Dino Drac After Dark

Retro Commercials MegaMix!

Well, it’s been forever since I updated Dino Drac After Dark, and since I need to get that damn Christmas tree off the first page ASAP, let’s do this.

I hope you’ve all been well, and I appreciate you guys holding down the fort so peacefully! It’s actually very odd to be adding a new DDAD post, as the last time I updated this place, my life was almost unrecognizably different. Seems like a lot of us are having that kind of year!

The Halloween season totally crept up on us, starting earlier than it ever has before. (At least, if you judge the “start” by when stores start smacking you in the face with black-and-orange stuff.) Happy to report that while I have been indulging, I haven’t been overindulging, so I definitely don’t feel like I blew my wad by going all-in on the season *too* early.

On that note, Dino Drac’s Halloween Countdown begins next Friday night. I didn’t go wild with hyping it because, honestly, this year, I kinda just want to do whatever feels right and not get hung up on any expectations — even my own expectations. That said, don’t you worry, I’m working on stuff!

For tonight, here’s an hourlong commercial compilation I uploaded last winter, which thanks to After Dark’s long lack of updates somehow still counts as fresh material! I put a lot of work into this comp, and I hope it shows — audio levels balanced throughout, aspect ratio consistent, and every spot color-corrected. (I can’t stand it when YT comps have roving aspect ratios, or even worse, audio that jumps from a whisper to a scream.)

The spots were all pulled from my VHS tapes, and they’re all from the ’80s and ’90s. Enjoy!

Christmas Thread!

Merry Christmas, After Darkers!

I just posted something on the main page that’s kind of an After Dark-like update in itself, but I did want to give y’all a new thread here, too.

Chat away, and whatever/however you celebrate, I hope you have a great few days! (Well, relatively great. It’s 2020, after all.)

30 Minutes of Christmas Commercials!

It’s after 1AM right now, which isn’t exactly an ideal time to update After Dark. Oh well, this thread is meant to last a few days, anyway.

Hello! It’s been too long!

I come bearing gifts. Here’s a mega-sized compilation of Christmassy TV commercials from the ‘80s and ‘90s. They’re mostly ones I’ve already covered on the site, but I think I snuck a few new gems in there, too. It’s a solid mix of beloved classics and total unknowns, and should make for great background noise while you, I dunno, plan whatever mutant crowdless Thanksgiving you’ve got going this year.

On that note: We’re staying home. I don’t mind too much. One of my favorite Thanksgivings was just a few years ago, when we both got sick and decided to skip both sides’ parties. I always have fun at Thanksgiving, but it’s an *extremely* long day, so it was nice to spend one kicking back on the couch with holiday sitcom reruns and Black Friday circulars. I could go for that again.

We’re still going to make all of the traditional foods, though I’ll miss leaving a big party with my beloved tray of oily leftovers. Here’s a photo of last year’s doggy bag:

Mmmm. Disgusting and delicious.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, the next Purple Stuff Podcast drops on the early side of next week, and if you’ve been following our pattern, you can probably guess what it’s about.

I also have a few “exciting” articles in the works — in quotes because my idea of “exciting” is super weird, and I can only get away with that adjective here on the secret late night part of the site, where there is no judgment.

Hope you’re all doing okay in this endlessly insane year we’re having!

Halloween 2020 Free-For-All Thread!

Okay, I know I’ve missed some of the due updates here on After Dark, but I didn’t wanna leave y’all without a HALLOWEEN FREE-FOR-ALL THREAD, at least!

It’s early Friday evening as I write this. I was hoping to end Dino Drac’s Halloween Countdown with a bigger bang, but unfortunately, real life intervened: One of our older cats had to be hospitalized today. We won’t really know what we’re up against until tomorrow, and in the meantime all we can do is wait and hope.

The timing couldn’t be worse, but I know I missed the mark this year even before this happened. Didn’t do as much as I’d wanted, especially on the video front. Apologies for that, but I still hope Dino Drac managed to lift your Halloween spirit a few times over these last few months!

This is your HALLOWEEN FREE-FOR-ALL THREAD. Talk about whatever, but if you’re doing anything cool tonight or tomorrow, we obviously wanna hear about it!