12 More Songs For Your Holiday Playlist!

I love Christmas songs. Even the bad ones. They make me feel happy even when I’m not. They turn drives to department stores into scenes out of family movies. They make coffee taste better and $3 candles smell sweeter.

Jay from The Sexy Armpit feels the same way, so we’re thrilled to debut this brand new episode of The Purple Stuff Podcast.

It’s our third collection of CHRISTMAS SONGS, including 12 screwball picks that will give your tired playlists a shot of goofy adrenaline.

We didn’t set out to pick strange songs, but it sure seems like we did. In this episode, you’ll hear everyone from Billy Idol to Fred Flintstone to the goddamned Del Rubio Triplets.

These are some of our favorite episodes to record! Give us a listen by clicking the giant, ugly play button down below:

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Thanks for listening and for sharing the show around. Glad we can help you kill an hour in a super festive way.

In conclusion, I love the Del Rubio Triplets.

PS: If you wanna hear our previous CHRISTMAS SONGS episodes, go here and here!