Eight Great Cereals, Volume III!

Well, since we’re a few weeks late on this episode of The Purple Stuff Podcast, we knew we had to deliver a crowd-pleaser. Time for us to talk about cereal again!

Get set for Eight Great Cereals, Volume III! Yep, the long-awaited threequel to our ongoing series is here, and it’s full of bright, colorful, sugar-laden cereals that you can no longer eat!

As opposed to the first two volumes (here and here), this batch was really more about the themes than the flavors. Join me and Jay from Sludge Central for a look back at everything from Morning Funnies to G.I. Joe Action Stars!

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Wanna learn more about the cereals we discussed on the show? Follow the links below. (Or stop reading here if you’d rather not be spoiled!)

1. OG Berry Berry Kix!
2. Rainbow Brite Cereal!
3. Christmas Cookie Crisp!
4. Dino Pebbles!
5. Morning Funnies!
6. G.I. Joe Action Stars!
7. WWF Superstars Cereal!
8. Barbie Cereal!

Thanks as always for listening, and for sharing the show around! (And as an FYI, we plan to get up to speed by doing two main shows in a single month, so sooner or later, we’ll be hitting you up with a double-dose of Purple Stuff.)