Dino Drac After Dark

This is Horror!

This one seems too good for a Wednesday night, but whatever, ya only live once.

Suggested by Jugendsehnsucht, here’s MTV Presents: This is Horror!

I’ll let Juge tell you about it: “A special on the genre shown on MTV, featuring numerous interviews with people like like Wes Craven, Stephen King, and Brian Yuzna. Includes original commercials from the 1991 broadcast.”

So yeah, even if you’re not interested in an old horror doc with MTV flavoring, you should at least enjoy the old school commercials.

Looooove stuff like this. If you don’t have time for it tonight, make a mental note!

Another Night Course Hallo Ep!

Hey! I just posted a new episode of The Purple Stuff Podcast on the main page. Go listen to it!

Here’s another spooky episode of Night Court, again suggested by Pikachulover. In Come Back to the Five and Dime, Stephen King, Stephen King — yes, that’s the incredibly long title — Harry loses his bat and holds a trial for a deceased defendant. This was another “true” Halloween episode, originally airing on October 25th, 1989.

Free-For-All Thread!

Here’s a random Free-For-All Thread for Monday. (We haven’t had a traditional one since the Countdown got under way!)

Talk about whatever!

Scary Video Game Playthroughs!

Suggested by Jason H., here’s a pair of scary video game playthroughs!



Great background noise as you prepare for Another Icky Monday.

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure – 1986 Edition!

I had a wonderfully spooky Saturday spent chasing down Halloween nonsense from the sorts of stores I spend most of the year totally ignoring. I’m really feeling the season tonight, so let’s kick it up a notch:

It’s tradition to run Garfield’s Halloween Adventure every year on After Dark, but this extra-special upload is of the CBS broadcast from 1986… complete with the original commercials! (I spy McDonald’s Halloween buckets!)

Enjoy! (This doubles as a Free-For-All Thread, so talk about whatever ya want, even if it has nothing to do with Garfield or Halloween.)