Dino Drac After Dark

Nostalgic November Thread!

I think you guys have been patient enough… time for a new thread! This is your NOSTALGIC NOVEMBER THREAD for the 2022 holiday season, which’ll run from now through the end of the month.

I just prettied up the main page with seasonal logos on both desktop and mobile. Nothing fancy, but it sure put me in the right mood. It’s been busy as hell lately, but new stuff will be hitting the site soon. In the meantime, use this thread to talk about your holiday season!

To really get you in the spirit, lemme dust off this 30-minute compilation of holiday-themed commercials from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

No matter how blah you are about the season this year, there’s no way that video won’t make you feel something. If it doesn’t, and we need to yank out the big guns, I should also note that Dino Drac’s Christmas Jukebox has been reactivated!

I’ll be popping in here and there. Have fun, and happy November!

Eerie October Thread!

Happy October, everyone! New month, new thread! This will be your After Dark hangout from now through Halloween. Hope you get some use out of it!

Oh, and here’s something I threw together for ya. Built a YouTube playlist with 75 different horror movies, Halloween specials, creepy cartoons, spooky sitcoms and other random, longish things.

If you’d prefer to see the whole playlist at once, it’s over here. Consider it your last line of defense against any late night October doldrums.

Enjoy your October! I’ll be popping in and out of the thread throughout the month. Love that After Dark still gets a little action even after all these years!

Spooky September Thread!

Well, if I’m ever gonna update this place, September 1st is the right time!

Welcome to the 2022 Halloween season! Here’s your new thread! Have fun using it to talk about horror movies, spooky candy, scented candles and, I don’t know, My Pet Monster?

I’ve run this one before, but if you need a little background noise, here’s a playlist with a metric ton of vintage Halloween & horror TV commercials, all from my personal collection. (And yep, I’ll be adding to that collection throughout the season!)

I’ll be hopping in the comments here and there. Love that this place still sees a little action. It’s like a dive bar that can’t afford to fix its windows, but still has just enough customers to keep the lights on. Happy Halloween in September!

March 2022 After Dark Thread!

This is your official thread for March 2022. (Since the last update here was technically in 2021, yeah, we were long overdue for a new one!)

There ain’t much you can count on from March besides Shamrock Shakes, but this is when a lot of people start living again, after spending so much of January and February in a waking hibernation. (Not just me, right?)

Things I’m looking forward to in March:

The start of the 2022 horror convention season. Starlight Coke Zero. Getting myself organized now that I’m too far away from the holidays to blame them for being disorganized. Publishing at least one but hopefully two new videos. Finding out if I’m as gym-averse as I think I am. Hanging more framed bullshit in my other room.

What are you looking forward to this month? Spill it in the comments section, which also doubles as your March 2022 free-for-all thread. Talk about whatever ya want, all month long.