Dino Drac After Dark

Donald Duck and the Gorilla!

Here’s Donald Duck and the Gorilla, a Disney short from 1944:

The short was famously included on Disney’s Scary Tales VHS compilation, which is where so many of us first discovered such classics as The Skeleton Dance.

An old fave!

ALF: The First Episode!

Here’s the first episode of ALF, from 1986:

During the first few seasons, I was totally obsessed with this show. It may have been the first prime time sitcom that I was ever truly invested in.

I don’t know if it comes through in the pilot, but the writing and the jokes during ALF’s first season were pretty damn great. Unexpected, weird and sometimes even edgy. The show would later evolve (or devolve) into something with a little less bite, but only as an adult am I able to tell the difference.

Inspector Gadget!

By popular demand, here’s an episode of Inspector Gadget:

(Okay, nobody demanded it.)

I chose this episode because it apparently has something to do with haunted castles. I love haunted castles.


Random ’80s Commercials!

Sometimes I only have a minute to update Dino Drac After Dark, so it’s a good thing I’ll never run out of YouTube commercial compilations to swipe:

This one includes a whole bunch of ads from the last half of the ’80s. Judging by the products, I’m gonna guess that these ran during daytime soaps and gameshows.

Weird Video Game Playthroughs!

Here are playthroughs of two of my favorite old school video games, chosen specifically because they’re also two of the weirdest:

Stinger (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (Sega Master System)

In Stinger, pay particular attention to the level bosses — so odd, but so great.

Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars is berserk from start to finish, but if I had to pick one standout moment, it’s when Alex has to survive against an army of naked boys who shoot monsters out of their bare asses.

Both are legitimately great games if you’re looking for something new (old) to try!