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The Christmas Thread, 2019!

Okay, yeah, I’ve been super absent from After Dark. I’ll work on that after the holidays. For now, consider this your all-purpose holiday thread!

Talk about your celebrations, activities, presents, foods, whatever!


2019 Thanksgiving Thread!

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Here’s a thread if ya need it! Talk about your celebrations in the comments!

Also, here’s a quick little playlist of random stuff that seemed appropriate for TG. All of it comes from yours truly. Enjoy!

1990s Christmas Commercials!

Here’s another wonderful mix of ads curated by After Dark’s own rabbihimself. Just the thing for a lazy Saturday night, if that’s what you’re having:

Enjoy a little over five minutes’ worth of Christmas commercials from 1992, all captured during that year’s broadcast of A Garfield Christmas.

Thanksgiving Commercials from 1981!

It’s been way too long since the last After Dark update! My apologies, but jeez, time flies at this time of year. Remember to take a few moments to settle down, settle in and really enjoy it.

Here’s a great pick from phillyradiogeek. It’s twenty minutes’ worth of commercials that aired on Thanksgiving night, 1981, during a TV broadcast of King Kong.

Sooo much great stuff in here. Not all of it is holiday-themed, but there’s enough of those elements to put you in the fuzziest of moods. (The commercials aired in the NY market, so they’re especially resonant for me.)


1980s Thanksgiving Commercials!

We went to a mall in Jersey last night, for no special reason other than to start soaking up some holiday vibes. It’s weird for someone like me to say, but I really do enjoy the proverbial “hustle bustle” of the season — though much more so when I have no particular mission and can bow out the second it gets annoying.

Given the crowds and the decor, it might as well have been December 22nd in there. Trees and wreaths and lights everywhere, plus Santa Claus, who got a hero’s welcome from the ground floor once everyone spotted him walking around upstairs. We kinda just strolled around aimlessly with our Starbucks cups for a while. Total cliche, but it was great.

I’m glad we did it now, too. I love this season, but it goes way too fast. “November 9th” doesn’t sound late, but the end of December’s gonna be here in what’ll feel like two weeks. You never know how busy you’re gonna be once you’re really in the thick of it, so it was nice to grab hold of one of my favorite traditions — the dumb mall walk — when I knew we could.

Tonight’s video features 30 minutes’ worth of 1980s commercials, bumpers and promos all having something to do with Thanksgiving. Looks pretty fab. Enjoy!