Dino Drac After Dark


We’d considered going out for Halloween, but I was just too tired. We instead spent the night watching bits and pieces of whatever horror movies were on cable, from The Blair Witch Project to Friday the 13th. It was so old school. I also had one extremely strong cocktail that doubled nicely as a sedative!

I had fun this Halloween season, but I’m definitely looking forward to the next one, which… I guess we’re in now?

I mean, for me, Thanksgiving and whatever-you-celebrate-in-December is all one “package.” And man does it go QUICK. December flies by in what feels like five days. I don’t want to waste any of it. I basically look at September through December as the “holiday months,” where we happily lose ourselves in nonsense before crashing back to reality in January. (Fuckin’ January!)

Soooo, new seasonal stuff will be hitting the site starting next week. As for After Dark, I’m still having an internal debate as to how often it should be updated in November and December. I don’t think “daily” makes a whole lot of sense, so maybe like, every 3 days? Give each thread a chance to shine and let the conversations that happen within them have some breathing room? We’ll see.

Halloween Week Mega Thread!

Gonna try something different to close out the Halloween season on After Dark. This will be THE ONE THREAD between now and the 31st. I thought it’d be better to give the comments section some breathing room and let y’all report back without interruptions on your last-minute spooky activities, movie watches, candy samplings and whatever else.

So, between now and Thursday, consider this THE ONE THREAD to talk about anything and everything Halloween — and also just whatever the hell else ya feel like discussing!

I won’t leave you empty-handed, though. Here’s a little something I whipped together:

I dug through YouTube to build this special playlist of Halloween-themed clips and commercials, which features a mix of stuff you’ll definitely remember and stuff you definitely won’t. It’s a little over 30 minutes long and covers a lot of ground.

Want to thank everyone who joined the many After Dark discussions over these past few months — honestly, you’re the reason this place exists, and I hope After Dark added a little to your season!

I’m not quite done Halloweening on the main site yet, so look for more on there this week, too!

Halloween Commercial Mania!

Happy Halloween! Almost!

Here’s a giant compilation of spooky TV commercials to put your head in the right place:

Enjoy! Consider this a Free-For-All Halloween Thread, too. Talk about anything!

Poltergeist III!

It’s Halloween weekend! I mean, not really, but technically?

Halloween falling on a Thursday is rough, but I’ve also gotten the impression that many folks have already gotten “their fill.” And that’s… fine? We always want the action to keep ramping up, but on the other hand, we’ve already gotten two full months to revel in spooky nonsense. It’s not like there are hard and fast rules to any of this stuff, so long as you’re having fun. “Halloweening” isn’t a job, y’know? Do what feels right for you!

That said, I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on until the 31st. I’m working on the third (and final) edition of 2019’s Best Halloween Junk Food, which’ll hit the site tomorrow, and then will do a few more pieces next week. For now, let’s watch a movie and be merry! (Not that kind of merry. Not until next weekend, at least!)

Here’s Poltergeist III, which for whatever reason is currently streaming for free on YouTube. I’ve never seen this one, but I suspect that it’s a pretty good choice for Halloween weekend!

Let’s add a SURVEY tonight, too:

Have YOU had any experiences with ghosts, UFOs or strange monsters? Share your stories, in the comments. Even if they’re about things you used to believe but no longer do.

Are You Ready For Freddy?

I only have a minute to spare tonight, so take it away, Fat Boys!

Here’s the Fat Boys with Are You Ready For Freddy? I love this song so much.