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Classic Christmas Commercials, Volume 9!

I’ve curated another batch of ancient Christmas commercials. Keep reading if you enjoy Chicken McNuggets, Chex Mix and copper top battery testers. Don’t if you don’t.

McDonald’s: Scrooge’s Christmas! (1984)

Ebenezer Scrooge is so giddy over Chicken McNuggets that he drops his usual humbuggery to become the host with the most, pushing McNuggets on everyone from Santa Claus to semi-transparent ghosts.


This was just one of several McDonald’s commercials that presented Chicken McNuggets as the go-to appetizers for holiday parties. I’ve not once seen that happen in real life, but as a kid, the idea fascinated me.

Whenever I imagined adults celebrating Christmas, it was basically the office party from Scrooged, but with 20-packs of Chicken McNuggets all over the place. It still sounds like bliss. Read More…

10 Awesome Things About Home Alone!

It’s been a blink-and-you’ll miss-it holiday season so far. Thanksgiving is in less than a week and Christmas is barely more than a month away. I can’t stand it.

Maybe I’ve been spoiled by those three month Halloween celebrations, because I feel like I don’t even have time to listen to Wham sing their song. Guess I should try to stop and smell the roses, and hope that the roses smell like peppermint.

The good news is that I’m finally over the hump with this uncharacteristically busy November, and ready to let Dino Drac glow red and green on a more frequent basis. (Just in time for 106.7’s annual switch to Christmas music — yes!)

Let’s get this party started with a brand new episode of The Purple Stuff Podcast! This week, me and Jay from The Sexy Armpit pay tribute to Home Alone, one of our favorite holiday movies. (And really just one of our favorite movies period.)

We tackle ten awesome things about the movie, and almost none of them are super obvious. From Buzz’s amazing bedroom to Little Nero’s delicious pizza, it’s an hourlong Home Alone love fest.

Give us a listen by clicking the giant, ugly play button down below!

You can also download this week’s episode by right-clicking here.

Thanks a ton for listening! If you like the show, be sure to share it with your friends. (Assuming you have friends who might also like the show. If you only have friends who would hate us, you can skip that part.) Read More…

Dino Drac’s November Funpack!

If you correlate the holiday season with frivolous spending, BOY do I have the thing for you. Get a load of Dino Drac’s November Funpack!


Vintage collectibles, fun toys and a whole Thanksgiving dinner, all in one box!

If you don’t know the deal, I sell monthly Funpack subscriptions. They are literally the only thing keeping Dino Drac alive! For as long as you stay subscribed, you’ll receive new boxes of crazy nonsense each and every month. The cost is $25 per month (including shipping), and you can cancel at any time without penalty.

There are more than a dozen items in the November 2017 Funpack, which you can see above. If that’s all you need to hear, scroll to the bottom for ordering info. Otherwise, keep reading to learn about everything you’ll receive in this month’s box! Read More…

The 1994 Toys “R” Us Big Toy Book!

The arrival of a new holiday season means more ancient toy catalog reviews on Dino Drac. Yay!

Shown above is the 1994 edition of Toys “R” Us’s Big Toy Book. By then, the Big Toy Book was far and away the most important holiday catalog out there, taking the top spot from the Sears Wish Book and never looking back.

I was a high school sophomore when this particular catalog came out, more into graphic novels and Nirvana t-shirts than action figures. Even so, it won’t surprise you to learn that I kept one foot in the toy store. I had a lot of this junk.

Below are eight highlights from the 1994 Big Toy Book. May they make you desire old plastic things.

Donkey Kong Country!

I’d forgotten just how big of a deal Donkey Kong Country was. I got it for Christmas that year, and it was probably the last “big deal” video game that I received as a kid. (Or arguably a kid, anyway.)

Donkey Kong Country was still only available for pre-order by the time this catalog was mailed, but Toys “R” Us built special kiosks for kids to try the game in stores. (Good luck fighting off strangers for a controller, though.) Read More…

Hostess Peppermint Twinkies: Video Review!

I’ve been quietly surveying all of the new-for-2017 holiday junk foods, and man, there sure are a lot of them. Good ones, too!

Even if you’re not into the red-and-green season, I hope you can at least appreciate the fun garbage you’re gonna get to eat.

Take these monsters, for example. New from Hostess, Peppermint Twinkies are the minty fresh snack cakes that are almost alarmingly red.

Learn more about them in tonight’s video:

If you can’t spare the three minutes, the short version is that they’re okay, but mostly worth buying for the novelty factor. Or if you want to build a house out of bricks that are actually Twinkies. Read More…