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Freddy’s Nightmares Promos!

I’m in the middle of putting together the Funpacks and then have a quickie freelance article to get done, but I’m very much looking forward to getting back to a normal routine on the site. Been quietly prepping a few major articles that I can’t wait to attack. Stay tuned!

In semi-related news, I’m also looking into revitalizing this place a bit. A few design tweaks for sure, plus a set schedule with lots of posts in the queue. If you have any ideas re: tweaks you’d make to After Dark, I’ll all ears! (I’m especially curious if any of you come here via mobile devices, and if you find it easy enough to converse when you do.)

For tonight, here are four old promos for Freddy’s Nightmares. These are my uploads. I’m technically saving them for the Halloween Countdown, but I guess you guys won’t blab when I rerun them later.

Note that these episodes all aired on Saturdays at midnight. Too bad it isn’t 1989 now!

1990s Movie Trailers!

Happy Friday, if you’re here for it!

Here’s an immense collection of 1990s movie trailers, for those with limited attention spans and lots of time to burn.

Turtle Power!

Just a quickie for tonight:

Here’s the official music video for Partners in Kryme’s Turtle Power, the 1990 smash hit from the first TMNT movie. I still genuinely adore this song!

More Get a Life!

Here’s another episode of Get a Life, Chris Elliott’s bonkers FOX sitcom from the early ’90s.

Other episodes were flashier, but this one is my absolute favorite. In Bad Fish, Chris uses amnesia to turn his frenemies into worshippers, and later gets his head ripped off. For me, this is THE episode — the one that captures the sprit of Get a Life perfectly.


Casual Wednesday Thread.

Okay, I think you’ve suffered with Life with Lucy long enough. Here’s a casual thread to talk about anything, and a spooky soundtrack to go with it:

The Halloween 6 soundtrack, in March, hours after a blizzard. Perfectly weird.