Christmas Stickers / Ugly Sweater.

There’s a big new feature up, covering fifteen treasures from the 1992 Sears Wish Book!

Golden Ninja Turtles! Crayon-shaped fish tanks! Clarinets! And more!


This post only exists to draw attention to the Wish Book feature, but you know how I hate to waste space. So, take a look at my new stickers:

For $1.29, how could I turn down over a THOUSAND Christmas stickers? Sure, each is smaller than my smallest fingernail, but still…over a THOUSAND!

Let’s pretend that sales tax doesn’t exist. Let’s also pretend that there are exactly 1000 stickers in there, because brother, I ain’t counting. With those figures, the price of each sticker was $0.00129. I can’t figure out what that exactly means, but it sounds cheap.

It was the bargain of the lifetime, and I needed to put it to good use. With that in mind, let’s reintroduce one of my all-time favorite ridiculous action figures, the big fat naked guy from Karate Kommandos:

“Tabe” was one of the heroes – a sumo warrior who served as Chuck Norris’s muscle.

I understand that Tabe’s outfit is standard sumo garb, but it seems so unfair that he has to wear it all the time. With my new Christmas stickers, I can finally do something about this.

Behold, Tabe the Karate Kommando in an ugly Christmas sweater, forged from no less than a hundred tiny stickers. If you’ve seen the small fortunes made from ugly Christmas sweaters on eBay, you’d know that this is a pretty hip look.

Happy Saturday. I’m still figuring out my work schedule for the month. At this moment, it looks to be somewhere between “busy” and “oh God fuck you.” If posts appear less frequently than usual, that’s why. It may be time to bring back my BFCDAW thing. On the bright side, December is all clear, and I still fully intend to make Dino Drac’s November filled with fun things, even if I have to write them angrily at three in the morning.

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