Vlog: Popeye Shredded Bubble Gum!

A new feature is up, covering ten more old comic book ads. Good ones, too. Everything from Game Genies to Brach’s Rocks. Read it.

…or read it after you watch today’s video, in which I examine Popeye Shredded Bubble Gum.

Made in 1981 and likely inspired by Big League Chew, Popeye’s gum has not aged well. The video will prove this. :(

  • http://www.tinyurl.com/darkentriesradio DJ D

    Here comes another I’ve-missed-the-last-few-days-worth-of-posts-and-just-caught-up giant, catch-up comment. First off, CURRENT TOPIC:

    Big League Chew — That will always be linked in my mind to little league. I did it in the 3rd and 5th grade and wasn’t exactly the, uh…best…player on the team (participation trophy!), but I did chew the hell out of some Big League Chew before the games and during practice. We all thought it would make us better players. Pretending to chew tobacco didn’t do much for my game though. Just gave me something to unintentionally swallow as I ran around the outfield chasing the balls I couldn’t catch.


    I’m so bummed that I missed out on the horror movie SNT discussion. I was in the middle of doing my show during all of that and in between cueing up tracks, answering the phone and keeping up with all the online stuff for the show, I don’t have a lot of free time to engage in much of anything else. I so would have liked to have been part of that though. I’ve got a few of those DVD collections, including one that features Carnival of Souls and a lot of others of that era, but none that’s as cool as Matt‘s. Chopping Mall ! Such a great one from back then. I’m ashamed to say I’ve actually never seen any of the C.H.U.D. movies. I guess I should do something about that.

    Someone during that discussion asked what our favorite entries in all the major 80′s horror franchises were. Mine would probably break down like this:

    Halloween: They’re all consistently pretty good, all the way up to H20 (I’d like to just think that Resurrection never happened), but I’d have to go with the original as my fave, with Part 6 ranking up there too. Of course, Part 3 is an underrated gem that doesn’t get enough recognition.

    NOES: 1 and 3

    F13: 2 and 3, although 4 ranks up there too. I was just reading an interview with Corey Feldman yesterday where he was talking about how he’s been trying for years to get another movie off the ground where he would come back and play Tommy Jarvis again and have a final showdown with Jason, completely ignoring the fact that someone else has already done that a couple of times. I’d love to see it!

    Hellraiser: 1 and 2. I thought 4 actually had some good things going for it, although I seem to be the only person on the planet that does. It always makes me think of my high school girlfriend because we went to see that on our first date. At one point, we both reached into the popcorn bucket at the same time and came out holding hands. It’s a little known fact that The Lamarchand Configuration is responsible for more young love than any other demonic configuration.

    Bill: Great score on that Return of the Jedi vinyl soundtrack!

    “Jugendsehnsucht, good call on Hausu, that movie is really cool and very creative.”Davey D.
    Yes, good call, indeed! I just discovered it for the first time about a month ago. SO INCREDIBLY WEIRD AND JAPANESE. Of course, that’s pretty redundant.

    “@Bill – Phantasm II was worth the watch! So much so that I’m gonna pop in the first one for another dose. You must be done with the Fog by now, gonna watch anything else? Also, I want that album too. I managed to score a copy of the Zombie (Lucio Fulci) soundtrack on vinyl for Christmas… it’s been on my turntable at least once a week since then.”Davey D.
    AMAZING SCORE! Good going on that one.

    “You were trading your quarters for the great unknown…”Matt
    I don’t know what it was, but your delivery of that line in the Vintage Vending vid cracked me up. You literally had me laughing out loud. You were just so sincere about it.

    “I’m not that great at Star Wars references, but I’m utterly shameless when it comes to music references, so I can’t help but notice how much at home that Tusken Raider would be on the cover of the latest reissue of Dopesmoker.”Jugendsehnsucht
    Great job on that one! Especially the shadow and how well you matched it to the background. What kind of filter did you use?

    I was so jazzed that you guys got into a Captain Power discussion, too. Part of me would love to snag one of those ships again, as well as a couple of the VHS tapes. I used to have 2 of them back in the day and it was one of my favorite toys. If I remember correctly, the one that I had came with a guy to put into the cockpit, and if you were hit, the guy would instantly be ejected out of it.

  • http://veggiemacabre.tv Bill

    Good lord that is some old gum. I can’t believe you ate that. I’m impressed and also a little worried for you.

    One of my first memories as a kid was trick-r-treating and coming home to find Popeye gum in stick form in the stash. Not sure why that sticks out but it was around 1981 or so.
    All those memories seem really orange.