Dino Drac After Dark

Super Mario World!

Here’s some pleasant background noise for you on this holiday weekend — a complete playthrough of Super Mario World, for the Super Nintendo:

God I loved this game.

Slumber Party Massacre II!

Tonight’s movie is Slumber Party Massacre II, from 1987:

I’ve been dying to see this. As as I understand it, the sequel is completely nuts, and plays out like a goofy spin on A Nightmare on Elm Street.

(FWIW, I have seen the first movie in this series, and it’s a favorite.)

Tonight’s survey:

Let’s borrow the theme from tonight’s movie.

As a kid, did you ever have sleepovers with your friends? Share memories in the comments.

Two of my best sleepover memories:

1) The time me and my childhood best friend turned my entire living room into a giant tent, using every blanket in the house and several handfuls of tacks. We spent the night eating Crunch Berries and watching rented WWF tapes.

2) The time me, that same friend and his older brother played Castlevania at his house until practically dawn. This was in his brother’s room, which was downstairs and perpetually dark. I remember there being a decided air of spookiness to that sleepover, which was way cool.

Your turn!

Commercials from Halloween III!

Here are 20+ minutes’ worth of commercials that aired during a TV broadcast of Halloween III on October 29th, 1987:

May they make you as happy as they made me.

Star Wars on Sesame Street!

Thursday marked the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. To celebrate, here’s C-3PO and R2-D2 on Sesame Street:

(No, really.)

The episode premiered in 1980, and canonically put R2 and Big Bird in the same universe. I can dig that.


The Y2K Crisis!

I just wrote and published a giant article on the main site, so all I have left at this point are typos and word fragments. We’ll be keeping this brief!

Here’s The Y2K Crisis, a direct-to-video deal from — duh — 1999.

It’s slightly less ridiculous than similar Y2K cash-grabs, but it makes up for whatever small lack of exploitative drama by being hosted BY ROBERT STACK.

Enjoy! I’m gonna go eat ramen or something.