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Old News #2: Freddy Krueger Clippings!

Here’s the second edition of Dino Drac’s new series, OLD NEWS!

This time, I’ll be examining a bunch newspaper ads & articles concerning A Nightmare on Elm Street, from an era when Freddy Krueger was — for lack of a better term — hot shit.

(September 1989)

Really, he was! Don’t pay attention to that shitty caption.

As the following clippings will show, Freddy Krueger’s celebrity status extended far past horror circles. Spanning more than a decade, several of these articles had no reason to mention Freddy Krueger, but did anyway. Dude had serious name value! Read More…

The 2015 Halloween Mood Table!

October is here, and you know what that means!


Well, most of you know that, at least. If you’re new to Dino Drac, the Halloween Mood Table is a tradition I started on my old site, way back in 2007. The process involves turning a table — any table, big or small — into the center of your own personal Halloween universe.

Compared to the Mood Tables that I build now, my first one was downright diminutive. Hell, last year, I pretty much turned the thing into a video store from 1987.

Obviously, yours needn’t be so complex. The only purpose of a Halloween Mood Table is to give your home — and thus, your life — a static place where Halloween is always happening.

If work or other responsibilities have kept you from being able to “partake” in the season in any major way, the Mood Table is absolutely essential. Whenever you need to breathe and eat Halloween, your Mood Table will be there. Consider it October’s Christmas tree.

(Christmas tree slash witchy altar slash toy store.)


Starting with the same small tile table that’s been the backbone of every Mood Table I’ve ever built, it wouldn’t be long before it was rendered unrecognizable. I knew it’d be tough to top last year’s Mood Table, but I was willing to die trying. Read More…

Old News #1: Ghostbusters Clippings!

Welcome to Dino Drac’s hot new series: OLD NEWS!

In this recurring feature, I’ll be digging up ancient newspaper ads and articles, mostly from the ‘80s and ‘90s. It doesn’t sound so interesting when I put it that way, but trust me, some this stuff will punch you in the heart.

After all, with virtually all video-related media being so easily accessible these days, it takes a much deeper dig to make us nostalgia nuts say “wow.”

When you see some of these clippings, I think you’ll say “wow.”

(November 1984)

Each edition of OLD NEWS will tackle one specific topic. Since I’m starting this series during the Halloween Countdown, it seemed appropriate to kick things off with Ghostbusters!

Scroll forth, and be merry. I’ve divided this edition’s clippings into sections, which cover everything from Kenner’s Real Ghostbusters toys to Hi-C Ecto Cooler! Read More…

This Monster Cereals Castle is amazing.

With all of the fuss surrounding this year’s debuting Halloween goodies, some of you may be ignoring the old faithfuls. Big mistake!

Let’s take General Mills and their Monster Cereals, for example. Historically the gatekeepers of Halloween (General Mills is usually the first company to make announcements about the pending season), they keep finding new ways to make us go crazy for old cereal. It’s no different in 2015!


This year, General Mills has released our beloved trio in no less than three different box styles. Most stores will carry the “standard” boxes, which allow for interaction with your phone by way of a free app. Then you can head to Walmart for different boxes with cutout masks on the back. Last but not least, the Target-exclusive boxes have their own gimmick, and in my view, it’s clearly the best of the three.

Shown above, Target’s Monster Cereal boxes arrive with cutout pieces that can be joined to form THE MONSTERS’ CASTLE. Just so we’re clear, this is the part where you silently mouth “holy shit” before prematurely scrolling to this post’s final photos. (No, really, don’t be that guy.) Read More…

Burger King’s Halloween Whopper IS HERE.

It’s here. It’s real. It’s on.

Burger King’s Halloween Whopper — also cumbersomely known as the “HA.1.LOWEEN WHOPPER” — has finally arrived. Of course, if you follow Dino Drac on Facebook, you knew about this back on September 9th, when I broke the story with the help of some anonymous tipsters. Yeah, I’m bragging over cheeseburger gossip. I have so little.

No matter what you think of Burger King, the Halloween Whopper is unquestionably 2015’s “big one.” At the start of the Halloween season, I noted that while this was shaping up to be a great year as far as the pure volume of spooky foodstuffs went, we hadn’t yet found that one special thing to lead the pack. Guys, this is IT.

2013 had Frute Brute, 2014 had those Ghostbusters Donuts, and now 2015 has CHEESEBURGERS WITH BLACK BUNS. The cycle continues. The Ancient Ones have been appeased.


Burger King stayed quiet through most of September, but now they’re pushing the Whoppers big time, with TV commercials, all sorts of promoted mentions on social media, and really cool posters hanging on the windows of most BK restaurants. Could this really be worth so much fuss? Oh, hell yes.

Each Whopper arrives in a special edition mummy-themed wrapper, which even on its own is worth the price of admission. The wrappers strike me as being made from thicker-than-usual paper, and the design is absolutely suitable for framing. You can trust me on that last part. Read More…

The Purple Stuff Podcast: Episode 8!

What a perfect night! Noisy crickets, the occasional howling wind, and even a few stray creaks that I’ve decided to attribute to ghosts. We’re days away from October, and I never want this feeling to stop.


If you’re not quite so filled with Halloween spirit, maybe tonight’s Purple Stuff Podcast can help! This week, me and Jay from The Sexy Armpit take turns pitching the perfect spooky songs for your Halloween playlists.

I’d normally balk at an hourlong music conversation, but “Halloween” is one of the few “genres” that I’m crazy into. Actually, the hardest part was limiting our podcast playlist to a scant thirteen songs!

(PS: Some of Jay’s picks might be new to you, but all of mine are already on the site’s Halloween Jukebox… which you can find on the lower-right of this page. I also gotta send much love to Leopardactyl for crafting us a killer new Purple Stuff opening theme! Love it!)

Give us a listen on the player below, or access the MP3 directly over here. Weekly reminder: We’re also on iTunes and Stitcher.

Wait, wait! Read More…