by? Was I really that busy? I know I found time to fill an entire marble notebook with pictures cut from Star Wars storybooks.

Worst of all is my distinct recollection of seeing the big clamshell video box at our local video store. It was an incredible box, too. The film got awful reviews, but just judging by that box art, it looked like one of the greatest stories ever told. (Two people huddling around an adorably small brontosaurus, apparently hand-feeding it nuts or something. I feel like I’ve failed on so many levels by skipping this movie.)

Anyway, that’s Baby. He too was filled with prop ecstasy!

“Slimer” Candy Head
(Ghostbusters II, 1989)

Slimer’s candy head was among the most famous of ‘em all, thanks to so many Kay Bee stores keeping boxes of things right by the registers for years and years. (Apparently, the candy inside these heads did not adhere to normal “expiration date” rules. “Best if eaten by the time they sell out, even if that’s 2078.”)

This candy head has always bugged me, and I think I’ve finally figured out why. Seeing the giant photo makes it perfectly clear that Slimer’s carrying a bunch of food, but that’s far less obvious in his true size, where it moreover looks like Slimer is squeezing his chest fat to create fake cleavage.

The bright side? The candy inside was actually inspired. Gone were the simple pellets, and in were colorful “discs” with imprinted pictures of Slimer or the movie logo. In terms of “candy head candy,” this was like eating at the Four Seasons.

“ALF” Candy Head
(ALF, 1987)

I was ALF’s biggest fan. Possibly excluding Pee-wee’s Playhouse, his was the only series that I felt an incredible RESPONSIBILITY to watch. It was to the point where missing an episode of ALF meant — absolutely meant — that I’d have a shitty/gloomy week. I watched it religiously, and whenever I didn’t, I had that familiar sense of religious guilt.

I have a bunch of the seasons on DVD. Gotta say, even if the later seasons lost a step, the first one really was brilliant freakin’ television. The scripts were just so sharp and bizarre, and ALF was way funnier as a “curious dickhead.”  If you take nothing else from this article (entirely possible, since it’s about candy heads), please give S1 a try. You won’t be sorry.

Like Slimer, ALF didn’t get cheap with his candy. They were various cat-shaped sweets, which made sense, since there was nothing ALF enjoyed more than eating cats. There’s probably a more interesting way to word that, but eh.

“Audrey II” Candy Head
(Little Shop of Horrors, 1986)

There were several minor attempts to make merchandise out of Audrey II, but no matter how cool the monster was, none seemed to catch on. So God knows if more than ten people ever bought one of these candy heads, but I think it’s obvious that we all should have. This thing is AMAZING. It’s a fully-formed Audrey II, with the pot and everything. They skimped on the teeth, but Audrey’s mouth was at least formed to hint at jaws.

It’s the one candy head that feels like so much more than a candy head, possibly because it’s also a candy stem and a candy pot. Of all the stupid old things that permeate every inch of my personal space, this little piece of plastic is honestly among my favorites. (Hell, the fact that it’s Audrey II is just the gravy. I love ALL carnivorous plants. I want a greenhouse filled with them, paired with a fog machine and piped-in chamber music.)

I refuse to believe that even one of you never owned a candy head, so share your memories in the comments. Bonus points if you had the jade green Jabba the Hutt version.

PS: Yes, I realize that most of these are not actually heads. “Candy heads” is still the accepted term. Don’t mess with Matt.

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  1. i want that Audrey ii. i have no children of my own to offer up but i have a soul to offer. or there’s always cash!

    LSoH has been a long time favorite movie of mine and i never luck upon any cool merchandise :(

  2. You might have been better off not having seen Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend. I watched it when I was a kid and it was an emotional ride. I found it to be quite sad at times.

  3. I have read that working on the set of Alf was akin to volunteering for extreme emotional abuse. I can’t remember the details but SOMEBODY in a position of authority on that set apparently enjoyed tormenting the actors in a serious way.

    I was shocked. I also think I remember hearing that Michael Gross was very cruel to Tina Yothers, but I might have dreamed that.

    Sorry to be the rotten, chalky candy in the novelty plastic head of nostalgia. As usual, I guess.

  4. There are so many crazy ALF stories. The guy that wrote it — one of them, at least — was the inspiration for Permanent Midnight. So yeah, if the early episodes seem “cracky,” that made perfect sense.

  5. I had about eight hundred E.T. Candy Heads, a few Gremlins ones, and the Batman and Joker ones were awesome. They even did a little plastic Batmobile with these candies inside and the wheels rolled…FREE BATMAN HOT WHEELS WITH CANDY. Who wouldn’t love that?

  6. @Rev. Bubble Burster 13

    Regarding Michael Gross, are you sure you’re not thinking of one of his early ’90s Lifetime movies where he played a total creep?

  7. I was obsessed with Baby as a kid…I used to just fast forward to all of the parts showing the dinosaur and just watch them over and over. Anamatronic dino’s were hard to come by on screen back in those days…it was all I had.

  8. From what I’ve read, Paul Fusco (the voice/creator/puppeteer of ALF) was a nightmare to work with. He insisted on everybody treating ALF like ALF was real in-between takes and off-set (!).

    There were several hidden door “booby traps” for Paul to stand-in (the stage floor was raised so Paul could stand and raise his arm up to operate ALF) and the actors always narrowly missed tripping and falling into them, nearly killing themselves in the process.

    After the director yelled “CUT!” during the last scene of the last episode, Max Wright (AKA: Willie Tanner) apparently walked right off the set, and into his car, and drove away without saying “Goodbye” to anyone or anything.

  9. MikeK, I’m not 100% sure at all. I had to add the disclaimer that I might have dreamed it, because for all I know Michael Gross is a superb human being and I’d hate to malign him if that were the case.

  10. I honestly can’t remember having any of these. I remember going into Candico (there was one of those in just about every mall, but the one in our mall turned into a Swarovski Crystal store. Way less edible, way more boring) and seeing them, but if we got anything, it was always something from the loose candy dispensers.

    Either way, ALF’s candy looks like those chewable vitamins my parents never remembered to give me…and they wonder why I never remember to take my vitamins?

  11. ALF story! When I was in 3rd grade I had a minor surgery. When I awoke in my hospital bed, ALF was on the TV. The very first noise I made after coming to was laughing at ALF and Willy engaged in a role reversal.

    ALF, as Willy, was talking about laying out his clothes for the rest of the year. XD. I love that show….

  12. Oh my GOD, we had Slimer! In fact, he was our only Slimer toy as we never got the plush or the larger action figure version(s?) that Kenner put out. He was about scale-accurate to the action figures to be their Slimer, and you could even take the cap out of his butt and put him on the head of a figure like he was sliming them.

    I had no idea there were other ‘Candy heads’ toys. That Audrey II is a really epic piece of candy memorabelia. I’d love one of those today.

  13. I had a bunch of the Super Mario Bros. ones that had gum in them. I think they were around in the late 80′s. This is the only one I have left.

    Photo 1

    Photo 2

  14. I never had one of these. I feel so.. left out.

  15. Sir you best be dueling me for the title of #1 Alf fan as a kid, I thought the exact same thing. It seems ridiculous now but I thought I could do insanely good Alf impressions as a kid. Yeah… 7 year old girl doing Alf impressions. My parents are better than me. I could never put up with such shenanigans.

    I don’t remember candy heads all that well for some reason. If they were common at toy stores that might be part of the problem since the nearest KB/Toy-R-US were two hours away from my little town.

    The cats in the Alf head do ring a bell more-so than the Alf container so I must have partook at some point. I’d go with stocking stuffer from Toy-R-Us if I was going to bet on it. I know I’ve had at least a few of these in my day I can mentally picture the taste and texture just from looking at the photos.

    I love the Harry one by the way. Me and my sister must have watched that movie hundreds of times as a kid. We had a random VHS with that and Lady and the Tramp on it that we watched the ever loving hell out of.

    I also remember loving Baby as a kid because I was insane for dinosaurs. They were probably the only thing that could eclipse my Alf and My Little Pony obsession. I don’t think I could even bare to watch it now. I’ll just let it live on in memory and give you and huge nod and lots of props for finding a candy head of such a lesser known kids movie that disappeared into the fogs of time.

    The Audrey II is AWESOME!!!!

  16. The one I remember best wasn’t a head at all.It was a plastic pizza slice full of little candy mushroom and other pizza toppings.

  17. The E.T. heads were the ones that stuck with me most. I remember buying buttloads of them simply because they were E.T. There could be no other reason because I hated that kind of candy inside.

    I remember the Baby ones distinctly because I remember them being around for-ever. I had never seen the movie, either (I wasn’t a huge kids movie fan, even as a kid) and it just looked far too sad to even want to appeal to me.

    Now Alf, I loved the shit out of that Melmacian. When I turned 13, I had an Alf themed birthday, complete with his face on my Carvel cake. 20 years later, my daughter saw an episode on Nick at Nite or one of those channels, and fell in love, and she was Alf crazy for a while (now it is My Little Ponies, Pokemon, and Doctor Who)

  18. Man what a great piece of obscurity. It all comes back in waves. I feel like KB had a hundred candy-stuffed collectibles at the register at any given time. The great thing about these things was that even if a trip into the toy store didn’t yield a new action figure or Gameboy game, one could almost ALWAYS convince one’s guardians for a $1.29 register shelved trinket. Admittedly I don’t think I had a lot of these things because most of my toy shopping took place at K-Mart. I don’t know why K-Mart was a preferred destination than the mall, but it was. Kmart is pretty much the dregs of society now, but I don’t recall it being that way when I was a kid. I mean the mall had a Ruby Tuesday, what more do you want in life parents of childhood me?

  19. I can’t remember these, but I DO remember the little plastic coffins with candy bones inside and the similar trash can with candy trash inside. So cool. If you collected enough bones, you could even assemble them into a skeleton.

    My wife was a huge Alf fan as a kid and she even had a clip-on Alf similar to those koala clip-ons that were all the rage for a while. That Alf hung from the cord of our Venetian blinds for a few years, but he seems to be hiding right now……

  20. I remember those from when I was a kid! These are so cool :)

  21. Had all of these except for Baby and the Audrey II one. Which is odd since I loved the Baby movie (I bought the DVD a while back on a whim, but still haven’t watched it). I was a sucker for these things at the registers. I also remember owning a Papa Smurf, a Yoda, Max Headroom, Taz, Bugs Bunny, Batman, the Joker (both from the Tim Burton Batman movie), Wolverine (from the cartoon series), the Animaniacs, Plucky Duck, the brainy alien from Mars Attacks, and a Darth Vader one as well. These are the ones I remember anyway. Like I said, I was a sucker for them and they were always right near the checkout. The ex threw them all out with my vintage comics several years ago. The only ones that I still have are the Jurassic Park Raptor and T-Rex, and the Egg.

  22. I never had any of these, the sadness that is living in Australia, but I remember loving the shit out of the Batman and Joker candy heads when the movie was released. I remember buying tonnes of those fuckers.

  23. Don’t feel bad, Matt. I’ve never even heard of this Baby movie.

  24. While I remember the concept of candy heads, way in the back cobwebby corners of my memory, I can’t recall ever owning one. I probably did, though. Let’s say it was Garfield. I was pretty into Garfield for whatever reason.

    I’ve never seen Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, either. Which is a major oversight on my part, because as I understand it, the dinosaurs in the movie are meant to be Mokele-mbembe, my all-time favorite cryptid. Maybe it’s not as cool as Bigfoot or Mothman, but I just love the idea of miniature sauropods tromping around central Africa.

  25. I had the Slimer one… probably because, like you mentioned, they kept them by the counter at Kay Bee. I kept that thing around for years also. No clue where it finally ended up. Maybe Slimer went back to his home dimension. I have a Batman Returns batmobile with this same kind of candy in it. I’m not sure if it’s made by the same company, but I wouldn’t be surprised. There wasn’t a huge market in half-assed SweeTarts imitations.

  26. ALF having cat candy inside is a BRILLIANT choice. I too adored that show, and rarely missed it or its cartoon adaptation. I remember with great pain and clarity the final episode cliffhanger, which was left hanging for so so so long until Project: ALF finished the story in the most unsatisfactory way, years after I stopped caring (of course I watched it, though).

    I remember some of these, but I think I owned very few. The closest thing I had to these were Nerds candies that came in a baseball sized plastic Nerd character. Obviously not the same company as the Candy Heads, but the same idea.

    I really need to hunt down one of those Slimers, though. Like right now. ebay, here I come.

  27. I remember having a candy filled Flintstone car from the movie.

  28. These seem to all be a little before my time, how sad. The pains of growing up in the 90s versus the 80s like most people who frequent this site seem to be. :P S’okay, still neat to read about.

  29. I feel like I need that Audrey II head. Baby is also just adorable! I think I missed the candy head craze by a slim margin. Sad for me.

  30. Like many here, I had the Batman one that came out when the 1989 movie came out. I don’t remember much about it. I’m not even sure I remember if I had the Batman Head or the Joker head.

    Also, I may or my not have had a TMNT version. I’m sure if one existed, I had it.

  31. I do remember these, but I mostly just remember the candy being kind of crappy. I’m afraid they hold no real childhood significance for me.

  32. Now this could be my imagination, but I remember having a Slimer candyhead, only it was filled with either green Nerds or gum shaped like green Nerds. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

  33. @Seerauber Jenny – What’s not to love about Garfield? Your admiration was completely understandable. He is a huggable cat who loves Italian foods unremorsefully. He will always have my heart!

  34. The only one of these I ever remember getting was a Batman one.

  35. I distinctly recall seeing “Baby” in the theater, and not knowing any better I thought it was one of the greatest things ever.

    I watched it again about five years ago and yes, it’s pretty terrible. But Sean Young was hot back then, so, there’s that.

    I had that Audrey II as a kid, and picked one up last year: http://www.poeghostal.com/2012/04/quick-review-audrey-ii-candy-dispenser-little-shop-of-horrors.html

    As a child I was also bummed by the lack of Little Shop of Horror toys. The only other decent one was the Milton Bradley game: http://www.doyouremember.co.uk/memory.php?memID=3263

  36. Oddly enough, considering how common candy heads were in the 80s, I don’t remember any of these. We could occasionally talk Mom into one if we swore we wouldn’t eat all the candy in one sitting. As cute as the “Baby” one is, I never was a real big fan of that movie (even though my sister loved it). I think my favorite of this batch is Audrey II. I would have bought it as a kid. Candy in a Venus fly trap mouth, from a movie that’s an old favorite? No brainer.

  37. I wish more candy came in heads. Nice collection, though! I have a few left, but they’re mostly early-mid 1990s. Along the same lines, do you remember those Garfield lollipops that were shaped like Garfield and had this weird orange Garfield-shaped condom-type covering? I probably explained that weird… but there you go. Those things were delicious.

  38. By the way, ALF is getting a feature film soon. It’s from the producers of the recent Smurf movies. I’m sorry.

  39. I can’t really imagine any new ALF-related shows or movies that I would be that interested in anymore. His talk show on TV Land a decade ago or so was cute, but it didn’t do much for me. I suppose if they can come up with something really revolutionary with ALF, it might be interesting, but it’s probably just going to be all CGI and stuff. Not for me.

  40. I had slimer, and I HEARD of the Audrey II, but never got to see it until now! They really went all out with that one.

  41. I remember these. I had some of them too but I can’t remember which ones. Probably Star Wars ones. I seem to recall a C3PO one. I want that Audrey II one.

    These remind me of those new juice drinks that are out nowadays that my son always wants me to get him. They’re fruit punch or apple juice drinks with cartoon characters’ heads on them like Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Cars and Toy Story characters among others. My son likes to call them cool cups, I guess because the cartoon head is cool or something.

  42. Bob K They are called Belly Washers. I have a Bart one from when they first came out years ago.

    I don’t really remember these, but I probably have seen them. When I was a kid, I only asked for things if I really wanted them. I didn’t want to waste an ask. And I didn’t really get an allowance. I think it’s because I didn’t do any chores. Wow that sounds screwed up.

    These are inexpensive to collect. If you want to get into collecting vintage items but you are on a tight budget, this would be a great start. I stumble across them on Ebay and Etsy sometimes. I am not surprised Matt reviewed them.

    They still like to sell sweet tart type candies in a novelty plastic container. That still hasn’t gone away. Those tubes with the fan on top, the coffins every Halloween, now they sell Altoids like mints in tins with cartoon characters on them.

    In other news, I was just at Big Lots this afternoon and they had Halloween stuff out. They had a cute Dracula light up Snoopy figure that was 20-30 bucks. Also a similar figure of Charlie Brown with his Zorro mask on. Also a bat in a cage, when you push the button he goes ape shit and flutters his wings like crazy. It’s safe to say he is going bat shit crazy. I over heard someone say the Halloween stuff was out ALREADY!?! And I wanted to tell that person to fuck themselves. Anyway I was holding onto that information all afternoon and night so there you go.

    I got a Michael Myers Halloween t-shirt at a yard sale 2 weeks ago for 50 cents so I finally have something to wear for Halloween and not just my regular clothes. That makes me very happy. For the record I bought 2 other shirts at that yard sale that would be appropriate for Halloween as well.

  43. I vaguely remember candy heads. I don’t think I ever owned one though? That ALF one is pretty sweet.

    My sister had an ALF plushie for some reason. And I used to watch it sometimes but I was never that into it. That’s all I can say about ALF.

  44. I would love to have a look inside the facility that was making those brightly colored little candy pellets. Seems like such an odd day job. “Oh, how’s Ron? Well he started at the candy pellet factory off E 14th. He’ll be home by 6″.

    I do remember candy heads although it’s yet another relic I’d long forgotten so much thanks to you for helping me drudge it up from memory. I back you on ALF 100% I didn’t really watch it much as a kid that I recall but over the last couple decade revisiting old stuff from childhood it’s one of the shows that holds up most spectacularly. It narrows out Fraggle Rock and Dinosaurs in that category. I started the first season just for nostalgia not expecting to actively fall in love with it but made fairly short work of the entire show in a few months. It’s really brilliant and funny. I’ve heard of a lot of the on-set drama but that doesn’t deter me as the show itself just clicks and is a real joy to behold.

  45. Annette: the reason your sister had an ALF plushie is because it was AWESOME.

  46. I need that Audrey II back in my life. Used to use pretend it grew into my Feed Me plant. Going to have to do some digging the next time I’m at my parents’ house.

  47. @Mr. Goatbreath: I’m so glad someone else remembers the Slimers near Kay Bee’s registers. Totally wasn’t making that up. (Kay Bee’s impulse section was such a thing of beauty.)

    @Poe Ghostal: Ah, your Audrey had the green tape! Mine did too. I wasn’t sure if that was part of the official presentation, but apparently it was. And I guess it had to be, though, wow, that couldn’t have done it many favors in stores!

  48. I have two E.T. candy heads. Unfortunately they both have holes in the tops of their heads because my mother in law used to use them as salt & pepper shakers.

  49. Interesting that all of the candy heads you chose have to do with the paranormal and/or cryptozoological … okay, Audrey II is a bit of a stretch, but a giant carnivorous plant WOULD be a nice feather in any monster hunter’s cap!

  50. My buddy’s Dad went through a mid-life crisis in the early 90′s which manifested itself through collecting memorabilia from The Rocketeer film. I remember he had a whole un-opened retail box of Rocketeer candy heads. Seriously what character’s head is more suited for being disembodied and filled with sweet treats?!

  51. My older sister took me to see Little Shop of Horrors on a school night with her friends as a surprise, and afterwards we stopped at 711 where I got an Audrey 11 candy dispenser. That was one of my favorites and sat on my dresser for a long time. I do remember the candy having a distinct almost baby aspirin taste.

    and… I taped Baby off the tv when it aired – it is entirely possible that my parents still have that vhs!

  52. I had the Audrey II one as a kid as well. Like Gremlins before, without even seeing even 5 seconds of the movie Little Shop of Horrors captured my imagination and terrified me all at the same time. I’m pretty sure I ended up using Audrey as one of Muckman’s minions in a Ninja Turtle/Playmobil universe mashup but sadly it’s lost to time now.

  53. The Audrey II candy head is incredible! I had completely forgotten Baby’s existence until this post. It’s weird: I don’t remember seeing the movie or a single thing about it. But I swear I’ve seen it. Now I have to scour Netflix/Hulu/Amazon, so I don’t lose my sanity.

  54. So, in 1987 our local KB had a “Summer Candy Blowout” sale in late August. You could get 4 candy heads shaped like the Statue Of Liberty for a buck! A BUCK!

    I got 20 candy Statue Of Liberty Heads, all filled with those horrible ecstasy pills. After one Liberty-full I was done with ‘em.

    So I dropped a few of them into my glass of Coke while I was watching MASH reruns.

    My father still complains about the stains on the carpet.


  55. @Goob yes that’s it. Belly Washers! Couldn’t remember the name. Thanks!

  56. Baby is a traumatizing movie. I distinctly remember Baby’s mother getting mowed down by Africans with machine guns. And if I’m rembering right , it was pretty gruesome. I wonder if that’s why it got bad reviews.

  57. I had a couple of these over the years, but the only one I distinctly remember is the Riddler from Batman Forever.

  58. One of my most cherished possessions (and I have no idea why it would be) among the masses of childhood junk that I’ve clung to over the years is a little Howard the Duck candy head. Cigar hanging out of the side of his bill and everything. No particular sentimental value attached to him, but I still love that little fellow!

  59. I recall “Baby” and “The Last Dinosaur” being common Saturday afternoon B movie fare of PIX11. For a while around 89ish…maybe through 91 these were ALWAYS on.

  60. I was one of the two people who had an Audrey II candy head! I was OBSESSED with that movie as a kid, and I carried that plastic Audrey II around for months like it was a real toy. Eventually I accidentally left it behind on a trip to Kentucky, and I was absolutely DEVASTATED!

  61. I used to have the Baby candy head, although I seem to remember never realizing it was anything other than just a plain dinosaur. I don’t think I ever even heard of the movie until a couple of nostalgia sites wrote about it a few years ago.

    I also remember having an ET head, and an ultra-serious-looking Batman head fashioned after his look from the Michael Keaton/Jack Nicholson movie. I remember it having great detail and being almost ridiculously serious for a cheap piece of plastic containing lousy candy. Sadly, I don’t think any of mine survived through to today.

  62. Surely I had some of these at some point in my life, but I’ll be damned if I can remember any of them.

    I liked Harry and the Hendersons enough when I was younger. I haven’t seen it in years, though, and have no idea if it holds up or not.

    I’ve never seen Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, either, but I seem to remember having some trading cards from the movie. And somehow, I know that it has nudity in it. I just did a search to verify that and learned that it’s tribal nudity, but still…nudity. In a kid’s movie. Damn, I wish I had seen that movie as a kid.

    When I was in middle school, I used to get a magazine called Dynamite. I think I got it from those book club things, but I could be wrong. Anyway, they had addresses where you could write letters to “kid-friendly” celebrities. I wrote two letters, one to ALF and one to Pee Wee Herman. “ALF” sent me an autographed picture. I was so excited to get that damn picture and now I have no idea what ever happened to it. Never heard from Pee Wee.

    Damn, I want that Audrey II head.

    Finally, those candy pellets look like one of my blood pressure medicines.

  63. The Audrey II head it AWESOME I gotta find me one of those!! I love Little Shop of Horror

  64. Had many of these as a kid. Being obsessed with Little Shop of Horrors, I treasured the Audrey II head the most. True story: I used to act out scenes from the movie. I clearly remember at least once where imitating a scene from the “Grow for Me” sequence, I pricked my finger with a pin and squeezed drops of blood into that Audrey II head.

    It’s a wonder I didn’t have more friends growing up.

  65. I refuse to believe that even one of you never owned a candy head.
    Then you will have to believe I’m a liar when I tell you that I was born in England in 1992, and the nearest thing I’ve ever seen to a candy head is the top of a Pez dispenser.

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